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Registered Republican Voters Now Outnumber Democrats in Florida by Over 100,000

Registered Republican Voters Now Outnumber Democrats in Florida by Over 100,000

“There’s no beating around the fact this historic gain is because of Governor Ron DeSantis”

Registered Republican voters in Florida now outnumber Democrats in Florida by over 100,000. Can we now safely say that Florida is a red state?

Even if he benefits from it, Ron DeSantis deserves some credit for this.

FOX News reports:

Florida’s registered Republican voters outnumber Democrats by over 100K for first time

A red wave is brewing in Florida as registered Republican voters now outnumber Democrats by over 100,000 for the first time in the state’s history, according to data obtained by Fox News Digital.

At the end of 2021, Florida GOP’s voter registration numbers officially overtook the state Democratic Party, giving Republicans the lead in a state steadily shifting red.

Now, Republicans in Florida outnumber Democrats for the first time by over 100,000 voters, in both new registrants and party switches, according to internal numbers from Gov. Ron DeSantis’ re-election campaign exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital.

A spokesperson for DeSantis’ campaign told Fox News Digital that the surge in Republican voters broke 101,000 as of Tuesday morning.

“There’s no beating around the fact this historic gain is because of Governor Ron DeSantis,” Florida Republican Party executive director Helen Aguirre Ferré said in a statement to Fox News Digital. “Florida voters are appreciative of the palpable sense of freedom he has created in our state.”

“Unemployment is lower than the national average, our schools are open, there are no lockdowns, and there are no masks. Voters recognize the governor is a champion for families and businesses alike,” Aguirre Ferré continued. “Our voter registration numbers are impressive, but a 363,000 net change? That is unprecedented.”

It’s important to note that this happened as Democrats and the media defended Critical Race Theory in schools and misrepresented the Parental Rights Bill, which DeSantis had just signed into law.

Just a few months ago, at the turn of the year, the Republican voter advantage was less than 50K.

Scott Powers wrote at Florida Politics:

Republicans end 2021 with 43K voter registration advantage over Democrats

After overtaking the Florida Democratic Party in statewide voter registration in October, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) finished the year with a voter registration advantage over Democrats of more than 40,000.

Republicans’ milestone in 2021 was built on nearly a decade of steady progress. Democrats, meanwhile, secured big increases during former President Barack Obama’s two campaigns for President. Those gains began steadily eroding after the 2012 election.

End of 2021 voter registration numbers posted by the Secretary of State’s office show Florida had 5,123,799 registered Republicans, 5,080,697 Democrats and 4,083,215 voters either registered without a party affiliation or registered to one of the more than two dozen “minor” parties in Florida.

Is there any wonder why Democrats are so desperate to stop DeSantis before he decides to run for higher office?


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Too small a margin. Dems can easily cheat that

    natdj in reply to Whitewall. | April 1, 2022 at 1:49 pm

    Seriously? Do you live in Florida? Though Floridians in blue counties can’t count, it is not as easy to cheat as you claim.

      Antifundamentalist in reply to natdj. | April 1, 2022 at 7:59 pm

      I do live in Florida. I know of a widow who has had to repeatedly remove her dead husband from the voter rolls. If there’s one zombie voter, there has to be more.

      amwick in reply to natdj. | April 1, 2022 at 8:27 pm

      It is easy peasy when you can have 150% D voters turnout. Sadly, that is only somewhat exaggerated…

      randian in reply to natdj. | April 1, 2022 at 11:10 pm

      it is not as easy to cheat as you claim

      It’s a lot easier now that the foolish Florida electorate voted to allow felons to vote. There are far more than 100k felons in the state, which means a whole bunch of them can have fraudulent votes cast on their behalf without the “percentage of eligible voters” metric getting too skewed. Not that many Florida districts care about that, majority black districts in Broward and Palm Beach have a habit of 100% or more eligible voters casting votes.

It’s a what 400,000 net. But what about independents? I believe they will vote DeSantis big time

    natdj in reply to gonzotx. | April 1, 2022 at 1:58 pm

    Not only are independents happy with Desantis there are a fair amount of liberals who will vote to re-elect him simply because they too don’t want to be in shackles and enjoy their freedom.

Gosh it’s amazing how much picking your balls up off the floor and actually fighting for conservative principles galvanizes voters.

    TargaGTS in reply to Olinser. | April 1, 2022 at 2:35 pm

    DeSantis’ style helps him a great deal, as well. He’s a very details oriented guy (that take-down of the 60 Minutes reporter last year is a great example of that) and he’s not prone to self-aggrandizing hyperbole. He understands the facts and is articulate enough to convincingly communicate those facts and – here’s the most important part – is DISCIPLINED enough to stay on message.

I live in Florida and work voter’s registration for my local Republican Party. The change from Democrat to Republican was accelerated in August after the Afghanistan fiasco and the Biden administration was seen by many as over its head. Nothing has changed except more Republican voters. Plus, with the governor and the RPOF spending millions on voter registration, the legislature tightening the laws and new residents moving here from occupied states this is no surprises. Add in the fact that the Florida Democrats decided to stay masked up and socially distance from voters in the last 2 years these numbers are no surprise to us here in Florida.

    TargaGTS in reply to natdj. | April 1, 2022 at 2:38 pm

    One of my kids graduated from a college in FL last year and has remained there after finding employment in the state. It’s notable how popular DeSantis had become on campus and among younger people generally. I think this is largely due to DeSantis more rational response to COVID.

      natdj in reply to TargaGTS. | April 1, 2022 at 3:06 pm

      I would also add that Desantis is running a campaign for re-election against Biden which is such a stark contrast here that younger voters (along with all voters) laugh at the befuddled “old guy”. Plus, the democrats could actually nominate Charlie Crist who is seen rightly so as the past and a joke.

there are no masks

Tell my ******* doctors that.

DeSantis is definitely demonstrating the way for r to successfully counter d/prog policies and msm spin. Basic, sensible and what would have 5 years ago been uncontroversial, stances on major issues. Parents maintaining the responsibility and authority to raise their children isn’t a fringe position; quite the opposite. The d/prog and their allies will regret picking this battle.