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Survey: 62% of Democratic Students Won’t Room With Someone Who Votes Differently

Survey: 62% of Democratic Students Won’t Room With Someone Who Votes Differently

NBC News buries the fact that the Democrats are so narrow-minded.

Party of tolerance and kindness! Give me a break. But guess what? NBC News buries that fact at the way bottom.

Seriously. Second to last paragraph.

What a shock (emphasis mine):

One year later, those students remain optimistic about their personal lives, they continue to be down on the country’s direction, and many of them still experience anxiety and depression.

But the new poll also shows how divided they are politically — when it comes to whom they would share a dorm room with, date or marry.

Overall, the new poll finds a combined 54% of respondents say they would “definitely” or “probably” room with someone who supported the presidential candidate they opposed in 2020, while 46% said they would “probably not” or “definitely not.”

Democratic respondents are much more opposed to rooming with someone who voted differently in 2020 (62% of them say they would “probably not” or “definitely not” room with such a person) than Republican respondents are (28%).

In addition, a combined 53% of all respondents say they definitely or probably wouldn’t go on a date with someone who voted differently, compared to 47% who say they definitely or probably would.


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Good luck on getting through life.

Conservatives learn to tolerate different ideas and behavior because we have no choice. The entire culture is against us.

From that same culture, Liberals learn that sneering at those of us who aren’t like them is a fulfilling and socially uplifting activity. Why would they want to room with or date those they sneer at?

I dunno. If I were still dating, I wouldn’t waste my time on a committed Democrat. Driving past a “bridge out” sign is at best a waste of time, at worst a tragic experience.

    healthguyfsu in reply to henrybowman. | August 20, 2022 at 6:15 pm

    Not to be crass but crazy can make for a very good lay, and college is a good time to collect experiences and stories.

Thank you for sharing this article. I wish we could measure the sources of each student’s attitudes: the family, the media, official school policy or fellow students? One would expect a sharp decline in family between new freshmen students and sophomore students, and a sharp increase in fellow students.

In other words, how many students got “burned” by a negative personal experience by dating someone with the opposite political views? How many students got “burned” by having a roommate with the opposite political views.

People go to college to learn critical thinking skills and how to function in the adult world. If a member of the Class of 2025 voted in the 2020 election (for either candidate), that vote was the product of a high school environment and not the product of a fully formed mind.


SeekingRationalThought | August 21, 2022 at 10:18 am

College students are, by definition, ignorant and don’t know how to think rationally. That’s why they are in college. Too bad today’s colleges and universities don’t care to do their jobs.