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Community College in Tennessee Going Virtual One Day a Week Due to High Gas Prices

Community College in Tennessee Going Virtual One Day a Week Due to High Gas Prices

“Our schedule for fall semester classes has not changed”

It’s insane that it’s coming to this point. Gas prices are completely out of control.

Campus Reform reports:

College students go remote due to high gas prices

Southwest Tennessee Community College has instituted “virtual Fridays” for the summer semester in an attempt to save students and faculty pain at the pump due to record-high gas prices.

“The well-being of our students and employees is a top priority at Southwest Tennessee Community College,” a college spokesperson told Campus Reform.

“We are an engaged community with a culture of caring that understands their needs and challenges,” the spokesperson continued. “When gas prices began to escalate, we know students and employees would be significantly impacted.”

Virtual Fridays began on May 27 and will extend through Aug. 12.

According to its website, “normal operations” are scheduled to resume on Aug. 15. However, these dates may be subject to change if gas prices do not decrease.

The college spokesperson told Campus Reform that the college currently does not plan on going remote in the fall.

“Our schedule for fall semester classes has not changed,” the spokesperson assured.

However, WREG Memphis reports that this may be changed if the cost of gas does not decrease.

As of Tuesday, the average cost of gas in Tennessee is $4.28, according to AAA.

That price is $0.33 cheaper than the national average, which rose to approximately $4.60 as of May 27.

The current 8.3% inflation is at a 40-year high.

Increased costs have caused pain for students across the country, and students reported to Campus Reform that they have sought alternative methods of transportation to save themselves pain at the pump.


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My CC has had few Friday classes, especially in the summer, for more than a decade. I doubt this is having much impact on students. It’s not a popular time for students anyway.