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Northern Arizona University Will Now Require Four Diversity Courses to Graduate

Northern Arizona University Will Now Require Four Diversity Courses to Graduate

“These Diversity Perspectives courses must … embrace the philosophical underpinning of identity politics”

This is a scam. Diversity has become its own industry within higher education. It’s funded with these ridiculous requirements.

The College Fix reports:

In ‘unprecedented’ move, Northern Arizona U. to require FOUR diversity courses to graduate

In a move its own Diversity Curriculum Committee has heralded as “unprecedented,” Northern Arizona University will soon mandate students take four diversity, equity and inclusion courses grounded in “critical theory” to earn a degree.

The new grad requirement is scheduled to take effect in 2024 at the large public university, located in the progressive city of Flagstaff and enrolling some 29,000 students.

The four diversity courses must come from the categories of “global diversity,” “indigenous peoples,” “intersectional identities,” and “U.S. ethnic diversity,” according to an internal memo from campus administrators.

The 12 credits of diversity requirements were approved in October 2021 as part of the university’s updated General Studies Program, reported John Sailor in City Journal.

“These Diversity Perspectives courses must … embrace the philosophical underpinning of identity politics,” reported Sailor, a research associate at the National Association of Scholars.

“According to notes from the university’s Liberal Studies Committee, foreign language courses fail to qualify for diversity designation. Why? ‘Because they do not incorporate critical theory which the [Diversity Curriculum Committee] expects of the courses it approves.’”

The course requirements are the implementation of a Diversity Strategic Plan drafted in Fall 2020 which “​​focuses and prioritizes the university’s attention and resources around diversity, inclusion, and a culturally competent environment for all.”

While the plan called for an increase of 20 percent of students taking DEI courses, the General Studies requirements approved by the Arizona Board of Regents on October 1, 2021 apply to all students.

Arizona taxpayers’ state funding for Northern Arizona University comes in at more than $132 million annually.


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Junk/filler courses ought not be eligible for government guaranteed or subsidized student “loans”.

$4400 for a bunch of crap. No thanks. (No wonder NAU has a 51% graduation rate.)

Too bad we can’t short enrollment like in the stock market. So if say the college requires 32 classes to graduate 4x2x4, then 12.5% of the students money will be going towards classes they neither need nor want, which means that all other schools were just given a 12.5% advantage, unless of course, they ALL soon adapt this minimum requirement.

I am curious where Oberlin is on this? I’m thinking that to remain competitive in the woke arena that they will need to require 5 courses, making over 15% the courses needed for graduation of the ultimately “useless” variety.

henrybowman | July 17, 2022 at 5:32 pm

Of the three state universities in Arizona. NAU and ASU battle for second-wokest. (UA, the artsy-fartsy school in Tucson, wins hands down.)

NAU consider themselves “Lumberjacks,” but nowadays they’re Monty Python Lumberjacks.

I’m a Lumberjack graduate from the early 90’s. There was always a crunchy feel to the school but the STEM were top notch which is why I went there. The Prof’s in some of the classes were left wing for sure but it didn’t bleed over into the courses that I could tell. It saddens me to see this nonsense overtake the school.

So I would have to tke 4 B.S. courses to graduate regardless of my major? I thought we learned diversity from our American History courses??

So because I was bored the other day, I went over to their reddit page and posted a trolling thread about what courses and when to tke them.

From the responses, I thought that my genius was recognized and that they were trolling me back, but noooooooooo.

AST 201 – Introduction To Indigenous Astronomy

Description: This is a course in comparative astronomy, as seen through the eyes of indigenous peoples and western astronomers, which provides an introduction to ancient and living astronomies of native cultures. Letter grade only.

Now I am wondering if they teach a course in Urban Astonomy where 1/3 of the stars are actually street or stadium lights.