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Ukraine: Russian Airlines Can Seize Foreign Aircraft, Woman Protests War Live on Russian TV

Ukraine: Russian Airlines Can Seize Foreign Aircraft, Woman Protests War Live on Russian TV

Boris Johnson admitted the obvious: The West should have cut off Russian oil and gas in 2014 when the war began and Putin annexed Crimea.

Marina Ovsyannikova disrupted the live broadcast of Russia’s top news program to protest the country’s invasion of Ukraine. The sign said, “They’re lying to you here.”

Unfortunately, reports say officials detained Marina.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted the West should have done more against Russia in 2014. You know, when Putin invaded Ukraine. Russia’s been there for eight years!

Live stream:

Boris Johnson Admits the Obvious: We Should Have Done Something in 2014

Hindsight is 20/20, you guys. As I’ve said over and over…Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014. For the love of everything holy Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine and no one did anything.

Yeah, you guys should have weened yourself off of Russian oil and gas back in 2014. Now it might be too late:

When Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine the first time round, in 2014, the West made a terrible mistake. The Russian leader had committed an act of violent aggression and taken a huge chunk out of a sovereign country – and we let him get away with it.

We decided we could somehow go back to normality. Economic relations did not just resume – they intensified, with the West taking more Russian gas than ever before, becoming more dependent on the goodwill of Putin and more exposed to the vagaries of the global gas and oil price.

And so when he finally came to launch his vicious war in Ukraine, he knew the world would find it very hard to punish him. He knew that he had created an addiction.

That is why he feels able to bomb maternity hospitals. That is why he is emboldened enough to launch indiscriminate assaults on fleeing families. And as his bombs fall, the cost of oil and gas rises still further, meaning less money in your pocket and more in Putin’s.

Johnson claims green energy is the way to go, especially with nuclear power.

But everyone seems to forget that you need coal or natural gas to power that electric car. You need petroleum to build those windmills and solar panels.

Green energy is fine and dandy but you still need petroleum for everyday products.

Seizure of Foreign Aircraft

Putin’s latest law allows Russian airlines to take over any foreign aircraft after he banned 36 countries from Russia’s airspace.

The sanctions have started to make a dent in Russia’s airline industry. The airlines can use the foreign aircraft:

The law would allow the airlines to take and operate planes leased by foreign companies that have stopped businesses operations in the country over its invasion of Ukraine, the state-owned TASS news agency reported. The planes will be certified by certification centers and test laboratories, the news outlet reported.

The move is an attempt to circumvent Western sanctions that have resulted in multiple countries, including the United States, closing their airspace to Russian airliners.

“Stop the war, No to War. Don’t Believe the Propaganda. They are Lying to You Here”

Marina Ovsyannikova broke all the rules during the Channel One news broadcast.

Ovsyannikova explained her actions in a video she recorded before she interrupted the program. She knew the government would arrest her:

“What’s happening in Ukraine is a crime and Russia is the aggressor. And there is only one person responsible for this, this man is Vladimir Putin,” Ovsyannikova said in the video. “My father is Ukrainian and my mother is Russian, they have never been enemies, and this necklace is a symbol – that Russia must immediately stop this war and our brotherly nations can still come together.

“Sadly, I’ve been working on the First Channel during last couple of years, have been doing Kremlin propaganda, for which now I am very ashamed,” she continued. “I am ashamed that I let lies be spread on television, I’m ashamed that I participated in turning Russian people into zombies, we kept quiet when it all started in 2014, we did not rally when Kremlin poisoned Navalny, we have silently been watching this anti-human regime, and now, the whole world turned back to us, next 10 generations will not be able to get rid of the shame of this war.”


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The same can be said for CNN. Nothing but propaganda.

These are the days you believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see for nothing is as it seems.

    GWB in reply to Peabody. | March 15, 2022 at 9:55 am

    But Americans gladly hear whatever is spouted from the “news” programs and accepts it as absolute gospel. They did it with Bosnia. They did it with Serbia. And now they’re doing it with Ukraine. Just because it is anti-Russia doesn’t make it true. Or false.

      Tiki in reply to GWB. | March 15, 2022 at 2:37 pm

      “And now they’re doing it with Ukraine.”

      You mean all those videos showing multistory urban apartment buildings being shelled by artillery and mortar rounds are fakes – fake explosion videos? And those fires raging out of control are fake? And those Russian jets and helicopters getting shot down by Ukrainians using US manufactured MANPADs are fake videos? And those videos uploaded by Ukrainian civilians showing corpses aren’t real corpses but actors faking death in fake concrete and iron rubble

      And all of those 2014 pro-Russian Serbian Chetniks killing Crimean Ukrainians are fake videos documenting fake Serbian Chetnik spree killings? Or the dead people aren’t really dead Ukrainians?

      ConradCA in reply to GWB. | March 15, 2022 at 4:03 pm

      The US news media never asks hard/critical questions of Quisling Biden. How many millions in bribes has he taken from Russia and China? Why did he enable the Russian Attack on Ukraine by promising that we wouldn’t fight in Ukraine?

A brave woman. May there be millions more like her.

By taking these planes, Putin is essentially shutting the door to future foreign investment in Russia, at least in the foreseeable future. What company in their right mind would lease Putin anything? There are reasons Cuba and Venezuela are massive shitholes and this is one of them. Once a country nationalizes private assets – particularly foreign-owned private assets – they’re creating barriers to future foreign investment.

Then there’s the matter of spares for these planes. Good luck to anyone flying on one of these things in a year.

SeiteiSouther | March 15, 2022 at 11:17 am

Dear Mary:

Do pirates run Arlines? Arrr! (Typo in title).

I read on a automotive site that Mercedes expects their be $2.1 B (US) Russian plant to be nationalized. So, it’s not just planes, I guess