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Harvard Student Project Helps ‘Gender Minorities’ With Health Services

Harvard Student Project Helps ‘Gender Minorities’ With Health Services

“make sure that students know where to access health care services on campus”

This just comes across as more virtue signaling. These students want to appear more supportive.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard students launch project to assist ‘gender minorities’ with ‘health care services’

Harvard students have launched a project to assist LGBT peers in accessing healthcare, including transgender surgeries.

The Women’s Cabinet “seeks to improve access to health care for students from gender minority backgrounds,” according to The Harvard Crimson.

Student leader Sawyer Taylor-Arnold said the goal is to “centralize resources relating to health care” and “make sure that students know where to access health care services on campus.”

The students are “specifically thinking for services that are used by students who are gender minorities.”

This includes the abortifacient Plan B drug, “transgender conversion therapy” as well as “hormone replacement therapies,” the student newspaper reported. These services are covered currently by Harvard’s health insurance plan.

The initiative plans to send out a survey and create four committees, including one on “sexual, reproductive, and menstrual health” according to the paper.

The College Fix contacted Taylor-Arnold and her co-chair Jailene Ramos through email twice in the past two weeks but did not receive a response.

The two co-chairs were asked what their goals were, if they plan to expand funding and access to abortion and transgender surgeries, what their motivations were and how they would rate the support the initiative has received.

The Fix did not receive responses to emails sent to Harvard Law Students for Life leaders John Heo, David Tye and Ashley Vaughn. The Fix asked twice in the past two weeks about the possibility of expanding abortion access and for comment on any concerns or possible areas of agreement with the initiative.


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Two people and four committees. I am not sure what it is, but they have to be the top of their class in something to create this much activity devoid of any achievement.

The Gentle Grizzly | April 18, 2022 at 2:33 pm

As I have said before: Harvard goes from university to punchline.

Good to see that the abortion enthusiasts and gender fluid cheerleaders have taken over Harvard.

At least their huge endowment (don’t!) will allow them to pay for it themselves.

This is aimed at Harvard students. Is there anyone admitted there—even now—who is so befuddled and helpless that they can’t find their way to the clinic?? This group is even more superfluous than most such groups college students create in order to signal how Woke they are.