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Biden Admin to Limit Use of Anti-Personnel Land Mines by U.S. Forces

Biden Admin to Limit Use of Anti-Personnel Land Mines by U.S. Forces

“The whole notion is absurd.”

Dakota Wood of the Heritage Foundation explains why this is a very bad idea.

He writes at the Daily Signal:

Biden’s Fairy-Tale View of Land Mines Threatens the Lives of Our Armed Forces

The Biden administration last week announced it would dramatically limit the use of anti-personnel land mines by U.S. forces and destroy the entire U.S. inventory of such land mines, except for a limited number associated with defending South Korea.

Although the decision no doubt will be welcomed by the more progressive elements of the president’s party, experts know that this blatant virtue signaling not only could cause the unnecessary deaths of U.S. military personnel, but defeat in battle.

Despite military leaders’ repeated testimony that such land mines represent a useful military capability, the White House seemingly chose political expediency over warfighting.

Why else would President Joe Biden appear to place so little value on the lives of the men and women serving in our military? It seems no one in the White House has the ability, or perhaps desire, to differentiate the rightness of America’s defending itself and rendering assistance to friends facing the predatory behavior of Russia or Iran or China.

The Biden administration correctly notes that other countries have used land mines in reckless ways that harm civilian populations and pose threats to local communities long after a conflict has ended. But to imply that U.S. forces operate just as irresponsibly is insulting.

Again, as noted by the administration, the U.S. should take pride in the assistance provided to others around the world in humanitarian demining efforts. It is the right thing to do.

But it is a tragic mistake to say that, because mines have caused problems in other settings, U.S. forces should not be allowed to use mines to protect themselves and make it harder, rather than easier, for an enemy to prevail.

This is like saying that because criminals use weapons to commit crimes, police should be disarmed to set the example that leads us to a gun-free world. The whole notion is absurd.


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JackinSilverSpring | July 6, 2022 at 8:25 am

I am coming to the conclusion that Brandon (or whoever is pulling the puppet strings) hates this country and wants to see it destroyed.

Huh. I was under the impression they were almost entirely gone, anyway. Clinton caved on one bit of international pressure, then Bush, then I thought 0bama had capped it off. (But I knew they hadn’t totally removed them from our inventory.)

I’m beginning to believe that Biden is the Manchurian candidate