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Campus Talk on Buddhism Suggests That ‘Whiteness is Based on Delusion’

Campus Talk on Buddhism Suggests That ‘Whiteness is Based on Delusion’

“Whiteness is based on delusion, produces suffering, and should be relinquished.”

Another reminder that there is absolutely nothing that the left won’t drag into their race-obsessed agenda.

Campus Reform reports:

‘Racial Justice as Buddhist Practice’ event argues that ‘Whiteness is based on delusion’

“Whiteness is based on delusion, produces suffering, and should be relinquished.”

That declaration comes from a collaborative multi-university lecture on why Buddhists have a responsibility to disrupt “whiteness,” organized by some of the world’s most prestigious institutions of higher education.

The Jan. 24 event titled “Whiteness is a Sankhara: Racial Justice as Buddhist Practice” included speakers who expressed the importance of “waking up from whiteness,” “being liberated from whiteness,” “alleviat[ing] the suffering caused by whiteness,” “undo[ing] whiteness,” and “confronting whiteness.”

Peking University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Harvard University, the University of British Columbia, Cambridge University, and Oxford University partner on the “The Yin-Cheng Distinguished Lecture Series” that included the “Whiteness is a Sankhara” talk in its programming earlier this semester.

The speakers at the event included Ann Gleig, associate professor of religion and cultural studies at the University of Central Florida, and Joy Brennan, Kenyon College assistant professor of religious studies. Jessica X Zu, assistant professor of religion at the University of Southern California Dornsife, served as the “discussant.”

The speakers did acknowledge that the talk was based on the curriculum of “White Awake,” a nonprofit organization.

“Because people categorized as white are awarded certain types of privileges, and because privileges generally consist of access to things all people should have, white people are not directly confronted with the everyday effects of racism in the ways that people of color are,” the curriculum states on the organization’s website.


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What is the karmic punishment for prostituting your faith to Mammon?
Reincarnation as vultures might be appropriate.

JackinSilverSpring | March 13, 2022 at 4:17 pm

I can only repeat what I’ve said before: Leftists are insane.

If it is a delusion that doesn’t exist, what’s the problem?

Well, they’re right in that single statement: ‘Whiteness’ IS a delusion. There’s no such thing.

Critical race theory is more than delusion, it’s a disease.

George_Kaplan | March 14, 2022 at 8:39 pm

White Privilege is based on Leftist delusion. According to the curriculum behind the talk, privilege is about having access to the things people should have access to i.e. basic equality. So those arguing privilege needs to be abolished are actually arguing equality must be destroyed.

Note too that those spouting off about ‘White Privilege’ seem oblivious to the fact the majority of the world isn’t White and isn’t controlled by Whites – or have they adapted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to believe in some sort of evil White conspiracy controlling the globe? Here’s a hint, only the 1%ers have that sort of influence i.e. the folk in Hollywood, Big Tech, the MSM, and maybe academia. These aren’t conservative White Americans, or conservative Westerners.

The fact is East Asia isn’t White, nor is it run by Whites, and in the case of China, is definitely not friendly towards Whitesthe West. South-East Asia is akin to a smaller more fractured East Asia. South Asia is split between India – an independent would be superpower, two Islamic rivals, and a handful of tiny nations. South-West Asia? Akin to South-East Asia though Islam and some hostility towards the West is the norm. Central Asia? Well nobody really hears about them. Not White, practically invisible. North Asia? Part of Russia, not part of the West. North Africa? Akin to South-West Asia i.e. Islamic and not falling over themselves to privilege Whites. Southern Africa? While genocide against Whites isn’t official policy, numbers have plummeted. To be fair, Democrat policy – preach Woke Doctrine OR Else, offends a lot of tolerant African nations too. Central America and South America? Not White, somewhat hostile to the US. What’s left? The Pacific? Assorted Polynesian islands. Not White, again no privileges. So that just leaves North America, Europe, and Oceania, all three of which are promoting Black Privilege over equality.

Now about that so called White Privilege …? Seems like the Left is punishing the majority for something they exclusively enjoy.