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Seattle School District Promotes Transgender Resources for Children

Seattle School District Promotes Transgender Resources for Children

“gender-affirming care”

History will not be kind to this sort of thing. Someday it will be viewed very differently than the left thinks about it today.

Newsmax reports:

Seattle School District Promoting Sex-Change Resources

The website for the Seattle Public School District is openly promoting transgender care for minors on its LGBTQIA Resources page.

Among the services promoted are “gender-affirming care” and aiding in a child’s sex change, including the Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic.

“Cares for children, adolescents and youth whose gender identity is different from their sex at birth and do not identify with traditional definitions of male or female,” the page entry for the Children’s Gender Clinic read Thursday. “Provides pubertal blockers, cross-sex hormones, mental health support and readiness discussion, and autism gender clinic.”

Also listed are Cedar River Clinics and Neighborcare Health, which both provide hormone therapy.

Also, Camp Ten Trees is promoted by the school district, which is the largest in the state of Washington.

The camp is billed as “residential camping programs for LGBTQ+ youth and youth of LGBTQ+ families” on the school district website, but the camp also promotes leftist “social justice values,” Breitbart reported.


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