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Los Angeles Officials Report Second U.S. Monkeypox Death

Los Angeles Officials Report Second U.S. Monkeypox Death

Meanwhile, NIH starts enrollments in trial testing smaller dosage of monkeypox vaccine.

As Mary Chastain noted, the media was very careful of the way it reported the death of an immunocompromised person who was infected with monkeypox. The death in Texas was the first fatality associated with the virus, though it may not have been directly the cause of death.

Now there has been a second death in this country associated with monkeypox, and the press continues to be restrained.

Los Angeles County officials said this week that they were investigating the death of a person who had been diagnosed with monkeypox to see if the illness was a contributing cause of death.

It is the second known death of a person diagnosed with the disease in the United States, which has reported more cases of the viral illness this year than anywhere in the world. Health officials are investigating what, if any, role monkeypox played in the two deaths.

Dr. Rita Singhal, chief medical officer for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, said at a news conference on Thursday that an autopsy was being conducted on the person who died in the county and that it could take days or weeks to get the results. Dr. Singhal did not say whether the person who died had any underlying medical conditions, as was the case in the earlier fatality, in Texas.

“We are early in the investigation and do not have additional details available at this time,” Dr. Singhal said. “As soon as details become available, we will share them while maintaining confidentiality and privacy.”

It turns out a significant number of the over 21,000 American monkeypox cases are in California.

California currently has the largest monkeypox outbreak in America at 4,140 cases diagnosed.

Almost half of infections are in Los Angeles — 1,805 recorded to date.

Health officials in the state say nearly all are in men, and more than 95 percent of them were gay or bisexual. The average age of patients is 35 years.

In recent weeks, however, America’s monkeypox outbreak has appeared to peak in line with that in other nations as health officials finally get on top of the virus.

At the height of the outbreak at the end of August 491 cases were being recorded every day on average.

But this has since more than halved to 242 cases on September 7, the latest date that data is available.

Meanwhile, the National Institutes of Health has started enrollments for trials involving an alternative method of administering Bavarian Nordic’s monkeypox vaccine, Jynneos, which requires smaller dosages.

U.S. health regulators last month authorized injecting the shot intradermally in adults, meaning between layers of the skin rather than below the skin, in an effort to stretch out low vaccine supplies.

This alternative intradermal dosing regime will allow health care providers to administer up to five times the number of vaccine doses per vial of shot.

The NIH trial will enroll 200 people between 18 and 50 years of age, who have not been previously vaccinated across eight U.S. research sites.


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There is a cure, it’s called prevention. Same as for AIDS. Quit with the sodomy already.

The lesson is clear:” If you want to be safe from this disease, don’t Monkey around.”

I recall reading that the smallpox vaccine is cross-protective for this. Is that being explored? What about viral replication inhibition? Can zinc, for example, be used to mitigate replication and therefore symptoms? What about, for example, protease inhibitors?

If the people who are coming down with disease already have trashed immune systems (for whatever reason), vaccines may not be fully effective for disease prevention. In that case, the focus should be on drug treatments, and we have a library of old drugs that can treat viral illnesses. Our medical establishment has tunnel vision with respect to viruses and old drugs. It needs to learn to listen to clinicians.


Cough up that ballpoint pen, Junior — we need it to write to Guinness!

It seems Leslie can’t finish her beer before whamo! Monkeypox bursts on the scene again.

Los Angeles Officials Report Second U.S. Monkeypox Death

That’s bad. Right?

In other news, Las Vegas authorities report 2nd death due to aircraft related intoxication.

No word as if the guy behind the stick had anything to do with the crash.

Meanwhile, with the WuFlu problem essentially over, Fauci is trying to convince us that “We don’t have time…” to run clinical trials on the next round of booster shots.

Someone arrest that man NOW!!!

“… as health officials finally get on top of the virus.” Did anybody else get the pun?

My little $4 calculator says 2 deaths divided by 4,140 cases equals 0.000483. Call me unconcerned.