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Philadelphia Mayor Thinks Only Cops Should Have Guns After Two Cops Injured in Shooting

Philadelphia Mayor Thinks Only Cops Should Have Guns After Two Cops Injured in Shooting

The mayor would strip people of their right to bear arms if he had the power to do so.

Two officers were shot and injured during a fireworks display in Philadelphia, PA. A suspect remains at large.

The officers received treatment at a hospital and were released a few hours later. Thank goodness.

Law enforcement said they do not “know if this was a ricochet of celebratory gunfire or an intentional shooting from a long range.”

Either way, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said only cops should have guns even though the only victims, in this case, are police officers:

“It was a chilled back day, beautiful weather. But we live in America where we have the Second Amendment and we have the Supreme Court of the United States telling everybody they can carry a gun wherever they want,” he said.

The mayor said he recently visited Canada and remarked that gun violence did not once cross his mind.

“I was in Canada two weeks ago and never thought about a gun,” he said. “The only people I knew who had guns in Canada were police officers.”

“That’s the way it should be here,” Kenney stated, before saying such an idea was “never going to happen” in his lifetime.

If Kenney had the power he would trash the 2nd Amendment:

“If I had the ability to take care of guns, I would,” he said. “But the legislature won’t let us. Congress won’t let us. The governor does the best he can [and] the attorney general does the best he can, but this is a gun country.”

“It’s crazy,” Kenney added. “We’re the most armed country in world history and we’re one of the least safest (sic).”

“Until Americans decide that they want to give up the guns and give up the opportunity to get guns, we’re going to have this problem,” he told reporters.

Kenney lives in fear after a reporter asked him if he had any concerns about gun violence at large gatherings:

“I don’t enjoy the Fourth of July,” the mayor responded. “I didn’t enjoy the Democratic National Convention. I didn’t enjoy the NFL draft. I’m waiting for something bad to happen all the time.”

Kenney also said, “I’ll be happy when I’m not the mayor.”


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“I’ll be happy when I’m not the mayor.”

So step down.

nordic prince | July 5, 2022 at 11:07 am

Okay, Mac – since you don’t believe in the God-given right of self-defense, give up your bodyguards.

    guyjones in reply to nordic prince. | July 5, 2022 at 5:04 pm

    Exactly. Every Dumb-o-crat who rails against the Second Amendment, while enjoying armed private or government-provided security guards — from dotard-marionette Biden, to crone Pelosi, et al. — should be willing to be protected by guards brandishing pepper spray, collapsible batons and stun guns, if they are in fact sincere in their beliefs. Put your personal safety where your mouth is.

taurus the judge | July 5, 2022 at 11:12 am

Typical leftist banter

Major Kenney continues with the Democrat tradition – it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Not them or Democrat policies.

Dolce Far Niente | July 5, 2022 at 11:21 am

The truth is, “gun violence” is almost exclusively an attribute of the urban demographic.

If you eliminate Democrat shitholes like Philly, Baltimore NYC, and LA from the statistics, America is less violent than Norway or Sweden.

Hizzoner is depressed, mostly because he doesn’t like checks and balances, which prevents him from being king, queen, and court jester .
Do something about, mayor: use a gun to self neutralize. The future will not be kind to you

Only cops should have guns. Hey, that sounds really good…….on paper.

How do you propose to take away guns from criminals?

If you can’t stop illegal drugs from coming across the border, how in the hell are you going to stop guns? Oh, I see, you are only proposing gun enforcement for law abiding citizens.

    nordic prince in reply to Peabody. | July 5, 2022 at 1:36 pm

    How do you propose to take away guns from criminals?

    No problem – when the criminals hear that they’re not supposed to have guns any more, they’ll just march down to the police station and relinquish their weapons.

    See how easy that is?

    Milhouse in reply to Peabody. | July 5, 2022 at 4:51 pm

    No, it doesn’t sound good, even on paper. Suppose you could find and confiscate all privately-held firearms, and make them completely unavailable, thus disarming both criminals and their would-be victims. That would be a bad thing. Guns are not just to defend yourself against other people with guns. They’re also to defend yourself against other people without guns. Disarming ordinary people leaves them vulnerable to every thug out there who can take advantage of them, knowing that they can’t defend themselves because they have no gun.

    If I could choose between a world where:
    1. Only criminals have guns
    2. Only decent people have guns
    3. Both have guns
    4. Neither have guns
    I’d obviously prefer #2, but #3 is better than #4, which is better than #1.

Does he know he can resign? If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

How about working with the Biden admin to get increased federal prosecutors to go after federal firearms violations? He could direct his LEO to refer any arrest involving a firearm to the US Attorney. The feds could then put away criminals for five + years on the firearm violations alone.

Nah, that would be working to solve the problem of violent criminals and the current ideology of the d/prog denounces the concept of individual accountability. Instead they blame inanimate objects while working hard to keep criminals out of jail or prison through bail reform and decriminalization.

    JimWoo in reply to CommoChief. | July 5, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    1000 upticks. Here in Chicongo felons in possession are released without bond frequently only to go out and commit more “gun violence”. They always blame the inanimate object for the actions of their constituents.

    MDP in reply to CommoChief. | July 5, 2022 at 1:21 pm

    Agreed, having a close relative with the Philly PD, Kenney could do a lot more to start getting illegal guns off of the street if he really wanted to, but he works against it along with DA Krasner.

    We have a winner! This is the solution that I’ve been promoting for decades: Use a firearm in the commission of a felony and you so straight to jail (for a minimum of 10 years in my world). Why isn’t this easy solution implemented? Because it would mostly affect POC. In other words, its RAAAAACIST! Never mind the fact that the people being killed and otherwise terrorized are also POC. In the peabrain sized mind of a leftist the optics of jailing more POC are bad enough to just bury the problem and do nothing. One of the many reasons lefties are the vilest, most repugnant people on earth. F*** them.

      henrybowman in reply to Mojo56. | July 5, 2022 at 4:54 pm

      Simplistic, and a bad idea.
      Why should penalty for shooting be more or less than stabbing, beating, burning, poisoning? Why pick on guns instead of the violent crime itself?
      What does “use” mean? Government has perverted that word to include a grandma who was selling dope in her living room while simultaneously owning a rusty pistol locked in a steamer trunk in her bedroom closet (CANDISHA SUMMERITA ROBINSON v. US).

        I never said the penalty should be more or less for stabbing, beating, burning or poisoning. It wasn’t the topic. The topic was gun crime.

        If you are using a gun in the commission of a felony then by definition it is a violent crime. By use I mean literally having a gun in your hand. I fully understand the power of the state to pervert laws (see my avatar) but what is the alternative, no laws? I believe there are too many laws now but this is one I would endorse.

Making the streets safe for cops doesn’t make them safe for everyone else. How do white dinosaur Democrats become mayor of Philly these days? I guess while guilt and Black Power…or just good old ballot stuffing?

Not really.
I am sure he was this intellectually brilliant long before this one incident.

He’s a coastal Socialist/Communist Party office holder. They all believe in only the government having firearms (though not all say so). Interior Socialist/Communist Party office holders most all believe the same, but there are rare exceptions.

Also, ‘Defund the systemically racist police department’ – said the man protected by armed security.

This guy is a idiot. Let him go house to house confiscating the 400 million plus guns in USA. Typical leftist spouting inane talking points with no clue as to the feasibility of them.

I’m always amazed by people who think the problem is an object, not the human who misuses it.

In the Stone Age, this idiot would have been demanding spear control and he would have been just as angry that he wasn’t getting it.

That’s what you get when you learn about life through memes and slogans.

Only police need guns? At my age I can’t carry a cop everywhere I go.

    CommoChief in reply to Whitewall. | July 5, 2022 at 12:55 pm

    That plus LEO has zero affirmative duty to protect the public at large. Nor when present and are confronted with the ongoing killing of children do LEO act in a timely manner; Parkland, Uvalde among others.

Gun Control is not now, or ever has been, about guns. It’s about control, everything, all the time. The Leftists know how to live your life better than you.

PrincetonAl | July 5, 2022 at 12:51 pm

‘Kenney also said, “I’ll be happy when I’m not the mayor.” ‘

So will the city, so will the city.

PS- thanks for saying it out loud, and clearly, that you don’t want people to have guns. Instead of hiding behind the sensible gun control BS.


Yeah, just like in Uvalde, the cops did such a bang-up job there. Right Mayor? And oh yeah, fuck you. Come and take them.

Has Gov Hair Gel issued a statement today explaining why all of these Democrat-run big cities with their strong gun control laws are witnessing so many mass killings? Not only are the latest ones not in Republican-run states but they are also in Democrat-run states. I know, just proves that we need even MORE gun control.

I hope Trump and DeSantis are on this.

Minority report?

Gun running, gun walking, open borders, antidepressant psychotics, “heros”, too, and other people of criminal intent (POCI) who plan and elect to take affirmative action to abort real and perceived “burdens”. That said, scalpels and other bladed instruments are primary weapons of choice to commit homicides. Also, high-mass suvs are a dual-use kinetic vehicle to open abortion fields with probable diversity [dogma] (e.g. racism) motives. Back holes by the thousands. And George Floyd Syndrome by the hundreds of thousands, annually. Some, Select [Black] Lives Matter.

amatuerwrangler | July 5, 2022 at 2:48 pm

I doubt the mayor has cleared his comments with the BLM advisory team.

Not that long ago they were wanting to defund the police because they were out there hunting down unarmed black men and shooting them; by the thousands…. Now the mayor wants only the cops to have guns. How will those unarmed black men defend themselves they ask?

The reason cops have guns is because so many of those who are prohibited because of behavior or mental instability (I know, embrace the power of “and”) do not follow the laws and possess guns and use them to the detriment of others. The mayor is not a clear thinker.

    The Uvalde incident, and the (worse) Columbine school shooting of a few years ago has caused me to swing over to the “defund the police” POV. If they aren’t going to use their firepower to protect us–what do we have them for? To run radar traps?

      Depends where you live. There is no way on God’s green earth our local, county, or state police would stand by and watch a physical assault, never mind the burning, looting, and murder we witnessed in 2020. In fact, I doubt that the cops even in blue states, cities wanted to do that, but they had orders to stand down. That was widely reported throughout the worst of the rioting in 2020. Stand down, the cops were told, don’t bother these righteous people who are just ‘passionate’ and probably trying to steal a loaf of bread because they are starved (the latter from AOC). Don’t buy into the BS. Ever.

      The Uvalde incident is a blotch on police, for sure, but only on that force in that town. Clearly, it’s misrun and needs to be fixed. Columbine? What? Even CNN managed a balanced take on that tragedy.

It’s finally Time for an amicable divorce from the crazy left. Right now I’m trying separation as much as possible.

Soooo…he wants all of us to become police?

    henrybowman in reply to Mr Moist. | July 5, 2022 at 4:32 pm

    Well, that’s what the founders intended.
    Not merely police, but federal police.

    To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union

    Get that? YOU are the only constitutional federal law enforcement. There is no constitutional authorization for an FBI, a BATF, even a Treasury agent.
    Professional police are a “select militia.” Naughty, naughty.

He is a hard core Leftist, personally don’t care what he thinks.

henrybowman | July 5, 2022 at 4:28 pm

I used to bother to debate people like this. Now, I just aim to see them crushed, driven before me, and their women lamenting.

Over the past 17 months, the Philadelphia Police Department under the “leadership” of Mayor Kenney and Police Commissioner Outlaw has issued a total of 76,433 new licenses to carry concealed firearms.

“Only cops should have guns”?

If a cop needs his/her full battle rattle to saunter into the donut shop, why cannot I, as a law abiding citizen, carry my sidearm into the donut shop?

    You can in many red states. The thing is that this sort of logic doesn’t work with the left. They have no plan at all to remove ILLEGAL guns from gang members, from criminals; indeed, they want them all to roam free, no bail, no jail time, just decarceration “justice.”

    The goal is not to stop mass shootings but to criminalize legal gun ownership, to disarm those most likely to protect their homes, family, country. When the left puts forward a plan to disarm illegal gun owners, I’ll believe they are serious about “gun violence,” until then, it’s clearly just a means to disarm legal gun owners–and only legal gun owners.

      lichau in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | July 5, 2022 at 8:16 pm

      I was reared by an old (as in 1880 0r so) Arizona family. A great uncle was in law enforcement for 50+ years. Roughly 1905 to 1955. Sheriff, Federal Marshal, etc. He was once asked how many gunfights he had been in. “I only pulled my service revolver once. Didn’t fire it. I don’t know who was more scared–me or the other guy.”

      My grandfather, watching the 1950’s TV Westerns would say: “Lived here man and boy. Never saw anything like that.” He was born in the 1880’s.

      Personally, I think the Hollywood “Westerns” did huge damage with respect to firearm ownership. There really weren’t much in the way of high noon shootouts. Nothing compared to the gang banger drive by shootings of today. But, that is the image that persists.

        Milhouse in reply to lichau. | July 6, 2022 at 9:44 am

        Hollywood didn’t create that image. It was created by the pulps and dime novels of the late 19th / early 20th century, and continued by Zane Grey and his peers. Hollywood just filmed in the world the writers had already invented and popularized. I think most people understood, at least in a general way, that these stories were set in a fictional universe.