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Michigan Mom Suing School District Over Wokeness in Her Kids’ School

Michigan Mom Suing School District Over Wokeness in Her Kids’ School

“It’s surreal. But it’s necessary.”

This mom tried to keep an open mind at first, but the closer she looked, the less she like what she saw.

She writes at FOX News:

Why I’m suing my kids’ school district

I love the public schools in my hometown of Rochester. I went to them myself, from kindergarten through twelfth grade, and my experience inspired me to become a teacher. My husband and I both graduated from the district, and we chose to live in Rochester largely for the schools. We want our kids, who are currently in elementary school, to have access to at least the same level of excellent education.

But now I’m suing the school district. It’s surreal. But it’s necessary.

What happened? Last August, I was casually browsing social media and stumbled upon a teacher’s post, which featured reference materials for a new “Ethnic and Gender Studies” class at the local high schools. The books immediately raised questions, but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions. So, I reached out to get more information. While my kids are years away from being able to take this class, I wanted to learn more about what’s coming their way.

The teacher instructed me to contact the district’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director, who was in charge of training the teachers in charge of the class. I did so, but she evaded my questions. The Secondary Director of Education offered to share material with me, but all I received was a one-page course outline, a teacher training PowerPoint, and a lesson plan filled with “ice breakers” for the first two weeks of school. I also wrote to our school board and superintendent, but heard nothing back. And I repeatedly asked administrators for information that should have been readily available, such as course materials and student assignments. But after several weeks of trying to get answers, I received nothing of substance.


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“Don’t tell your parents. Oh, you’re a parent?”

The degree to which they try to hide it is directly proportional to its “wokeness,” but inversely proportional to its educational value.

Get this garbage out of our schools. NOW!

This excerpt doesn’t explain what she’s suing for. The full article makes it clear that she’s suing under FOIA, because the district is refusing to give her information that she’s clearly entitled to. Apparently the district claims the information doesn’t exist, which according to her version of events is not possible.