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Half of Americans Don’t Believe Biden Will Seek a Second Term, Wall Street Journal Survey Finds

Half of Americans Don’t Believe Biden Will Seek a Second Term, Wall Street Journal Survey Finds

“Fifty-two percent of those questioned in a Wall Street Journal survey released on Tuesday said they don’t think the president will launch a re-election campaign”

A new survey from the Wall Street Journal finds that half of Americans don’t believe Joe Biden will seek a second term in 2024. Biden has repeatedly said he is running but Americans can see and hear him, and it’s pretty clear that he is already significantly diminished by age.

It’s also hard to believe the Democratic party would allow him to be their nominee if his poll numbers are still this bad two years from now.

Paul Steinhauser reports at FOX News:

2024 Watch: Half of Americans doubt Biden will run for re-election, according to new poll

He’s said a handful of times that he intends to run for re-election in 2024, but a new national poll indicates that roughly half of all Americans doubt that President Biden will seek a second term in the White House.

Fifty-two percent of those questioned in a Wall Street Journal survey released on Tuesday said they don’t think the president will launch a re-election campaign, with 29% saying they do expect Biden to seek re-election and 19% unsure.

Among Democrats, 51% said they think the president will run again, with 32% disagreeing and just over a quarter unsure.

Biden made history in November 2020 when he became the oldest person ever elected president. If he campaigns for re-election in 2024 and wins, Biden would be 82 at his second inaugural and 86 at the end of his second term.

Asked a year ago at the first formal news conference of his presidency about his 2024 plans, Biden said, “My answer is yes. I plan on running for re-election. That’s my expectation.”

Meanwhile, over at The Hill, Niall Stanage is saying prepare for a repeat of the 2020 election:

The Memo: Get ready for Biden vs. Trump all over again

A nation that saw one of the most divisive elections in its history in 2020 is barreling toward another bitter contest in 2024.

Former President Trump is the dominant figure in the Republican Party despite a sea of troubles and is edging closer to declaring another run for the presidency. Trump held a campaign-style rally on Saturday in South Carolina and will hold another in two weeks in Georgia.

Meanwhile, President Biden has shown no signs of backing away from an attempt to win a second term, even though he would be 82 by the time of his possible second inauguration. Biden has said more than once that he intends to run, dampening speculation he would bow out and make Vice President Harris the early favorite to be the Democratic nominee.

Faced with a Biden-Trump choice, the nation could not be more evenly split, at least according to a new Wall Street Journal poll. The survey finds 45 percent of registered voters favoring Biden and 45 percent favoring Trump in a hypothetical 2024 contest between the two men.

The poll is a startling reminder of Trump’s political resilience.

If this prediction by Stanage is accurate, and if current trends continue, it’s difficult to see how Biden would win. His approval with independent voters is in the gutter and he is bleeding support from minorities.


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Look at the way this is framed;

“Trump is the dominant figure in the Republican Party despite a sea of troubles and is edging closer to declaring”


“President Biden has shown no signs of backing away from an attempt to win a second term”.

No mention of the very real troubles created by 10% China Joe. These fucking fuckers just cannot help themselves.

The dirty little fucks.

The Democrats absolutely deserve 10% China Joe running again 🤣🤣

He might seek it but from underground, he isn’t going to make it 3 more years because by then it will be a 3yo running the country.

nordic_prince | March 16, 2022 at 3:40 pm

Biden: Hold my Geritol….

If not Biden the who? VP Harris? No Sen Sanders? No Who’s that leave? Sec Buttigieg? Gov Newsome? Cuomo? Spartacus?

    henrybowman in reply to CommoChief. | March 16, 2022 at 5:16 pm

    AOC. Democrats can’t resist their “phony first” records any more than a Skid Row junkie can resist a bottle of thunderbird.

Brandon may seek a second term, but will not be able to find it. I doubt that he will still be able to read a teleprompter, his primary role now. Since Harris can both giggle and read, and is the right tint, she clears the Democrats’ bar with flying colors (pun intended).

    henrybowman in reply to jb4. | March 16, 2022 at 5:20 pm

    Unless he gets sidelined with health problems, I can almost guarantee you that Biden will run again. He’s got an ego the size of Joe Arpaio’s, and he desperately wants to keep the shiny badge. The Democrats are gonna twist their panties trying to keep him from doing it, but because of professional courtesy I don’t think they’re going to be able to. And if he does run, he’s gonna crash and burn like the Tunguska meteor.

Joe Biden* is a full-blown retard. What a pathetic piece of shit, and fuck every motherfucker who helped rig the election,.

rustyshamrock | March 16, 2022 at 4:41 pm

The other 48% don’t believe he’ll outlive his current term.

    Funny, but Hillary Clinton was an odds-on favorite to die, but she manages to sliver along.

    Thanks to two people and two people alone: Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr.

      henrybowman in reply to | March 16, 2022 at 11:48 pm

      I’m not the one from whom to solicit advice about politicians dying. I voted for Teddy twice, because the R was worse and I expected Teddy’s liver to explode within six years, forcing a newly shuffled hand. He survived both terms. I fully expected Joe Arpaio to pine for the fjords long ago, and he’s still kicking.

US airline pilots have a mandatory retirement age of 65.
US military officers mandatory retirement age 62.

Both limits were established by Federal Law to acknowledge the loss of mental acuity and physical ability which naturally comes with age,

But somehow the declining mental acuity of ancient Congressmen, Senators and God forbid the President isn’t important enough to legislate against?

It’s way past time for term and age limits.

    Milhouse in reply to Gosport. | March 16, 2022 at 5:12 pm

    1. It’ll take a constitutional amendment

    2. For most jobs mandatory retirement ages are illegal. The two exceptions you cite are legal only because Congress explicitly said so; any employer who wants to set a similar limit is SOL unless he can get Congress to make another exception just for him. So rather than reasoning from the exceptions, why not reason from the general rule, that age limits are wrong?

      Gosport in reply to Milhouse. | March 16, 2022 at 6:25 pm

      1. Of course it will take a constitutional amendment.

      2. These are not “most jobs”. We are discussing elected officials, not employees, So why try to lead this down a completely unrelated rabbit hole?

      3. If you have an argument to make make it. I’ve made mine.

        henrybowman in reply to Gosport. | March 16, 2022 at 11:49 pm

        “We are discussing elected officials, not employees”
        And thus you fall prey to the usual rebuttal: if people really felt strongly about this, they’d stop electing ’em.

No one believe Joe Biden is going to run again, no one in the White House believes, no one at the DNC believes and especially no one in the media. It’s also clear Kamala Harris isn’t going to be the nominee. She likely couldn’t even win her home state. While Buttigeig is a media darling, he has a black person problem. His primary campaign ended the moment the votes with any kind of significant minority population began voting, right after Iowa. I don’t think it will be Clinton…but, I guess it’s not an impossibility, just REALLY unlikely.

Everyone else is either older than dirt or is simply too polarizing themselves. This is why I think it’s going to be Michelle Obama. And frankly, perhaps that was the plan all along. They talk Joe into picking a running-mate they know is an imbecile and who won’t be a threat in 4-years so Michelle can ‘save the Party’ from ruin.

    Milhouse in reply to TargaGTS. | March 16, 2022 at 5:13 pm

    If that was the plan, why didn’t she run this time? She’d surely have done better than Slow Joe.

    I was seriously expecting her to screw Clinton and run in 2016. But that didn’t happen.

      TargaGTS in reply to Milhouse. | March 16, 2022 at 6:57 pm

      Money. They have contractual obligations worth tens-of-millions.

      taurus the judge in reply to Milhouse. | March 18, 2022 at 9:47 am

      Personally I think the puppet masters realize that Michelle/Michael is only popular with the left but could never hope to win at a national level and that’s why she hasn’t run.

    CommoChief in reply to TargaGTS. | March 17, 2022 at 12:28 pm

    IMO Michelle Obama is extremely unlikely to run in 2024. First she goes from bridesmaid to bride which is a huge difference. A candidate must take positions on the issues of the day for which they can be attacked. They must ask donors for funding which means they are exposed to rejection or disappointment. Their entire life history becomes fair game for reporting, as does that of their adult children. Does she want her daughters lives subject to scrutiny?

    Some people are natural salesmen and have a psychological makeup that allows them to not only ‘ask for the order’ but also to ignore the many rejections to get to the few people who agree to buy. A political career is very similar. I don’t think Michelle Obama has the necessary mentality to weather the slings and arrows of a campaign. Finally I doubt she tries in 2024 when, for now, it appears to be a high chance of a r victory. It’s possible that she might try in a situation where she was seemingly assured of a victory. I think she looks at how her loss impacted HRC and wants nothing to do with it.

Mechelle doesn’t want to work. She needs a set up like Biden. Come out in public once a week
Jarrett will run the government as she probably does now.
Joe Rogan LOVES mechelle and want her to be President
That’s all you need to know about pot head Joe Rogan

A 65 year age limit would have kicked out George Washington in his final year in office.

62 would have voided most of his last term.

Of course Joe Biden is going to run for re-election. He is as addicted to political power as Hunter is addicted to booze and crack.

I could see Biden believing he has ALREADY served two terms, and is therefore ineligible to run in 2024.

I place very little faith opinion polls. If the population pre Columbus were asked about the shape of the earth, would the answer affect the world?

TheOldZombie | March 17, 2022 at 3:18 am

Personally I think Hillary is getting ready to run. These people literally live in a bubble and she doesn’t understand just how hated she really is. People forget that Hillary and the left accused Trump and Russia of stealing the election in 2016. She believes that she won 2016.

Biden is going to get pushed out by the party. He will be asked to step aside for “health” reasons or the party will drop the hammer on him either through the 25th Amendment or by suddenly becoming interested in his corrupt deals in Ukraine and China.

Kamala will be bought off. They will tell her not to run for POTUS and they will help her get a Senate seat back. She’ll probably be happier too if that happens. I like to think her annoying laugh is a sign that she knows she’s in way over her head and the stress is getting too her.

Who else is there? The governors have all made themselves look stupid. There is no one in the Senate or House that has the appeal. Biden’s cabinet is a disaster. Pete won’t win.

My end of the primaries lineup fight card is: Hillary, Stacey Adams, and a trans-woman.

I can see the left, so full of themselves with virtue signaling, running to support the trans candidate.