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Congressional Commission to West Point: Cancel Robert E. Lee

Congressional Commission to West Point: Cancel Robert E. Lee

“unanimously agreed that a portrait of General Lee in uniform displayed in West Point’s Jefferson Hall library and other unspecified monuments dedicated to the Confederacy be removed”

The response to this should be a simple no. This idea of erasing history has gone way too far already.

The College Fix reports:

Congressional commission asks West Point to cancel Robert E. Lee

A Congressional commission wants to see the United States Military Academy at West Point strip the name of former Confederate General Robert E. Lee off buildings and remove his items, along with those of two other Civil War leaders.

The Naming Commission, made up of four retired U.S. military veterans and four civilians, submitted the second part of its final report to Congress on August 29.

The commission unanimously agreed that seven different Department of Defense “assets” dedicated to Confederate generals Robert E. Lee, P.G.T. Beauregard, and William Hardee be renamed.

It also unanimously agreed that a portrait of General Lee in uniform displayed in West Point’s Jefferson Hall library and other unspecified monuments dedicated to the Confederacy be removed. Lee served from 1852 to 1855 as superintendent of the United States Military Academy.

Hardee is a former West Point commandant and “literally wrote the book on infantry movements,” according to the report. Beauregard “briefly served as the superintendent of West Point but was fired after five days and he joined the Confederacy,” according to the commission.

Lee Barracks, Lee Housing Area, Lee Area Child Development Center, Lee Road and Lee Gate should all be renamed, according to the commission.

“The Commission unanimously agrees the following paraphernalia should be relocated or removed: the portrait of Robert E. Lee in Confederate uniform with the rank of general indicated on the plaque, currently displayed in Jefferson Hall,” the August 29 report concluded.

It also wants to see a 2001 “Reconciliation Plaza,” meant to honor soldiers who had died in the Civil War, stripped of mentions of Confederates. That includes a bust of General Lee next to Union General Ulysses Grant.

The report denied that removing the names and memorabilia of historical figures amounted to “erasing history.”


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After the war, people all over the country, including former soldiers on both sides, put tremendous effort into reconciliation. They put old hatred aside and reached out to each other to make a genuine peace.

In later years, soldiers of both sides held reunions together, treating the trauma of the war as a sort of bonding experience, rather than letting it divide them.

Now, in our vastly more enlightened era, all that has been put aside. Today, it is felt that the people of the Confederacy were not misguided but downright evil and the former forgiveness must not be allowed to stand.

Today, hate and self-righteousness wins out over peace and love.

West Point to self important Congressional Committee: “Nuts.”

They are trying to scrub our nation like an old Hillary email full of anti semitic curses.

it is well beyond the powers of any commission to dishonor gen. lee–a soldier’s soldier–a leader, a gentleman and a patriot to his cause

his legacy is etched in time, forever–his honor and his loyalty to his men and to his country were crucial to the ending of the war

if lincoln had been equal to him in honor, the war could have been avoided entirely

    And if Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman had equaled him in honorable conduct, “reconstruction” and the disgusting Jim Crow laws would never have happened or, at the least, never have been as bad as they were. “With charity for all, with malice toward none,” as noted below by John M has been turned into a joke.

    The South has been beaten down for a century and a half and is only in the last few decades been able to work its way out from under it. Even so, Southerners are still ridiculed for being Southerners. As a son of the Old South, I’ve been on the receiving end of the bigotry, and it’s not pretty.

Hell, while they are at it why not rename West Point as the Army Military Academy and get rid of the name United States??

Sadly, we have abandoned Lincoln’s “with malice toward none, with charity for all.”
A sign of the times. Our times, not theirs.

These idiots have overlooked the fact that Lee nixed the idea of Confederate troops continuing the war as guerrillas. Had he not done so, odds are good that a brutal low intensity, draining Missouri-style war would have continued on for years in the South afterward. Lee, with his stature, was truly the “indispensable man”.