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Essay: How Jewish Support for ‘Anti-Racism’ Empowered Anti-Semitism

Essay: How Jewish Support for ‘Anti-Racism’ Empowered Anti-Semitism

“The moral panic that the murder of Floyd set off has empowered radicals”

This is a very interesting point of view, on a topic which is becoming more serious all the time.

Jonathan S. Tobin writes at the Jewish News Syndicate:

How Jewish support for ‘anti-racism’ empowered anti-Semitism

Did the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis policeman on May 25, 2020, awaken America to its sordid racial past and the need to correct present injustices? Or did the events of the summer of 2020 do more harm than good, both to racial minorities and society in general? In the days, weeks and months after Floyd’s fatal encounter with the police in Minneapolis, few were willing to raise questions about the surge of interest in addressing what some insisted was evidence of the systemic racism that was allegedly the primary characteristic of American society.

American Jews and their leading organizations were very much part of this. They were, for the most part, eager to lend their voices to the chorus of those calling for addressing the problem of racism and to engage in soul-searching about the community’s alleged failure to confront prejudice in its own institutions. Major groups like the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the Anti-Defamation League, as well as some of the major religious denominations, were also willing to lend support to a Black Lives Matter movement that had gone mainstream after spending its first years as a marginalized radical force.

Two years after Floyd’s death, no decent person would dispute that racism is real and does genuine harm. But to acknowledge the truth about America’s past and the persistence of prejudice should not be confused with the question of whether the charge of systemic racism is fair or whether the BLM movement is a positive force. The moral panic that the murder of Floyd set off has empowered radicals who have made American cities less safe and introduced toxic illiberal ideas into public schools about critical race theory and intersectionality that have made society more, rather than less, racist.

Read the whole thing.


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American Jews need to understand that leftists and Marxists are not their friends, but are just using them to provide political cover and financial support. But young Black Americans are the ones who suffer the most from the political changes brought about by the BLM and Antifa riots.

The simple fact is that after George Floyd’s death and all the policing changes that were made in response to it, the number of young black males who have been murdered has skyrocketed.

Look at the numbers in Chicago and other left-wing cities. Most of the murder victims are young Black gang members, but many women and children have died in the crossfire.

JackinSilverSpring | May 26, 2022 at 12:59 pm

Many if not most of the American Jews of which Tobin speaks are Jews by an accident of birth. They have long since traded in the Torah of Moses for the ideology of Leftism.

When the left says “antiracism” they really mean hate all the evil white people

The ADL isn’t so much for Jews as it is for progressivism, which has always been anti-Semitic and, hilariously for the ADL, pro-Islam.

The Jewish organizations support for BLM etal has diminished my respect for them. Perhaps their historical memories make that reasonable, but today, they are mostly socialists wanting control by guilting (new verb?) the rest of we mixed breeds in America and voting for Schumer.

DelightLaw1 | May 27, 2022 at 11:44 am

The black radical anti-racist movement, a’la BLM, etc., while paying lip-service to Jewish orgs and gladly taking their $$$, despises them as much, if not more, than they do any other white peoples.
On the whole, they represent the three attributes that define their most hated targets: White, Wealthy, Successful.
When the money dries up, or they no longer need it, they’ll turn on them faster than a speeding bullet.

Here is my reaction

1. The amount of Orthodox Jewish support was exactly zero. If the Orthodox Jewish community was the size of the African American community Republican politicians would all be required to ace a course on the Talmud before running for office. Even among secular Jews they are more likely to be Republican than some Asian communities.

2. DUH-I have been saying for some time we the Jews are successful in every way both in America, and Europe and Israel by size and resources isn’t just more successful than it should be it is one of the worlds most successful countries. Yes anti-racism requires anti-Semitism.

3. “Leading organizations”???????????? So Orthodox Jews consider institutions like the ADL as something other than anti-Jewish??????? I am not attacking this because I disagree things like the ADL have actively helped fuel the rise of anti-Semitism by fueling “anti-racism” but calling it the Jews institution would be at best a stretch.

Ignoring that they are actively anti-Jewish on a wide variety of issues (i.e. abortion and divorce) these are Democrat institutions that call themselves Jewish.

I do understand this is an article by a secular Jew for other Secular Jews to read so it has to acknowledge their default thoughts about old organizations they grew up trusting but realize there are other kinds of Jews and they have no connection to either the agenda of the left or any “Jewish” institutions in this country.

henrybowman | May 27, 2022 at 10:50 pm

“DUH-I have been saying for some time we the Jews are successful in every way”
“So Orthodox Jews consider institutions like the ADL as something other than anti-Jewish???????”

So you are Jewish, and yet do not realize that the ADL is an expressly Jewish organization?

    M Poppins in reply to henrybowman. | May 28, 2022 at 3:04 pm

    no, it’s “expressly Jewish” the way that. the Soviet slave states named “The People’s Democratic Republic” were Democratic, or Republics.