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Jewish Student Editor Calls Out the Harvard Crimson Over Embrace of Anti-Israel BDS Movement

Jewish Student Editor Calls Out the Harvard Crimson Over Embrace of Anti-Israel BDS Movement

“BDS student activism has been tied to antisemitic exclusion and violence on college campuses”

In recent years, the Harvard Crimson has embraced the far left position on Israel.

Gemma J. Schneider calls them out here:

I am a Jewish Crimson Editor, and I See the Writing on the Wall…of Resistance

“Zionism is Racism, Settler Colonialism, White Supremacy, Apartheid.”

On April 29, the Crimson Editorial Board, of which I am an associate editor, published a Staff Editorial that embraced these claims, which were plastered onto the Palestinian Student Committee’s “Wall of Resistance” at the time. The Board “proudly” endorsed the associated Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, while rendering the display a “colorful” and “spirited” emblem of “passion.” The article made no mention of the fact that BDS student activism has been tied to antisemitic exclusion and violence on college campuses.

Having missed the meeting where the Board shifted its stance on BDS, I’ve spent an embarrassing number of hours puzzling over the decision, attempting to make sense of the Board’s reasoning. Yet the more I read the Staff Editorial, the more muddled its logic seemed to become. The Board, seemingly seduced by the “colorful” Wall of Resistance, directs virtually no attention to any concrete or balanced exploration of the conflict, instead evading it by stating that we “can’t nuance away” Palestinians’ lived realities. And eventually, after having evaded all precision and nuance, it blindly accepts BDS’s flawed, factually misleading mission.

And now, BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti has authored a Crimson letter to the editor that repeats a host of deceptive anti-Zionist talking points, recycling references to what others have dubbed “Jewish supremacy” while highlighting reports that characterize the Israeli-Palestinian relationship as a racial dispute. These declarations aren’t just wildly distorted; they’re dangerous. They paint a reductive portrait of the Jewish state, demonizing the nation and delegitimizing its very existence. But they are also provocative, evoking emotion, and are cloaked with a blanket of resonant humanitarian claims. For unknowing onlookers with a taste for justice, that seems to be all that matters.

This slick dynamic, I’ve come to realize, captures the essence — and the dangerous “artistry” — of the broader BDS movement.


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JackinSilverSpring | June 26, 2022 at 4:18 pm

Analytical thinking has gone out of style in most present day colleges. It begs the question of why anyone should want to attend these mind numbing institutions.

Excellent analysis, thorough research and articulation of the antisemitic BDS movement on campus. Gemma is brave to speak out. Bravo!