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University of Missouri Takes Major Step in Respecting Second Amendment Rights of Students

University of Missouri Takes Major Step in Respecting Second Amendment Rights of Students

“A libertarian student organization praised the decision”

Count this as a win. People who support freedom need all the victories we can get.

The College Fix reports:

Students can now keep guns in their cars at University of Missouri campuses

Legal gun owners in Missouri can now keep their firearms locked inside their cars while on campus at some of the state universities.

The Board of Curators for the University of Missouri System’s four campuses voted to allow employees, students and visitors to keep guns locked in their cars.

A libertarian student organization praised the decision in an email to The College Fix but said more can be done.

“While this policy change is a good start, schools like the University of Missouri and their administrators who pass such cookie-cutter, in-offensive policy changes simply aren’t doing enough to protect student rights on campus,” Young Americans for Liberty’s Daniel Gonzalez-Allende told The College Fix via email.

“That’s why YAL makes it a point to help students change policies by encouraging and guiding them to engage in grassroots activism to activate more students concerned about their rights on campus,” Gonzalez-Allende said.

One trustee for the public university system the policy would be a “tremendous disservice.”

“I think somebody does something stupid by leaving a handgun laying down on the seat,” Greg Hoberock said, according to ABC 17. “Somebody else walks by the car door and pulls it out. I think we’re doing a tremendous disservice to our students in the city of Columbia.”

“And I’m really really concerned that we’re going to allow guns on campus and not have a rule that if you’re going to leave it in your car, it’s got to be out of the site and locked,” Hoberock said.

The College Fix reached out to Curator Hoberock through his business, hth Companies, but has not received a response. The Fix reached out a month ago. Contact information for curators is not publicly available through the system’s website.

Young Americans for Liberty said that political leaders like Hoberock treat students childishly.


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I do agree that this is a bad policy unless it is clearer about how the gun must be secured.

I think Missouri can be libertarian and pro-2A without giving the left ammo to do bad things and be rewarded for it publicly by blaming their enemies for bad policy.

Wouldn’t it be better for guns to be on persons instead of left lying in a car?

I could maybe understand if the guns were kept in lockboxes, but unsecured and in public sight?

    henrybowman in reply to George_Kaplan. | February 12, 2022 at 12:24 pm

    When Arizona’s first CCW provision was passed in 1994, the law said you had to leave firearms in your car when entering anyplace that served alcohol, including restaurants. I was bringing a vintage tube-fed .22 rifle (inherited from my stepfather) home from a gunsmith (cased), and stopped at a Phoenix restaurant to attend a meeting. Would have brought the gun case in, but hey, it was the law. Came out to find my door bashed, my doorlock punched, my car rifled, and the rifle case gone.

    You’d better bet I was front and center testifying at every legislative hearing on any bill that would have nullified that goddamn stupid law. “If it had been with me, where it belonged, it wouldn’t be out on the street in the hands of a thug today. You-all forced this to happen.”

    20 years later, anyone in the state with a CCW can carry whatever he wants into places with liquor licenses, providing he doesn’t drink.