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Branco Cartoon – The Tragic Kingdom

Branco Cartoon – The Tragic Kingdom

Wokest Place On Earth

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That about sums it up. Disney has exposed itself.

The sad part is that today’s Disney is not the Disney of my childhood. It was a wonderful dream of the last century.

    Massinsanity in reply to TimMc. | April 25, 2022 at 9:13 am

    The wokeness/perversion really started with Disney Channel programming 15 years ago or so. These shows in no way reflected the older Disney movies or network TV shows. We discreetly tuned that out when our kids were younger but we did visit the theme park a few times. While grossly over priced, it was a wonderful experience for the kids and the focus was on the older Disney characters that the kids loved so much and not the garbage on the Disney Channel.

    I am very thankful that my kids are beyond the age where they are interested in going back to the parks. The challenge now is I would like to find a way to be done with ESPN but we are so into sports that’s a tough one to eliminate.

I miss the America that I grew up in. Today America is truly a sad place.

That’s what happens when Dems are allowed to launch a culture war for generations and Republicans are too dainty to meet them head on.

smalltownoklahoman | April 25, 2022 at 8:31 am

Perfectly sums it up!

This getting a lot of comments. It must be good.

To me, the beginning of the end was when the newest crop of Mouseketeers got more press for not wearing panties in public than anything else. At the time, I just attributed it to our sick media, without reflecting that Disney is media too.

Go further back to creation of “Touchstone” which marked Disney wanting to move into more “adult” entertainment.