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African-American Advocacy Group Sues Harvard ‘Misinformation’ Journal for False Statements, Defamation

African-American Advocacy Group Sues Harvard ‘Misinformation’ Journal for False Statements, Defamation

“The pair seek damages for defamation, negligent publication and emotional distress.”

You couldn’t make this up. It’s also fascinating that so much of this is about Russia and elections. It’s like a mania that has invaded the minds of some people.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard ‘misinformation’ journal sued for defamation, false statements

Founders of an African-American advocacy group filed a lawsuit against Harvard University and its Misinformation Review for allegedly publishing defamatory statements.

“The case is still in its early stages, but is gaining momentum,” Lance Filer, an attorney representing Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore, told The College Fix via email. He declined to comment further at this time.

The pair seek damages for defamation, negligent publication and emotional distress.

The state lawsuit accused Harvard University and its affiliates of defaming Carnell and Moore, the founders of American Descendants of Slavery, a group that advocates for African-Americans. ADOS wanted black Americans in 2020 to promise to vote for down ballot candidates only, unless the Democratic presidential nominee embraced a specific agenda.

This is not how Misinformation Review, a publication of the Harvard Kennedy School and its Shorenstein Center, framed the aims of the organization and its founders.

Misinformation Review released “Disinformation creep: ADOS and the strategic weaponization of breaking news” on January 18, 2021 and accused ADOS of discouraging Black Americans from voting, spreading misinformation on COVID-19 and pushing Russian propaganda.

According to the lawsuit, the article “[c]ontains allegations of [Carnell and Moore] engaging in widespread voter disinformation and suggestions of voter suppression; ignoring Covid-19 and any potential impact on African-Americans; Using their platform to disenfranchise black Americans from voting Democratic candidates at upcoming local and national elections; and implications of ties to Russian Disinformation.”

The retracted article, according to the lawsuit, cites confirmed cases where Russia influenced elections through political movements and groups and then concluded that it is “natural to suspect ADOS of being propped up by Russian activity like similar campaigns in 2016.”

However, the authors provide no evidence to support the claim, according to the lawsuit.

Following the publication of the article, Carnell and Moore asked Harvard’s Kennedy School to retract the paper. After six months of indirect requests, “they formally requested a retraction,” according to the lawsuit.


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Sue ’em! Tap that fat endowment!

The Gentle Grizzly | September 6, 2022 at 11:32 am

Those people will be screaming in [cue Paul Robeson voice] “deh legaseh ob slaaayyyvreh!] in the 25th century.

To my admittedly limited knowledge, no Americans of Japanese heritage are holding on to the internment camp history this tightly. I suspect they are too busy studying and getting straight A grades.

In my happy dreams, suit discovery discloses to both the Review editors AND the ADOS leaders that Russian funding WAS involved.

It’s always so much fun when the useful idiots find out who they are.