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Harvard Newspaper’s New Regular Column Will ‘Investigate’ the Rise of ‘Christian Nationalism’

Harvard Newspaper’s New Regular Column Will ‘Investigate’ the Rise of ‘Christian Nationalism’

“concerted effort to undermine the separation of church and state”

This is one of those ‘boogeyman’ threats the left has been discussing for six years.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard paper dedicates regular column to ‘existential threat’ of ‘Christian Nationalism’

The threat of “Christian Nationalism” is so great that Harvard University’s student newspaper will dedicate a bi-weekly column to it.

Aidan Scully will write the “Free Exercise Thereof” column every other Tuesday in order to “investigate” the “concerted effort to undermine the separation of church and state” for The Harvard Crimson.

His column “will examine this rising wave of Christian Nationalism.” He wrote in his column today that “acknowledging and addressing this existential threat should be our utmost constitutional priority.”

A rallying point for Scully’s desire to expose “Christian Nationalism” is a Supreme Court decision from the summer that allowed a group of Christians to fly a flag with a cross on it at Boston’s city hall, not too far from where Scully takes classes.

The victory for Harold Shurtleff came after the city could not defend allowing LGBT and People’s Republic of China flags to fly but not a Christian one. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of Shurtleff, who later held a ceremony (below) to celebrate the victory and fly his flag (version of the flag pictured).

“The flag only flew for two hours, but in that time it sent a clear message to the nonreligious and non-Christian communities in the city — that those who viewed their community as fundamentally Christian would always win out,” Scully wrote.

He wrote that “Christian Nationalism” is “an ahistorical movement which argues that the American identity is a fundamentally Christian identity.”

It’s not just that some people hold a misguided view on America’s history, according to Scully. Rather, this ideology is taking hold due to a “concerted effort on behalf of a small but critical minority of the Christian population.”

“And one by one, these policy shifts are constructing a religious hierarchy completely detached from the diverse religious perspectives held by Americans and out of touch even with the religion practiced by most Christians,” Scully wrote.


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concerted effort to undermine the separation of church and state
So much projection by the left. They are the ones who are seeking to undermine that supposed separation (which isn’t really, I know).

Progressivism is a religion, and it has captured our institutions and culture.

    Dimsdale in reply to GWB. | September 14, 2022 at 11:49 am

    More of a fanatical cult, imho.

    Suburban Farm Guy in reply to GWB. | September 15, 2022 at 7:09 am

    They trade a true religion for a false one. And where is separation of church and state when it comes to the insane masses of money our government spends trying to appease the High Priests and Priestesses of the Church of Global Warming?

    People just think that they ‘give up’ religion. They don’t. They can’t. Man has an innate spirituality that can’t be shut off. It attaches to some other thing. With the same or maybe more intense passion.

The level of sheer paranoid delusion in this is amazing, fascinating, and scary.

Rather than wait around for the inevitable downstream consequences of this kind of thing, where else can we encourage our children to emigrate to, for a saner future?

    MarkJ in reply to JVJ1975. | September 15, 2022 at 9:03 pm

    The little snowflakes still haven’t realized that the demand for “Christian nationalism” has always outstripped the supply by a vast margin.

Does this include black Baptists churches?

    DSHornet in reply to Dimsdale. | September 15, 2022 at 8:44 am

    Not only Black Baptist churches. In most Baptist churches (and the Presbyterian church where The Bride and I are members) you will find the Christian flag prominently displayed indoors as well as outdoors. I remember in Bible school in my early years we pledged allegiance the the Christian flag as well as the Stars and Stripes.

    Propose taking down the BLM flag and see what happens.


Another little lost boy trying to announce his secularization. Just a tip, the Country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.