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WHO Receives Request to Classify Monkeypox as Sexually Transmitted Infection

WHO Receives Request to Classify Monkeypox as Sexually Transmitted Infection

Meanwhile, California Department of Health is using MPX to describe Monkeypox, citing stigma.

I recently noted that new research points to sex between men as the primary mode of transmission fueling the global monkeypox outbreak.

The World Health Organization (WHO) may soon reclassify monkeypox as a sexually transmitted infection.

…[T]he WHO received a formal proposal to change the classification and not “turn a blind eye” to the spread from Prof Rossi Hassad, an epidemiologist at Mercy College in New York and a statistician.

He argues there is now “compelling evidence” that the virus is spread through sex and that, although there are also other means of transmission, it would be “more precise to say monkeypox is also a sexually transmitted infection”.

To formally recognise the virus as an STI would, Prof Hassad says, “facilitate effective and early diagnosis, treatment, and prevention”. He added that it would also allow the development of tailored “health education messages and campaigns” while also “reducing group-specific stigma”.

“Failure to [call monkeypox an STI] can significantly hurt efforts to stem this outbreak, which has the potential to soon become a challenging pandemic,” his proposal reads.

If this goes forward, it might indicate that valuable lessons were learned during the response to covid….about neglecting real data in favor of social justice and political narratives. I certainly hope so, though I remain highly skeptical.

Adding fuel to my skepticism comes news from my home state. The California Department of Public Health is now using the name MPX to describe monkeypox.

Citing concerns about stigma associated with the name of the illness, CDPH uses monkeypox only on “first use” in written documents or correspondence. The second time the illness is referred to, the department uses MPX. As for conversations, “CDPH uses M-POX (em-pox) in spoken language,” CDPH told KRON4.

CDPH states it has been using MPX for approximately a week. In June the World Health Organization announced it would be changing the name of the disease. This decision came after a paper authored by more than 30 scientists around the world stated that the name monkeypox can be discriminatory and stigmatizing.

To wrap up monkeypox news for today, a student at Penn State University has tested positive for monkeypox. Public health officials are now concerned that the coming fall semester will spark outbreaks of the virus.

Health officials at the university said the unnamed student is now in isolation and that their close contacts were being traced.

The individual attends the University Park campus in central Pennsylvania, the college’s largest with some 46,000 undergraduates, but they reside off-campus.

The student received the positive result on August 13, about a week before the start of the fall term on August 22.

There are mounting concerns the return of colleges and universities could help drive the viral outbreak, with the latest case marking the second at a college this month. On Thursday, the University of Maryland said a staff member had a presumptive case and that more infections will likely be detected in the coming weeks.


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Stop having anal sex/multiple sex partners/ wear protection , in other words common sense

Like abstaining

As with AIDS, transmission is not known to occur through sex, but through sexually-aligned behaviors as in the mouth or anus, exacerbated by socially liberal orientations.

I thought renaming the disease was the number one priority since the name was supposedly highly offensive.

E Howard Hunt | August 22, 2022 at 6:17 pm

The WHO does not wish to be perceived as overly anal in categorizing diseases.

It’s the same old dichotomy: shut down the disease or remain politically correct. My money is on politically correct.

    henrybowman in reply to navyvet. | August 22, 2022 at 9:31 pm

    It’s more important to Democrats that their constituency not have to take the blame for a problem they’re responsible for than it is to solve the problem.

A pox on all their monkeys.

Well, someone’s got a bee in their bonnet over making light of this lightweight pandemic wanna-be. Thanks in advance for my downvote…

Pride Pox since Pride orgies appear to be the primary avenue of infection

    MAJack in reply to iconotastic. | August 22, 2022 at 8:20 pm


    WardOffMonkey in reply to iconotastic. | August 24, 2022 at 10:50 am

    Sorry for the downvote. That was supposed to be an upvote. Pride Pox is an accurate description of the spread of this disease that appears to have started in May at Tenerife and Gran Canaria pride orgies with tens of thousands of homosexuals in attendance.

Shut down the churches but not the piss orgies.

Health officials at the university said the unnamed student is now in isolation

Why? Monkeypox isn’t an airborne disease.

George_Kaplan | August 22, 2022 at 8:48 pm

How is monkeypox more offensive than chickpox? It seems the main difference is that monkeypox is primarily a disease affecting sodomites, and since negativity about anything pertaining to sodomites is deemed bigotry, the monkeypox narrative is deemed in need of reshaping.

Perhaps that energy would be better spent on protecting kids from being given the disease, or is that non=PC?

Monkeypox is literally not even close to offensive unless you associate a race or group of people with monkeys. That says something more about the “stigma” signalers than anyone else using the term. What were they thinking in the back of their minds when they wondered if this was offensive?

    Arminius in reply to healthguyfsu. | August 23, 2022 at 1:57 pm

    I know. I spent years in Asia. When I think of monkeys I think of Japanese Macaques (Snow Monkeys) and Long-Tailed Macaques (the only commonly seen monkeys on the islands of Singapore).

    I don’t equate monkeys with Japanese, Chinese, Malay, or Indian peoples (the three major ethnic groups in Singapore). That’s just weird. I’ve been to South and Central America as well as Africa. There are lots of monkeys in all those places as well. It’s just weird that the first thing that comes to some people’s minds when they hear the words “monkey” and “pox” combined that they think of black people.

    And by “some people’s minds” I mean the minds of racists. This is why I’m opposed to banning “hate speech.” I want the racists to tell me who they are.