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Retired Doctor Says to Beware of the Push for ‘Woke’ Medicine

Retired Doctor Says to Beware of the Push for ‘Woke’ Medicine

“political science, not medical science”

Greg Ganske is a former Iowa congressman and retired doctor.

He writes at the John Kass blog:

Beware the Push for Woke Doctors

Let us progress from the petty, but not inconsequential aspects of “woke” changes in American medicine, to the existential, serious consequences of “woke ideology” on your own health.

If you search online for “racism and medicine,” you will find screen after screen of medical papers purporting to show that doctors are racially biased, and this leads to poor care and worse outcomes for minorities.

Is this science? No. It is poor science at best, ideologically and frankly, politically driven. And that makes it political science, not medical science.

But should a physician dare question the assumptions of this politically pushed “science”—and isn’t science all about questioning assumptions?

For the sin of questioning a political assumption, a physician will most likely be declared an apostate to be driven from the profession of medicine.

Think about that if you’re unfortunate enough to be in a hospital or holding the hand of a loved one as tests are conducted, as judgments are made, as precious time passes.

I spent my career as a doctor, a surgeon, and later for years as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. It concerns me, and it should concern you.

This new adherence to virtue signaling to press for political outcomes not necessarily backed by evidence has been going on for some time. Yet Americans have repeatedly been lectured and admonished to “Follow the Science!!!”

But medicine, like other institutions, has gone woke.

This phenomenon in American medicine began as political virtue signaling with the removal of portraits of doctors who were (wrongly) deemed offensive. And now it has reached the point where medicine turns to Critical Race Theory and its CRT hustlers to shape the process of how physicians are selected and trained.

When you or a loved one is ill, do you want a woke doc who has been trained through a push for politically/socially acceptable outcomes? Or do you seek the physician who has been challenged, repeatedly, in rigorous ways during training?

Changes in medical training and applying political science to medical science are putting that at risk.


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