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Convocation at University of Pennsylvania Interrupted by ‘Penntrification’ Protesters

Convocation at University of Pennsylvania Interrupted by ‘Penntrification’ Protesters

“Penn is displacing Black families”

The properties which sparked this protest don’t even belong to the university.

Inside Higher Ed reports:

Penn Convocation Interrupted by ‘Penntrification’ Protesters

Upset about the looming eviction of residents in a nearby affordable housing complex, protesters descended on Monday’s convocation at the University of Pennsylvania, interrupting President Liz Magill and accusing Penn of gentrifying neighborhoods near campus—or “Penntrification,” as they called it.

Despite being targeted, Penn does not own the nearby University City Townhomes complex at the heart of the protest, which The Philadelphia Inquirer reported largely houses Black and Hispanic families who will likely be forced to move out in October. While Penn does not own the housing facility and has no plans to purchase the site, the newspaper reported that activists believe the university should step in given how its presence has contributed to gentrification.

University City Townhomes is owned by IBID Associates, which is not affiliated with Penn. IBID Associates is attempting to sell the complex, which reportedly houses around 70 families.

The newspaper reported that protesters held signs reading “Penn is displacing Black families” and “Liz Magill, stop the eviction,” among other slogans. Students were among the protesters, with some telling the Inquirer that Penn should invest its resources in affordable housing.


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Well, they had to protest against SOMEBODY. What difference does it make if it was someone uninvolved? It’s the thought that counts!

The University should counter by announcing a $20K/year increase in mandatory student fees to unwrite the University’s efforts to maintain affordable housing in the neighborhoods. This would be a valuable service to their students, who need to learn that liberals always try accomplish great deeds with someone else’s money. This would be a wonderful way to become part of the solution as opposed to just complaining about the problem.

I always think back to a great Monty Python sketch where they were asking people on the street about solutions to the budget crisis, and a man wearing a suit quipped “we should tax all foreigners living abroad.”

“…activists believe the university should step in given how its presence has contributed to gentrification.”

Complete and utter bull excrement.