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CDC Officials Now Warning That STD Epidemic in US is ‘Out of Control’

CDC Officials Now Warning That STD Epidemic in US is ‘Out of Control’

The historic numbers are astonishing.

Now that the covid pandemic is officially over, public health officials are in search of the next big, power-boosting crisis.

They appear to have turned to an old favorite: Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Sharply rising cases of some sexually transmitted diseases — including a 26% rise in new syphilis infections reported last year — are prompting U.S. health officials to call for new prevention and treatment efforts.

“It is imperative that we … work to rebuild, innovate, and expand (STD) prevention in the U.S.,” said Dr. Leandro Mena of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a speech Monday at a medical conference on sexually transmitted diseases.

Infections rates for some STDs, including gonorrhea and syphilis, have been rising for years. Last year the rate of syphilis cases reached its highest since 1991 and the total number of cases hit its highest since 1948. HIV cases are also on the rise, up 16% last year.

…David Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors, called the situation “out of control.”

The historical numbers are astonishing, especially as our public educators tout the fact that they are the best trained to teach about human sexuality.

Politico, which first reported on the preliminary STD data, said that in 2021, syphilis cases saw their highest annual increase since former President Harry Truman was in the White House decades ago. Truman left office on January 20, 1953.

The U.S. saw an increase of nearly 28 percent of total annual syphilis cases between 2020 and 2021—just over 171,000 people with confirmed infections.

Chlamydia infections increased 3.1 percent in 2021 compared to 2020, with more than 1.6 million cases, and gonorrhea infections saw a rise of 2.8 percent with nearly 700,000 cases,

The U.S. saw 2.5 million cases of the three STDs last year, 4.4 percent more cases than were detected by public health officials in 2020.

The U.S. saw historic lows of gonorrhea cases as recently as 2009, and historic lows of syphilis in 2000 and 2001, according to the CDC.

Perhaps the rush to celebrate human connections after pandemic isolation could account for this increase. Furthermore, post-pandemic medical care has been delayed or may be harder to schedule, which could also be a contributing factor.

Public health officials also blame inflation and opioid abuse as potential underlying causes.

Leandro Mena, the director of the CDC’s Division of STD Prevention, told POLITICO that chronic underfunding of public health programs is largely to blame.

“Over two decades of level funding, when you account for inflation and population changes, have effectively decreased the buying power of public health dollars and resulted in the reduction of STI services at the local level,” Mena said. “That reduction in screening, treatment and partner services likely contributed to these STI increases.”

Additionally, opioid and methamphetamine use — which increased significantly during the pandemic — is both leading to more HIV and hepatitis infections among people who share needles and to the spread of other STDs as more people trade sex for drugs and engage in unprotected sex.

Also fueling the rising rates, Mena said, are decreases in condom usage, particularly among young people, and taboos around sex that deter people from talking to their primary care doctors about STD prevention and treatment.

I can’t wait until the “experts” start blaming the surge on “climate change.”


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Wrap that rascal!

Gosh, it’s almost like California de-criminalized INTENTIONALLY giving somebody else an STD and this is the predictable result.

You know what’s even more “out of control?” The CDC.


Does the rate of spread of STDs correlate to the rise in illegal immigration? Nah, couldn’t be that. They probably just redefined the common cold to be an STD.

Those buttheads cannot even control their own message. Bagdad Bob’s portrait should hang in their lobby as an inspiration.

No doubt it’s racist to ask the numbers break out illegal immigrants? Not that I mean to stigmatize – rather to attribute the effect of unregulated illegal immigration. A few years ago I remember reading diseases that were virtually eradicated in the US were now reappearing with the increase of unvaccinated (MMR, etc.) immigrants stealing into the country and bypassing lawful immigration. I’m fairly certain it was one of Leslie’s articles.

    henrybowman in reply to MrE. | September 23, 2022 at 10:49 pm

    Tuberculosis and smallpox were two of the big ones.
    There was also a plague involved, but since it’s the same plague that occasionally rears its head on our own reservations, I’m not counting that one.

Isn’t an “out of control” epidemic a pandemic? We must have only mail-in voting in November. /s

See folks. You ( men ) should were your “masks” when having sex.

Sorry I just couldn’t resist.

Be wary of transmission through back… black holes… whores h/t NAACP, and front holes that bear “burdens” h/t Obama et al.

It might be that we now must celebrate every single kind of sex act except for a married couple that doesn’t cheat on each other.

Let’s be real. The increase is due to widespread promiscuity and the lack of social stigma for those who engage with multiple sexual partners. There are very few taboos and the last remaining taboos; sexualized children is rapidly being eroded while the establishment largely stands idle or worse cheers it on.

We’re all adults and can consent to as much kinky action as we wish. So far so good. The problem comes when the bill for those choices is presented both individually and as a society. Suddenly these consenting adults no longer wish to be strong, fierce and independent. Nope, now they want to be viewed helpless victims demanding society bail them out of their poor decisions.

Widespread sexual promiscuity leads to increased sexually transmitted diseases and more pregnancy. That is part of the package. It’s not a mystery. Remove taboos, social stigma and old fashioned shame from their role as disincentives and instead spend 5+ decades rewarding bad decisions and reckless behavior and here we are.

The genie isn’t going back in the bottle so forget moralizing about behavior of individuals. It’s too late for that and any payoff would occur over time not immediately. The more effective plan would be to end the societal bailouts for poor choices. Ladies, if you get knocked up that’s on you; welcome to equality. You can sue for child support, assuming you know who the father is and can prove it, but no govt benefits at all. No housing, no medical care, no nothing simply because you have q child. If unable to independently financially support your child then either place the child with the Father who is able or place them up for adoption.

Fellas got a burn downtown from easy Weasie…well the clinic might treat you but also enter your name in a database and enter a CT order not to have sex for a year. Give something to easy Weasie and she reports you? Manditory testing and same CT order. Violate that and go to the pokey where Pookey and Ray Ray will bust your backside out daily. Have fun with that.

Stop allowing people to have their stupidly irresponsible behavior be rewarded. Stop making excuses for these knuckleheads. Life is hard but doing the right things isn’t. Avoiding promiscuity is a very low bar.

I wonder if the over-sexualization of children at school, at earlier and earlier ages might be contributing to this?

Don’t give a dose
To the one you love most.
Give her some marmalade,
Give her some toast.
Give her the willies
Or give her the blues.
Or the dose that you give her
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Now that AIDS is no longer a 6 month death sentence why bother being inconveniencd by putting on a rubber. Besides, someone else is going to pay for all of those drugs.

This is the price to pay for recreational copulation. Enjoy making the payments.

Bucky Barkingham | September 24, 2022 at 6:38 am

“I can’t wait until the “experts” start blaming the surge on “climate change.”

Also Trump and DeSantis.

Let’s not forget that this is the CDC. How reliable are these numbers to begin with?

They’re blaming the end of the pandemic, inflation, opioid abuse, and the reliable standby of public health officials claiming lack of funding. Yeah, I can see the “experts” blaming climate change.

Couples with commitment who avoid back… black holes… whores h/t NAACP unaffected. That said, we live in the age of that’s not funny, we’re not serious, and dysfunctional times.

The obvious answer is schools teaching children to sleep around if your an insane liberal

Treatment isn’t prevention, education is.

But educating people to not have irresponsible sex doesn’t fit your political views does it?