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Southern California Water District Installing Flow Restrictors in Homes of “Water Wasters”

Southern California Water District Installing Flow Restrictors in Homes of “Water Wasters”

More ridiculousness in the ultimate nanny state

While the rest of the country endures Bidenflation, supply chain crises, and baby formula shortages, Californians now get to shoulder an additional burden: Government-imposed restrictions on our water use.

Not content with simply denying the construction of desalination plants or plowing under dams, green-justice bureaucrats in one Golden State water district are installing flow restriction devices on residences deemed to be ‘wasting water‘.

The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District began installing water flow restrictors Wednesday, and so far, four have been installed.

Customers who were warned and continued to use more water than was recommended are getting these installed.

The flow restrictor device is about the size of a half dollar with a hole in it.

Without a flow restrictor, water flows normally. Once it has been installed, a considerable amount of water is reduced.

The device isn’t going to solve the fact that the state’s water infrastructure is corroding and not being properly developed to align with residential, industrial, and agricultural needs. The installations are being done to ‘send a message” under the banner of environmental righteousness.

The device, about the size of half a dollar, reduces the amount of water a home can use by a “considerable amount” and would remain in place at each home for at least two weeks, according to the outlet. Those who remove the devices will be fined $2,500.

Mike McNutt with the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District told KABC that he hopes the devices will show residents that officials will not tolerate residents using too much water during a severe drought.

“We had 20 and we dwindled down because, of course, there was people at the last minute that were saying we want to sign this commitment form so we only installed four,” McNutt said.

“We’re getting people to pay attention, and they’re saying we need to be part of the solution.”

Personally, if I were one of those homeowners, my property would be on the market the next day.

In fact, many are now heading for the green hills of Tennessee.

U-Haul, one of the nation’s largest moving rental companies, compiles a lot of statistics to keep track of their moving trucks.

Their reports show in the past two years, more people leaving California than moving here.And the most one-way trips? California to Tennessee, where greater Nashville appears to be transforming into one big California cul-de-sac.

They call it the Music City, and the music is everywhere. But Nashville, the heart of country music, is changing fast. Residents joke that the construction crane is the new state bird and the real estate market in middle Tennessee is on fire.

“Obviously politics sometimes can bring people into different states, but one thing we are seeing is people from Southern California,” said Riley King, a Nashville real estate broker.

The data suggest that when you make taxpayers into environmental criminals because they want to water their gardens, even if they are willing to pay extra to do so, those taxpayers will actually head to places where those taxes are used for….water infrastructure projects.

Who knew????


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A flow restrictor such as this make cause dishwashers and clothes washing machines to stop running. Our old pipes acted like a flow restrictor, and our new clothes washer kept stopping running and gave an error code for low water pressure. The repairman told us to replace a couple of the worst pipes, and that fixed it. I bet some of these targeted people will have problems!

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to OldProf2. | June 8, 2022 at 10:05 pm

    “ I bet some of these targeted people will have problems!”

    It’s for the greater good.

    /must I?

    geronl in reply to OldProf2. | June 8, 2022 at 10:15 pm

    Install a water tank just for the washing machine.

      ThePrimordialOrderedPair in reply to geronl. | June 8, 2022 at 10:42 pm

      You have to go through a full background check and there is a mandatory 2 year waiting period for purchasing a water tank, if your application is approved.

      Guardian79 in reply to geronl. | June 9, 2022 at 9:35 am

      In some jurisdictions in the western states, there are actual restrictions on water collection and water tanks. I know in Washington state, you are not allowed to collect rain water because rain water feeds the streams and rivers where salmon spawn. Of course, that’s if you choose to follow those regulations.

        Please don’t rat me out, bro! 😉

        PS – you’d think if the state regulated rain-water collection, they would prohibit rain water barrel sales!

          Another Voice in reply to MrE. | June 10, 2022 at 5:13 pm

          In the same way NY State bans stores using retail plastic shopping bags.
          But go down aisle 13 on the left you can find 8 ft’ of 5 high shelving with every type of plastic bag made. Go figure!

        Tionico in reply to Guardian79. | June 9, 2022 at 7:28 pm

        that’s just the fable they concocted to “justify” the prohibition. The REAL reason in most if those places is that they don’tlike the competition If yu collect yuor own rainwater they can’t supply that to you. Some of those same areas will FORCE you to shut down your well, that yoiu’ve had fir decades, to force you to buy their treated unhealthy water. Most of those water districes are cash cows for the gummit agency that runs them. Sort of like padding a union job and the pensions. I know folks who have been forced off their own onsite sourcing, their bill is insane. Crzy ting, with onsite septic, the water still goes down into the ground on site, so the source of it is not important. Its ALL still gonna percolate down intn YOUR dirt.

        Nannies gotta nannie. Everyday every night.

    Grant’sGhost in reply to OldProf2. | June 9, 2022 at 1:11 am

    Gooder and harder. The absolute ironing is had their not been massive public works in the 40s and 50s no one would be living in California today. All those water projects have allowed the population to expand. But now they are evil…. Perhaps if we didn’t let so many immigrants in we wouldn’t need as much infrastructure? Or another words when intersectionalities collide!

    Guardian79 in reply to OldProf2. | June 9, 2022 at 9:38 am

    While I loved the weather and environment of the western coastal states, the one thing that annoyed me was the water flow restrictions. It took me twice as long to take a shower because the water flow was so low. To get the shampoo out of my hair was a chore.

    dmacleo in reply to OldProf2. | June 9, 2022 at 11:11 am

    they can also make on demand hot water heaters (especially LNG/LPG ones) to not fire correctly and create a safety hazard.

      Another Voice in reply to dmacleo. | June 10, 2022 at 5:33 pm

      Perhaps not in Cal., but here in the northeast, those on demand hot water heaters take a large amount of water till it draws hot. The demand for hot water is a call to start heating moving cold water, but time is required to bring that moving water up to temp. That is a large amount of water in an open line to clear before you get usage of the optimal tempered water. In the use of a dishwasher, you need to open the hot water tap at the kitchen sink ( the same line the dishwasher is connected to) and when the tap water is hot you can turn on the dishwasher. Even if the dishwasher has a preheating element, it is not enough draw to compensate for amount of water coming in to get to tepid. The upside, in a smaller home with one or two people, it is a cost savings as opposed to keeping water at max. temp. for normal daily needs.


Subotai Bahadur | June 8, 2022 at 10:00 pm

As a Coloradan, anything that cuts off water to coastal California is a good thing.

Subotai Bahadur

The Gentle Grizzly | June 8, 2022 at 10:04 pm

We already have floor restricted showerheads, bathroom faucets, and kitchen faucets. Now instead of 30 seconds to rinse out my shampoo it takes a minute. Same amount of water. Rather than taking 30 seconds to put 6 quarts of water into a pot to make pasta, it takes longer than that to get the same 6 quarts. I don’t see is these things do any good.

Don’t worry we will have gas and food rationing soon enough too.

    SeiteiSouther in reply to geronl. | June 9, 2022 at 11:47 am

    Ah yes, hearkening back to my childhood days of gas rationing. Such fun times.

      Tionico in reply to SeiteiSouther. | June 9, 2022 at 7:51 pm

      I lived in British Columbia during those days. We had all the fuel we ever wanted to pump into our tanks.
      Brother bot married during that time, in San Francisco. I had a rattly old Mercedes diesel that got above 40 mpg. How to avoid the long lines and limits, though? Solution.. neighbour was breaking up an old schoolbus, I took the 35 gallon tank, fter measuring it to assure it would fit into the boot, chocked it solidly into the boot, dropped an electric fuel pump next to the tank, ran a wire from an unused switch on the fascia….. whenever I noticed the guage was showing down toward quarter tank in the original I flipped that switch until the guage showed 3/4 tank. Made it from Vancouver BC down to the wedding, knocked about for a wile afterward, then drove home. Still had plenty of fuel when I returned. Happened onto a small out of the way fueling station in the hilly part of Sithern Oregon they let me pumpa few gallons in, and their price was not much worse than back home. Who needs lines? But the thing that struck me was that up in BC we never had lines, no closed stations, all the fuel we wanted, the only thing was that the price was up about fifteen cents the gallon over the “situation”.

The problem is that people from California, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois move to places like Tennessee, Florida, and Texas, then proceed to vote for the same stupid policies that made them want to move in the first place.

    I hear that tired old claim too often, and all those destination states are still red, save a few metro areas that have been historically blue. Is there any historical demographic data that correlates lib-state influx to political shift in red states? I ask because my neighbor, a refugee from So. Cal., is a conservative. He left Cali because of leftist crap. This area, while WA and cumulatively leftist, is in fact conservative. Our district is leftist only because the b’tards have gerrymandered us with the retards in Olympia. I guarantee you, if ever I have enough that moving is the only choice, I won’t be voating for what I’m moving away from. Also, I believe I’ve heard Gov. Abbot talk about this subject and that it doesn’t take long for the influx of refugees from the left to figure out it’s right policies and way of life that made their new home a place of refuge in the first place. The increase of black conservatives, and hispanic conservatives angered over hte border situation, that suggests that old trope is not as iron clad as people would have us believe.

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | June 8, 2022 at 10:41 pm

Customers who were warned and continued to use more water than was recommended are getting these installed.

Somehow, “recommended” doesn’t seem like the correct word, here.

    As for the [videogame] “violence rating system”… the president thanked the industry for adopting such a system voluntarily, as had been requested by him and the first lady. Their reward for complying voluntarily? The government will now impose on them a better, federal system. See how it pays to cooperate?

    When one considers the suitable application of the hammer as an essential tool for a complete installation, it does fit.

There is a development east of Sequim where I looked for a house. The home owners assoc web site posted a spreadsheet with owner information that was not protected in any way from view / download. It incuded monthly water use and other sensitive owner info (name, phone, email, household members, etc.). Strangely, the street names are America Blvd, Independence Dr, Patriot Way, and Liberty Way.

The juxtaposition of nanny state BS and street names blows the mind. On the flip side, we made national news for our QAnon mayor.

    Tionico in reply to MrE. | June 9, 2022 at 7:58 pm

    Must be in Jefferson County, They are wannabee socialists refugees from Seattle area,. Tjey behave like the creatures in So California who moved into the subdivisions along the fight path of LAX, then sued because of the noise……. and WON.

      East Clallam Co., just outside Sequim city limits – think Blyn/Gardiner-ish. About Jefferson Co. – I had a too weird experience with them today. I had booked my wife and I into a restort at Pt. Ludlow and a spa for some massage and pampering for our anniversary. My wife looked at the web site today and noticed that the spa requires masking. Like we want to wear masks while getting a massage and facials/wraps. I didn’t see that at all when making the reservation a couple months ago. And then the restaurant at the resort has a “vaccinated only” requirement despite that being lifted a couple months ago by the county health Nazi. The spa wasn’t budging, so we cancelled all their services and lodging. Their stubborn mask/vax policies just cost them $1200+. I do not want to throw any business at mask/vax Nazis. We’ll just staycation now, do some hiking, dinners out, etc.

healthguyfsu | June 9, 2022 at 12:23 am

Something tells me that the lobbyists that line the pockets of these crooks won’t get restrictors on their uses.

    casualobserver in reply to healthguyfsu. | June 9, 2022 at 8:41 am

    Just a wild guess – homeowners in Beverly Hills, or Bel Air, or Marin, or LaJolla, or….probably will never see a restrictor either Their lawns are too important. It’s for the little people.

One suspects that headline should have read “installed flow restrictors on SOME water wasters” because I’ll bet a month’s pay that regulation isn’t being enforced in high dollar value neighborhoods where every house has a pool and sits on a golf course.

( I was going to use a Beverly Hillbillies example i.e. the concrete pond but thought it would confuse the youngsters)

The democrats running California have run it into the ground – on purpose: to break the middle class.

California, under GOP and the more sane and competent democrat leadership of yore built water projects, making the Central Valley the breadbasket of America. Under democrat sabotage and incomptence, there hasn’t been a water project in California in DECADES! The leftists running California have their sights on the Central Valley farmers (always voting GOP) and will destroy them, and the farming in the Central Valley. The ruse is buying out farmers to ‘save water’.

California lawmakers mull buying out farmers to save water:

The Earth is a closed ecosystem: there is no such thing as ‘saving water’. Water just moves from on place on the Earth to the other, and there are seasonal droughts in the Southwest, many worse than the present drought (we’re talking 20, 30 years ago). But the dream of the California left is to turn the farming land into high-density housing (after destroying suburbia).

    Tney started that project a couple decades back by ordering mazzillions of acre-feet of water to get dumped out into SF Bay because of a wierd two inch fish. That meant that water, traditionally going into the Central Valley for farming, could no longer flow for the crops. They (the libruls) worshipped the fish and starved out the poeple. I’ve seen thousands of acres of mature bearing almod and orange trees getting knocked over with big Cats. As long as they were still standing, they were taxable as fruit trees. Knock them over they will dry up no taxes. But they couldnot grow anyting else on that ground, no water. So, the farms sold off, thousands of houses got :planted” and they use upmore water than the almond trees did. But people pay taxes, so they got (some) water. Meanwhile they are tearing out dams, have been removing storage berms and dams, letting it all run out to sea. No water to keep forsts lively, so tjey are dieing off, too, getting dried out. Making tings more lively than the Fourth of July at times……. Truly the chimpanzes are running the zoo.

Later they won’t get electricity either. At some point there won’t be a point.

    WestRock in reply to ghost dog. | June 9, 2022 at 7:02 am

    ghost dog, I was getting ready to post that. Controlling electricity is what they really want, but people aren’t moving quickly enough to electric cars.

    Gas gives us more freedom because it isn’t as directly regulated as electric utilities. Besides digital currency (which can also be reduced to a trickle if you don’t obey our overlords) electricity can also be used as a weapon by our masters.

    When the majority are driving electric cars then the brownouts and blackouts will start. People will moan and cry and Dear Leader will tell us to move to the bright shiny city where we can work close to home and/or take mass transit to our work camps.

    The democrats (okay, they are more like fascistic authoritarians) want us where they can control us physically, financially, and through fear.

    I feel sorry for the kids and grandkids of the idiotic friends and relatives we grew up with. Why have they all lost their minds and support (or fail to see) this?? Its mind boggling.

      henrybowman in reply to WestRock. | June 9, 2022 at 10:45 am

      They’re cutting off their dinguses to be trendy, and you expect them to understand Austrian economics?

2smartforlibs | June 9, 2022 at 7:23 am

Next will be smart meters for your power. Seems it was just a matter of time before the Obama era restrictions started.

I’m thankful every day that I have my home on 20 acres deep in the woods of a solid red state. As I have a well, my water is MINE..

Why stop there, mom? Why not install them ONLY on pipes running to homes that aren’t occupied by registered Democrats? That’ll learn them…

They need a more humane method of eliminating us.
Someone call ASPCH quick!

#FJB <-- Disco Stu_ | June 9, 2022 at 9:23 am

This can’t be the guy’s real name, can it?

“MIKE McNUTT with the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District”

The majority of my state is split between extreme and exceptional drought (which is why it’s burning down) and people tend not to look kindly upon people who move here and put in lawns, particularly if you’re on a community well. Sometimes there just isn’t enough water available for everyone to do whatever they want.

I live in Nashville. We are being overrun by Californians and other Blue State escapees. I just hope that while they’re driving up our real estate costs, they’re not also going to vote for politicians espousing the failed policies that are making California and New York expensive, dangerous hell holes. Oh, and that they learn some basic manners and driving courtesy. Like don’t cut me off when I’m hauling my horses and you’re driving a “Smart” Car that would fit in my flatbed with room to spare. Also, when the light is red, you don’t gun your car through it.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to RG37205. | June 10, 2022 at 5:03 pm

    Don’t drive your horse hauler 90 miles per in a 55 zone and hike up everyone’s ass with your F-whatever-50.