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Ukraine Updates: Russia Ticked at Biden’s Genocide Comment, Fighters Defending Mariupol

Ukraine Updates: Russia Ticked at Biden’s Genocide Comment, Fighters Defending Mariupol

Yikes, dude. French President Macron said, “Ukrainians and Russians are brotherly peoples.”

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden said, “I called it genocide because it’s become clearer and clearer that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is just trying to wipe out even the idea of being Ukrainian.”

The comment ticked off the Kremlin, who called it unacceptable.

Then there’s French President Emmanuel Macron. He refuses to use the term genocide but said Ukrainians and Russians are “brotherly peoples.” That is the exact opposite of what Ukrainians want the world to believe. They want it known that they are their own people, culture, and society.

Finland Will Make NATO Decision Soon

Russia has warned Finland over and over not to join NATO. Has Russia forgotten that Finland owns Russia? Finland doesn’t care and will make a decision soon to join NATO:

Finland should prepare for possible changes on its Russia border, although the military situation there currently remains calm, Defence Minister Atti Kaikkonen said on Wednesday.

Finland will make a decision about whether to apply to join the 30-member Nato alliance in the next few weeks, Prime Minister Sanna Marin told reporters in Stockholm on Wednesday.

“There are different perspectives to apply (for) Nato membership or not to apply and we have to analyze these very carefully,” Ms Marin told reporters in a joint news conference with her Swedish counterpart.

“But I think our process will be quite fast, it will happen in weeks.”

Ukraine Denies Fighters Surrendered Mariupol

Russia says fighters surrendered Mariupol. Others said they haven’t:

Units of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade, defending Mariupol, besieged by Russian invaders, broke through to join forces with the Azov Regiment, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovych said.

“In Mariupol, units of the 36th Marine Brigade, as a result of a complex and very risky maneuver, broke through to connect with the Azov regiment, which professionally provided this event,” Arestovych wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

He said that the results of the breakthrough are that Azov received significant reinforcements, the 36th brigade avoided defeat in parts and received additional serious opportunities, “actually gained a second chance”, the defenders of the city, now together, seriously strengthened their defense area.

“In general, the city’s defense system has grown and strengthened. This is what happens when officers do not lose their temper, but firmly maintain control of the troops. Let’s not lose ours’. The army knows what it is doing,” Arestovych said.

Biden Says Genocide, Macron is Meh, and Kremlin is Mad

French President Emmanuel Macron, who is facing a tense run-off with Marine Le Pen, refused to use genocide:

“I would say that Russia unilaterally unleashed the most brutal war, that it is now established that war crimes were committed by the Russian army and that it is now necessary to find those responsible and make them face justice,” Mr Macron said.

“It’s madness what’s happening, it’s incredibly brutal,” he added.

“But at the same time, I look at the facts and I want to try as much as possible to continue to be able to stop this war and to rebuild peace. I’m not sure that verbal escalations serve this cause,” he said.

Mr Macron said it was best to be “careful” with the terminology on genocide in this situations, especially as “the Ukrainians and Russians are brotherly peoples”.

Oh, man. “Brotherly peoples.” Why not give Putin more justification to absorb Ukraine? Dang.

The Kremlin spit on Putin:

The Kremlin said Wednesday it was “unacceptable” for US President Joe Biden to accuse Moscow’s troops of committing genocide in Ukraine, where Russia has been conducting a military campaign for nearly two months.

“We categorically disagree and consider unacceptable any attempt to distort the situation in this way,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.


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The news on Ukraine is much like the stock market—wide fluctuations up and down every day. It’s not a good practice to look at your stocks everyday or you may become an impulsive trader. To see the big picture you need to look at monthly or quarterly reports.

The Biden/Maidan/Slavic Spring. Eight years, over two years with the current regime… and illicit Wuhan-style labs, too.

Brandon needs to stop talking. This war will end. Loose words will need follow up if they are to have any meaning at all in the future.

    alaskabob in reply to Whitewall. | April 13, 2022 at 3:19 pm

    Wait until some night Brandon wakes up and thinks the nuclear football is “Joshua” and he wants to play “Global Thermonuclear War” just like in the movie.

    The “blog of war” is making this the classic mess where nothing can be certain and both sides are suspect. The people of Ukraine… not the political/oligarch class are suffering. “Ukraine on Fire” as a movie provides background information on the basis for this mess and is on Rumbl. Our political/oligarch class has responsibility for some of this… as FJoe Biden so readily admitted.

      Brandon wakes up with the football, or next to a young girl, and strokes “her”. The Supreme Court receives emanations from the penumbra and affirms his election.

      Peabody in reply to alaskabob. | April 13, 2022 at 8:54 pm

      “Wait until some night Brandon wakes up”

      Ha ha. That’s funny. Brandon doesn’t wake up at night. He is barely awake in the day and then only for a couple of hours. His down time is becoming longer and longer and his up time is getting shorter and shorter. But don’t worry Kamala can barely sleep at night. She’s like a little child waiting for Christmas.

bound and determined to draw us into a war. I remember when it was my job to kill any man/woman/child as I tried to escort lance missiles thru poland (if possible, else poland was the targets) to fire upon ukraine due to the very nukes the politicians played word games with to get the USA to cover the cost of removing those unstable nukes.
screw it. least I am not able to be draftedrecalledwhatever.

    Whitewall in reply to dmacleo. | April 13, 2022 at 3:33 pm

    When you were doing that, did you happen to see FJB riding a tank to the Crimean War?

      dmacleo in reply to Whitewall. | April 13, 2022 at 3:51 pm

      we had Dukakis in an M1A1 then. least he knew he was in a tank then, FJB would believe he was on a kiddie ride if the good Dr told him so over ice cream,

“Has Russia forgotten that Finland owns Russia?”

“The Kremlin spit on Putin:”
Pretty sure you meant Biden.

Macron is right. There is no genocide and using that term is a deliberate escalation, and could you use a more updated map (HistoryLegends on youtube would be a good place to start).

The term genocide does not apply to land grabs by one nation against another.

See Alan Dershowitz’ video on the subject if you don’t believe me.

    AnAdultInDiapers in reply to Danny. | April 13, 2022 at 5:23 pm

    Land grabs? No.
    Killing or forcibly relocating the civilian population? Yes.

    Which the Russian forces have been doing.

    Macron triggers all of my anti-French prejudices so I’ll refrain from further comment on him.

      Killing civilians is not genocide see Law Professor and expert Alan Dershowitz, people like you are cheapening the term to the point that every single nation that has ever gone to war did genocide.

      Macron unlike Biden and you is absolutely correct on the question of genocide and absolutely correct to be trying to de-escalate.

      Your idea that any war crime makes an aggressive war a genocide is based likely on a desire to own someone not something you actually believe and I don’t believe for a second you would even consider saying that if Ukraine wasn’t the current thing (and it is a standard I am 100% certain you will take back the moment Ukraine is no longer the current thing).

        AnAdultInDiapers in reply to Danny. | April 14, 2022 at 5:37 am

        You misrepresent my views. I am very capable of differentiating between a war crime – e.g. killing a Russian POW – and genocide – e.g. deliberately killing civilians to depopulate an area.

        While it doesn’t look like it’s necessarily the Russian Government’s policy there’s a lot of evidence that their troops are committing war crimes, and evidence of actual genocide.

        When a country has a track record of genocide (like Russia) and is seen committing the very same acts that created that record, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest that this may be happening again.

        As for Macron trying to de-escalate, there’s a reason the French are the butt of multiple jokes regarding their propensity to surrender.

          I absolutely represented your position correctly and no there is no genocide and no evidence of genocide and your claim there is amounts to an insult to every actual victim of genocide Armenian Genocide to Holocaust and onwards.

          Find me the Ukrainian who would trade life in occupied Kherson for life in Auschwitz and I will update my position.

          There is no genocide, evidence of a genocide, and by the way Zelensky has been using the term genocide from day one onwards.

          The only reason to use the term genocide is if you are a fan of starting the third world war and feel we have become too comfortable outside of nuclear fallout shelters.

          Yes the English speaking world has a traditional Francophobic outlook that has been that way since well forever. Doesn’t change that Macron is correct on the substance (does an aggressive war become a genocide because some units commit war crimes) and on the question of should he try de-escalation instead of hyper escalation.

          What this has told me is we in the West are lucky Joe Biden/The U.S. Government doesn’t have control over allies and that we have a France that still has prudence instead of reckless war mongering.

        AnAdultInDiapers in reply to Danny. | April 14, 2022 at 11:29 am

        Since I can’t reply to your latest post: No, you did not represent my position correctly. You claimed that I have the idea that any war crime makes an aggressive war a genocide.

        I did not say that. I do not say that. You’re tilting at strawmen.

        Meanwhile your claim that I’m insulting victims of the Armenian Genocide or the Holocaust are utter nonsense. Those victims would have loved somebody to recognise their plight well before millions were dead.

        This is evidence of genocide. You disagree, and you’re welcome to disagree, but there is evidence of genocide.

        Explicit evidence of Russian forces murdering civilians, something Russia actually admits to – their term is “denazification”. That is genocide.

        Explicit evidence of forced migration to depopulate occupied land, moving people out of Ukraine and into Russia. That is genocide.

        The only reason not to use the word genocide is if you’re scared of confronting murderous war criminals with the truth. I’ll take the risk of nuclear armageddon on that one, because to the victims, it makes no material difference.

          So any murder of civilians means it is a genocide? Ok that means every war in history was a genocide at which point the term has lost all of its intended meaning. Watch the Dershowitz video I linked.

          Second your only proof is propagandistic claims made by Ukraine. I would hate for you to be in charge of anything if you feel all it takes to be certain something is happening is have the accusation

          Third even if it was exactly as you claimed there is a term for that which isn’t genocide that you thought incorrectly you defined genocide does remove most if not all of your credibility on the term.

          And yes you are cheapning the term to the point of being meaningless, right after you denied that you define it as any civilian deaths you then “Explicit evidence of Russian forces murdering civilians, something Russia actually admits to – their term is “denazification”. That is genocide.” first Russia never admitted to deliberately targeting civilians and second you literally gave the definition you denied giving.

          Throwing the term genocide when it doesn’t belong does cheapen the real thing, and in addition it most definitely is reckless and politically stupid.

          Vive La France, I prefer my world World War Three Free.

          This is a leftist troll pushing the Overton window on genocide. We get it. We reject it.

“Genocide” is a stupid term in this context. It is a “war crime”, but I guess that doesn’t sound bad enough or something.

healthguyfsu | April 13, 2022 at 6:27 pm

Just another example of how Biden is a terrible POTUS with terrible handlers trying to write propaganda scripts.

You could definitely call it genocide, but you are going to invoke that word, you need to be ready to do something about it.

And blaming all of your failed policies on Russia is not doing something about it.

He committed two blunders in one statement and the American people know that he is FOS when he tries to equate the actions of Putin to these changes to our cost of living. Just wait until the tax increases come.

Is Biden and his foreign policy team retards?! I use the non-PC term because that is legitimately how pissed I am right now. This is literally the worst president and administration in the history of the US. They are doing their best to stoke WW3 instead of ending the conflict. Ridiculous.

    taurus the judge in reply to Guardian79. | April 14, 2022 at 10:21 am

    You answered your own question.

    They are not retards or stupid- they are deliberately using propaganda to shape opinion as a precursor to starting a war they desperately need for a multitude of reasons