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Prof Suggests Underlying Principles of Critical Race Theory Have Been Embedded in Academia

Prof Suggests Underlying Principles of Critical Race Theory Have Been Embedded in Academia

“The received notion of the academy’s irrelevance is a guise that has allowed the institution to hide its ideological role in plain sight.”

Michael Rectenwald, a former professor at NYU, is correct about Critical Race Theory.

He writes at the Mises Institute:

Critical Race Theory: Academic Malfeasance and Fraudulence

Although sometimes dubbed “the ivory tower,” the academy is anything but a quaint exception to or ancillary adjunct of the real world. Quite otherwise, academia is an ideological state apparatus. I maintain that the academy is the dominant ideological state apparatus. Or, to borrow a more recent formulation, the academy is best understood as “the cathedral,” as the contemporary equivalent of the medieval papacy in our “progressive,” postmodern times.

The received notion of the academy’s irrelevance is a guise that has allowed the institution to hide its ideological role in plain sight. Yet the cathedral does generate dominant ideologies, although time is required for its products to be disseminated across the broader social body after they have been digested and excreted by the media, the interchange between the cathedral and the unwashed. However, the time lapse has decreased in the digital age, when academics can speak directly to the public on social media, and when their publications are accessible to the layperson in digital formats—although in jargon laden and often incoherent prose.

Nevertheless, if the primary means of ideological production is the academy, and if academics are the primary owners of the means of ideological production, then the pronouncements that come from academics are significant.

“‘Dead Honky’—against Technologies of (White) Violence”

It may take time for academia’s ideological work to affect the social body, but the effect is sure to be felt. That’s why a recent article, published in the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, should be a cause for concern. Titled “‘Dead Honky’—against Technologies of (White) Violence,” it not only “performs violence” against “whiteness” but also represents an extreme case of academic malfeasance and fraudulence. The article has been making the rounds in conservative media, with implicit outcries over its racist language. With calls for “the death of whiteness” and “to let whiteness bleed out,” the piece contributes to the already incendiary and ludicrous field of critical race theory (CRT).

Had this essay applied its violent rhetoric and imagery to any other racial or ethnic category, its barely concealed homicidal ideation would have had its author, D.-L. Stewart, dubbed a “Nazi” and relegated to a figurative gulag in academic Siberia. Instead, the article will, no doubt, be cited favorably in future “scholarship,” by some equally or even more unhinged academic fraudsters.


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Oh it is pervasive indeed. As a former prof, I know that the conservatives had to keep a VERY low profile, lest they be subject to subtle and not so subtle attacks, loss of promotion, funding etc. And it has gotten markedly worse since I left. Check out their ethnic and gender studies department “offerings.”

Recall 9/10/01. The day before 9/11, obviously. The town of Amherst, MA, home to UMASS Amherst, was having a row about the display of the American flag on houses and buildings. One UMASS physics professor loudly and publicly insulted and belittled the U.S. flag as “…a symbol of terrorism and death and fear and destruction and repression.” You can find it easily. Even CNN posted it on 10/14/01. And she still works there.

And it has only gotten worse. I never want anyone to forget what they really think of the U.S.

Steven Brizel | July 19, 2022 at 9:19 am

This purported article in an academic journal is illustrative of what critical racial studies are all about–if you can’t teach the accepted tenets and principals of any subject, you proclaim yourself a “critical scholar.”

Tom Shuford | July 20, 2022 at 9:33 am

Tweet and Thread from “eugyppius” make get to the none-dare-to-sat heart of the matter:

“A great part of the cultural pathology of American academia arises from the 2nd-order effects of affirmative action, which has filled the Unis with ‘disadvantaged’ minorities – both profs & students – who are markedly less prepared & less capable than the Euro/Asian mean.”