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Vanderbilt University Provides Social Justice Resources to Help Students Deal With ‘Systemic Racism’

Vanderbilt University Provides Social Justice Resources to Help Students Deal With ‘Systemic Racism’

“The campus also boasts a Black Cultural Center, which offers trainings”

Are we to believe that Vanderbilt University is such a hotbed of racism?

The College Fix reports:

Vanderbilt pushes social justice resources to help students deal with ‘systemic racism’

Vanderbilt University has launched a new website that lists the parade of resources it offers to connect students with social justice-based opportunities, resources and counseling.

“Vanderbilt’s Student Care Network recognizes that our Black students are struggling with systemic racism in our society. We recognize that our Asian students are also experiencing discrimination, distress, and prejudice arising from the COVID-19 pandemic,” the website states.

The site, rolled out April 7, plugs the Social Justice CARE program, which stands for Community, Action, Restoration and Education. It gives students access to a vast array of resources regarding social justice issues, restoration and self-care, and education at the private, Tennessee-based campus.

“We recognize that so many other students of marginalized identities have been and continue to experience anguish and harm from conscious and subconscious bias as well,” the website states.

“The Student Care Network strongly condemns and rejects acts of racism, police brutality, violence toward Black people, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, and classism.”

In addressing these issues, the website offers resources to direct students toward “affirming community” and “deepening self care.”

For example, the initiative features “Identity Drop-In Consultations,” which sorts students with counselors according to race and sexuality. The website argues these identity-based consultations exist to give students an “affirming space.”

Among the identities listed for specialized counseling are: student athletes; Black students; LGBTQIA+ students; Asian Pacific students; international students; and neurodiverse students.

Additional resources include: affinity groups for racial minorities; emotional and sexual assault support programs; financial counseling; substance abuse screenings; and counseling for a variety of disorders.

The campus also boasts a Black Cultural Center, which offers trainings and “critical dialogues.”

Vanderbilt’s media relations department did not respond to a request for comment.


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The Gentle Grizzly | April 25, 2022 at 8:22 am

A “Black” cultural center. I guess a white one would be racist.

Just what we need, lifetime revenue for “grief” counselors and a bunch of basket case minorities who blame everything from sidewalks being white to the air not being dark enough via psychobabble.

Do they address the issues of black on black violence which constitutes 90% of the incidents, or is it only important when whitey does it? When blacks finally admit that in this day and age that “they” are their own worst enemy, then things will get better. But, it is the goal of every race baiter to deflect the attention away from the real source.

I’m glad Vanderbilt is facing its inherent racism. ‘Cause if they say they’re racist, I believe them. And, instead of ofering resources o deal with it, I think Vanderbilt University should just stop it.

Can I get a grant from Vanderbilt to study systemic stupidity on college campuses? There’s actually evidence for that.

“neurodiverse”? Does this mean mentally disturbed? If so, must be quite a line outside that door.