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House of Representatives Officer Warns Members of Congress Not to Use TikTok

House of Representatives Officer Warns Members of Congress Not to Use TikTok

Recommendation comes after assessment it is “high-risk” to privacy and security.

It turns out TikTox may be more dangerous than we think.

It corrupts culture and common sense and is also assessed as a privacy and security risk.

House of Representatives’ Chief Administrative Officer Catherine Szpindor issued an advisory Wednesday discouraging lawmakers from using TikTok.

The memo, citing information from the CAO’s CyberSecurity office, calls TikTok a “high risk” social media application that could jeopardize individuals’ privacy.

The CyberSecurity office pointed to the excessive access to personal information users must grant the Chinese company in order to use the platform.

“TikTok is a Chinese-owned company, and any use of this platform should be done with that in mind,” the memo reads. “The ‘TikTok’ mobile application has been deemed by the CAO Office of CyberSecurity to be a high-risk to users due to the lack of transparency in how it protects customer data, its requirement of excessive permissions, and the potential security risks involved with its use.”

The memo contains some troubling revelations, including the assessment that TikTok can store users’ data, which can potentially be “mined for commercial and private purposes.”

The advisory listed the concerns that it said researchers had found in regards to TikTok, including access to device location, calendar, and photos. It also said the app could obtain other data, such as WiFi network name, Apple Mac address, personal phone number, and more.

TikTok pushed back on these claims.

Michael Beckerman, vice president and head of public policy in the Americas for TikTok, said in the letter that all the U.S. user traffic is being directed to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and that the company expects to delete users’ personal information from the data centers and fully pivot to Oracle cloud servers in the U.S.

He denied claims in the memo that the platform uses facial recognition technology or uses face and voice data to identify users.

Beckerman said that TikTok does not automatically collect precise GPS location data, as the memo states. The letter states that the company does collect users’ approximate location based on their SIM card and IP address, which helps improve the user experience, comply with local laws and prevent fraud.

He said TikTok does not collect information such as the SIM card’s serial number, active subscription information or integrated circuit card identification numbers.


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I’m not a fan of banning applications, as we’re a free country and it should be up to individuals to engage with technology in a safe and responsible manner.

That said, I wouldn’t miss idiot teenagers assaulting people and vandalizing property for 9 views and a like

Tick, tock…

JackinSilverSpring | August 24, 2022 at 1:48 pm

If it’s connected in any way to the CCP, I would believe the worst, Beckerman’s protests notwithstanding.

    henrybowman in reply to JackinSilverSpring. | August 24, 2022 at 3:52 pm

    Everything in China is connected to the CCP, especially when they see something with “potential.”

    Think of the CCP as the Mafia, except when they leave the gun, they take the almond cookies.

Kinda of fun watching how many time Pres Trump was correct

What I find most funny about this is the timing, Joe Rogan read the TikTok terms of service on his podcast about a month ago, obviously not the first to call attention to the issues but we are now seeing more reactions…

But, but, but, how will AOC inform her constituents?

Tik Tok is a Chinese company.
Tik Tok spies on you.
Tik Tok steals your data.

All stuff the rest of us knew over two years ago.

Glad to see how on-the-ball our federal government is.

Do you think they know about the trans suicide rate? The COVID stimulus graft? That obscure lab in Wuhan?

    WashRep in reply to henrybowman. | August 24, 2022 at 5:00 pm

    Your comments apply to Fakebook and Gargle as well, and probably most if not all “unsocial media” apps. That’s why I have not and never will be on such apps.

I do not have any accounts with social media. I am woefully ignorant.

Would a VPN account protect you from these dangers?

It’s just sooooooooo hard to believe that there are consequences for using a social media platform that was born out of and pushed heavily by China.

Are these people that stupid to be using something so ridiculously obviously risky?

The FBI is jealous, announces they need the same information to “protect” us from unsavory actors, pressures American firms to collect and provide the same information., most of which they already have. Think Alexa, Siri, Apple voice recognition commands, facial recognition, location tracking, Ring doorbell data, and cloud backups. CDC needs the information to track and prevent the spread of diseases. IRS needs the information so agents can track down tax cheats and dark money. BATF needs the information to track gun owners and reduce shootings. DOE needs the information so they know who has EVs, how and where they are being used, can share the data with the DoT and EPA so they can tax the rest of us for climate crimes. Congress needs the information so it can schedule hearings.

The CCP is the enemy . . .well,, “an” enemy.