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Anti-Semitism is Becoming Mainstream in the Democratic Party

Anti-Semitism is Becoming Mainstream in the Democratic Party

“It is clear that anti-Semitism in the United States has become a social movement that is swiftly metastasizing into mainstream institutional politics.”

The progressive wing of the Democratic party doesn’t even try to hide it.

Benjamin Kerstein writes at the Jewish News Syndicate:

The emergence of the Congressional Pogrom Caucus

A prominent editor of a Jewish publication once pointed out to me that the United States had never seen the emergence of a mainstream and institutionalized anti-Semitic politics. My response was simple: Not yet. A few months ago, he wrote me and said that—unhappily—I had been proven right.

I take no pleasure in being right, but there is also no sense in denying it. It is clear that anti-Semitism in the United States has become a social movement that is swiftly metastasizing into mainstream institutional politics. It has captured large sections of the Democratic Party, especially its progressive wing, and essentially taken over America’s institutions of higher learning. It is ubiquitous in the activism that drives left-wing politics in the U.S. It has taken to the streets in the form of the May 2021 pogrom committed by Muslim-Americans. And it has now entered Congress, the citadel of American democracy itself.

The entrance of systemic anti-Semitism into mainstream national politics marked a milestone this week when Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) introduced a House resolution demanding official recognition of the Nakba—a term used to lament the Arabs’ failure to commit genocide against the Jewish population of then-Palestine in 1947-48.

The resolution is too long for a full accounting here, but suffice it to say that it is an entirely predictable but nonetheless remarkable document. It is predictable in that it parrots almost word-for-word the rhetoric of hardline Palestinian nationalism—it is closer to Hamas than the Palestinian Authority—but also remarkable in its honesty.

In particular, it openly advocates the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state via the Palestinian “right of return.” It asserts that international law “recognizes that descendants of refugees retain their rights as refugees”; that “a just and lasting resolution requires respect for and the implementation of Palestine refugee rights”; and demands that the United States “support the implementation of Palestinian refugees’ rights.”


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I’m not certain I know how to say this politely, but you’re slow. “… mainstream and institutionalized anti-Semitic politics” has been highly obvious to this person, this dullest of observers, sometime shortly prior to 2008 when Barack Hussein Obama II began his run for the presidency in earnest.

This is an extraordinary claim and document, and such things require
extraordinary evidence. Why is it when I try to find this resolution
at the Congress’ website I find this instead:

H.R.1123 Veteran Suicide Prevention Act

Have I made some sort of mistake searching for this resolution? I have
seen in the past that there is sometimes a delay between introduction
of a bill and the text appearing on Congress’ site. I would hope that
Rep Garbarino would strongly object to a “gut and amend” of his bill
with posted text. Perhaps the bill was rejected by the House as being inappropriate, and never made it on to Congress’ website?

What, sir, was your source for this document? If it is anonymous, how are you any different than the “newspapers” shilling for the Clinton Campaign spreading the Russia Collusion fabrication?

Too many Americans (including moderate Democrats and many Jews) don’t want to believe that this is happening. The Democratic Party is being subverted by the heritors of Wilhelm Marr, Georg von Schönerer, Edouard Drumont, Oswald Mosley, Father Coughlin, and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem: founders and perpetrators of modern racial & political antisemitism. In their zeal to avoid being labeled “racists” by the far left, liberals are acceding to a supposedly “even-handed” approach to the Palestinian cause which is nothing more than Jew-hatred in a new guise.