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Branco Cartoon – Weathervane

Branco Cartoon – Weathervane

Mad Science

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Just watch, they’ll push him back onstage after the election, when the next “highly transmissible” variant magically appears. Back to masks, lockdowns, and a booster shot for your booster shot.

Time for Fauci, the highest paid person in the US government, to go count his money.

2smartforlibs | March 7, 2022 at 12:33 pm

Where has the cockroach been since this fell apart?

Relevant meme: Just move on.

A con man moron is a con man moron.

The true evil here is the people who listened to him and forced the rules on us.

When the GOP takes the House in November, there should be hearings in January 2023, with this guy dragged front and center, alongside Brix and that other idiot, Walensky.

Caveat: if Kevin McCarthy becomes Speaker, it’ll never happen, and we’ll be back to Boehner.