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WHO’s Director General Privately Indicates Belief Covid Came From Wuhan Lab

WHO’s Director General Privately Indicates Belief Covid Came From Wuhan Lab

Meanwhile, China blames US for covid and defends inane “zero-covid” policy.

The Daily Mail reports that the Director-General of the World Health Organization privately believes the covid pandemic started following a leak from a Chinese laboratory.

While publicly the group maintains that ‘all hypotheses remain on the table’ about the origins of Covid, the source said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organisation (WHO), had recently confided to a senior European politician that the most likely explanation was a catastrophic accident at a laboratory in Wuhan, where infections first spread during late 2019.

….The WHO was initially criticised for its deferential approach to China over the pandemic, as well as a willingness to accept Beijing’s protestations that claims of a laboratory leak were just a ‘conspiracy theory’.

However, in the absence of any compelling evidence of ‘zoonotic’ spread – the process by which a virus leaps from animals to humans – it is now adopting a more neutral public stance.

Dr Tedros updated member states on the pandemic this month, admitting: ‘We do not yet have the answers as to where it came from or how it entered the human population.

‘Understanding the origins of the virus is very important scientifically to prevent future epidemics and pandemics.’

I have underscored that the lab leak possibility was not only possible but probable since February of 2020. A glimpse of the timeline created by a Republican congressional panel trying to piece together the sequence of events underscores that a serious assessment of the covid pandemic must include an evaluation of the experiments conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Meanwhile, China complained, again, about the recent COVID report published by the WHO’s Scientific Advisory Group for the Origins of Novel Pathogens (SAGO). Chinese officials deemed the Wuhan lab-leak scenario a political lie…and blamed the US for the disease.

SAGO said there has been no new data to support the lab leak theory, but that it “remains important to consider all reasonable scientific data that is available … to evaluate the possibility of the introduction of SARS-CoV-2 into the human population through a laboratory incident.”

…In response to the report, the Xinhua article pointed to the WHO’s inconclusive 2021 origins report that referred to a lab leak scenario as “extremely unlikely,” and the article also pushed a theory that COVID could actually have originated in the U.S.

It said the U.S. had been a “terrible bookkeeper” of its own early COVID outbreak and claimed that the Fort Detrick base in Maryland and biolabs at the University of North Carolina “have long been engaged in coronavirus research and modification.”

At the same time, China defended its inane “zero-COVID” policy after the US ambassador said it was causing serious damage to the global economy.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said the Chinese economy is recovering from the effects of the pandemic and “facts prove” the policy mandating lockdowns, quarantines and mass testing is “suitable for China’s national conditions and has stood the test of history.”

“We have full confidence that (we can) contain the epidemic, steady the economy and achieve the goal of safe economic development,” Wang said at a daily briefing.

China has sought to completely eliminate outbreaks of COVID-19 with tough restrictions, while most other countries are relaxing their anti-coronavirus measures to “live with” the disease.

Ambassador Nicholas Burns said on Thursday that the “zero-COVID” policy has “had a major impact” on business sentiment, singling out as especially damaging a two-month lockdown in Shanghai, China’s largest city and key financial hub.

Neither complaining about realities nor ignoring them seems to work well for China. The trouble is China’s poor choices no longer just impact China.


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Re China’s charges–
Having lived in Frederick, MD and right outside the gate of Fort Detrick, at that, I note that they seem to keep their dangerous pathogens under lock and key. Having known a number of foreign researchers at the facility, I can assure you that any plots about unleashing germ warfare on the world would have been leaked to foreign governments long ago.

    taurus the judge in reply to Kepha H. | June 20, 2022 at 10:03 am

    I read you Lima Charlie. I was a Dragon Soldier for a long time (majority on the Chem/Rad side).

    There is no question this was a release from a lab and in the form of a weaponized agent.

    The question was this:

    Did China release it “internally” ( on their own population) and it got out of hand or was it designed to be a global attack from the outset?

    Since we cannot believe anything we get from the media and even if we could, are not sure of the completeness of the data- we can only speculate from a model. (knowing at best this is a SWAG)

    Also, we CANNOT trust ANY Covid numbers because of the symptomatic diagnosis ( rather than a detailed diagnosis) the political skewing of numbers for vested interests, unreliability of tests and protocols and so on.

    We know the “vaccine” is not a vaccine by the original definition of one ( they didn’t change that without good reason)

    But based on doctrines prior to the 90’s banning and some modeling…

    The most probable scenario is that this was a novel agent engineered to attack older/weaker people and take them out. (This is a direct threat to the CCP as this is one of their largest demographics as well as can damage their “total war” economy they are trying to build)

    If that assessment is in any way accurate then its more likely than not that the rest of these “global infections” were politically engineered ( not significantly present in the first place) as a “opportunistic” way to destroy economies/supply chains to bring about forced socialism.

    It could even be stretched into a depopulation agent.

    One thing for sure is that Covid is as much ( or more) a political agent as it is a bio agent.

      The way that sooo many governments responded makes me think it was all intentional and planned. The populists were getting uppity and a crackdown was needed.

The US is in fact partly to blame. Fauci continues to fund the Wuhan lab.

Not included in that funding is NY-based EcoHealth’s funding for gain-of-function research the Fauci insists is not gain-of-function even though it fits HIS EXPLICIT definition.

The release of Covid certainly originated from the Wuhan lab but its origins are largely US-Canada based. The same apparently with the Not-Monkey Pox.

At the speed of a snail moving across a glacier, the vile Leftists and Democrats have shifted from their manifestly idiotic “wet market” Wuhan virus release theory, dragged begrudgingly, kicking and screaming, to the “lab leak” theory. Intentional release by the Chinese communist leadership will be the final, predictable revelation.

    taurus the judge in reply to guyjones. | June 20, 2022 at 10:09 am

    The real question is this

    Was it a “leak” or a deployment?

    I’m convinced it was a deployment.

      If it was a leak, it backfired. Of course, that leak has helped to address the excessive demand problem in their economy since they shut everything down.

        China is now the only country still suffering large numbers of Covid deaths. The new “Great Leap Forward” where 40-60 million Chinese died under Mao. China runs a “demand side” economy where too much demand means too many people. What’s killing off 10% of your population when there are 1.5 billion Chinese?

          taurus the judge in reply to Pasadena Phil. | June 20, 2022 at 11:55 am

          Honestly, I question the accuracy (truth actually) in that claim of all those “alleged” Covid deaths.

          And if there are than many “deaths”- is Covid ( or any natural thing) responsible?

          @taurus: If not the Covid infection itself, the lock downs contribute mightily to the mortality stats. Just in the US, suicides and suspension of medical treatment for anything but Covid to make room in the hospitals may have caused more deaths than Covid itself. In China, they aren’t even allowed to leave their homes where many are starving. Whatever the numbers are, we can’t trust anyone’s numbers. I am trying to work my way through the various excess mortality statistics reports coming out. I’m not sure I even know how to navigate the numbers.

          taurus the judge in reply to Pasadena Phil. | June 20, 2022 at 12:25 pm

          @ Phil

          I have worked on several projects in China and am familiar with lots of the geography the further one gets away from Beijing. China’s people are greatly spread out ( many over deserts and mountains) the closer you get to India and Mongolia.

          I question not only the validity of those numbers but what the true virulence would be because there is little interaction between those communities and if it spread like that there would be tracing to contact portals such as busses and trains.

          There doesn’t seem to be ( at least reported)

          I agree entirely the lockdowns had both physical and emotional contributions to this ( along with economic impact)- I am certain that was all part of the plan.

          I personally believe the numbers are deliberately skewed at several levels with the sole intent to make legitimate analysis impossible.

          henrybowman in reply to Pasadena Phil. | June 20, 2022 at 5:44 pm

          “What’s killing off 10% of your population when there are 1.5 billion Chinese?”

          A crematory capacity emergency, for one thing.

        taurus the judge in reply to Pasadena Phil. | June 20, 2022 at 11:23 am

        Personally, I don’t buy the “leak” version and never did. (leak being defined as an accidental release external to a facility)

        In my career, I deal with all kinds of toxic substances and chemical plants. I also dealt with live NBC agents militarily and have been at every level of the equipment, processes, containment, decon and everything else.

        Contrary to Hollywood movies, unless this leak was in the tens of thousands of cubic feet ( for an airborne agent) or tens of thousands of liters ( for a contact agent)- there is not a viable transfer model showing how it got from there to here. ( and everywhere else)

        The agent is NOT that “tough” ( able to survive outside a host) and not that virulent.

        The agent proper is also not that deadly.

        This is (and was) a manufactured scamdemic based on a harsh flu strain.

        That’s the bottom line.

Juris Doctor | June 20, 2022 at 10:31 am

There is more scientific evidence that Covid arose naturally and passed to humans through pangolins than there is for the kooky “ leaked from a lab” conspiracy..

Colonel Travis | June 20, 2022 at 10:56 am

Oh look, you found a study by Chinese researchers ifrom May 2020.

It’s difficult to stop the laughter…

E Howard Hunt | June 20, 2022 at 11:42 am

The news on COVID’s origins is decidedly slanted.

I think it leaked somehow from the lab; and press indicates the lab had research financed by the USA. After Fauci apparently lied about the latter up, down and sideways, why didn’t China say the following ….. “We have investigated it and now believe it resulted from an accidental leak from a lab with research financed by the USA.” Why wouldn’t China think that would have a decent outcome for them relative to the US government?

    taurus the judge in reply to jb4. | June 20, 2022 at 3:32 pm

    No jb, it didn’t. Let me explain why that’s six inches short of impossible.

    (First, No I have never been to that lab but I have been in the facilities with live Chem/bio agents here as well as chemicals/drugs and food processing too- in terms of construction, safeguards and processes- they are all very similar)

    First, “leak” is a media term and nebulous-lets call it what it is- a RELEASE (controlled or uncontrolled- yet to be determined)

    Second, we must remove acts of sabotage and industrial accident ( pipe rupture etc.) because nothing was reported as such.

    From that baseline- In a facility that is all but airtight, has decon protocols, cameras everywhere, controlled access, detailed processes, overpressure and filtration controls and more…

    The odds of a release in sufficient volume to “accidentally” spread globally are statistically impossible.

    Even if there was a voluminous release of agents ( think several in the former Soviet Union even including Chernobyl)- it is largely localized and leaves a decisive trail to the point of origin.

    Its an inescapable fact of physics that there will be a cratering effect at ground zero.

    The stories and claims ( from the media) don’t line up with the known facts regarding what would have had to happen to achieve the “reported results)

    Not enough “cause” for the known end effect and too many “coincidences” and failures of “proven processes” to not be suspicious.

      henrybowman in reply to taurus the judge. | June 20, 2022 at 6:03 pm

      “From that baseline- In a facility that is all but airtight, has decon protocols, cameras everywhere, controlled access, detailed processes, overpressure and filtration controls and more…”

      You make these people sound like Andromeda Strain scientists outfitted like Apollo astronauts and doing research with shiny, polished hi-tech equipment… instead of the actual “staff” we can see in photos, crowdprocessing dangerous bio materials like drunken trailer trash sorting illegal narcotics into street packets.

        Wuhan was a US-supported lab. It makes perfect sense that there were elaborate, sophisticated safety protocols in place. To me, the most incriminating evidence making a case for strategic release is that once the virus was on the loose in Wuhan, it is Wuhan Province that was quarantined to protect the rest of China, Yet, the government did not restrict international travel to/from Wuhan which is how the Wuhan Flu spread in the first place. Why not? Has anyone asked? Has China responded? Maybe we should ask the Malthusians at the WEF?

        taurus the judge in reply to henrybowman. | June 21, 2022 at 7:30 am

        @ Henry

        I grant you it can reasonably sound like that but only to people who get their knowledge from Hollywood or Google and never actually have been there and done it and have worked with it

        Anecdotal internet pictures and smart assed comments don’t change the literal accuracy of a single word I said either. Let me explain further and allow people to connect the dots.

        In any given scenario- the facility hardness ( that’s everything from resistance to attack , physical security, containment protocols even to “nuclear decontamination” in the event it is required) is directly related to the agent (s), quantities and its properties. (and other considerations)

        Even in places like Redstone and Dugway- that “pasture land” on top of them is for the animals to be used to monitor for leaks and lots of cats ( cats have a nerve system virtually identical to humans so they show nerve agents almost identically to us)- all part of that “serene” security and containment.

        That’s an intel point because since the lab is in their house (so to speak) the greatest damage from any “release” is ON THEM. (common sense dictates that)

        So, if “the agent in question” is a weak one and its just research- you can expect less severe protocols and measures for obvious reasons. The risk is minimal if there is a release ( Risk Based Protocols)

        If the agent in question is one capable of mass casualties and ending the world like 12 monkeys then you can expect the Star Trek package.

        So, look at the “alleged” facility that did this release ( from all reports very low tech)- that alone tells one the “true” extent of danger of the Covid agent.

        That alone then tells one the true amount of “hype” into creating a scamdemic that never existed in the first place.

        Another point on this “lab”.

        That’s another very nebulous term. was this “lab” for tactical research, for “farming” ( growing agents for further study) or for actual manufacturing for deployment?

        From the size ( and my experience) at best this was a research facility ( like a small facility) so its reasonable to believe that only small concentrations of agent existed there so even a full release would have a minimal effect when released into the “Earth” per se. Even the Sverdlovsk Anthrax release had immediate local casualties and decon efforts to contain and was localized.

        Yet an isolated lab in the middle of BF China contaminated the Earth in mere days? There was no mass Chinese reaction and lockdown?

        Connect the dots.

henrybowman | June 20, 2022 at 3:08 pm

“the Director-General of the World Health Organization privately believes the covid pandemic started following a leak from a Chinese laboratory.”

Ghebreyesus didn’t privately kill himself.