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U. Colorado Denver Guide Instructs Profs on How to Embed ‘Equity, Justice and Inclusion’ in Syllabi

U. Colorado Denver Guide Instructs Profs on How to Embed ‘Equity, Justice and Inclusion’ in Syllabi

“deconstructing dominant norms and systemic inequities”

In other words, the left’s agenda is more important than the subjects actually being taught.

The College Fix reports:

Five-page guide instructs professors how to embed ‘equity, justice and inclusion’ in their syllabi

The University of Colorado Denver has issued a five-page syllabus equity guide suggesting students and professors join together in reading a statement honoring Indigenous people and acknowledge the campus sits on land formerly inhabited by Native Americans.

The guide also criticizes “mandatory” and “zero tolerance” attendance policies as “ableist.”

Further, faculty are urged to use language that makes students “feel cared for and valued.”

Those are among the recommendations within the Syllabus Review Guide for Equity, Justice, and Inclusion, issued by College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

It spells out a number of actions professors can take to address “inequities, injustices, and exclusions of a historical and systemic basis” while crafting syllabi.

In the section urging professors to “validate” students, the guide recommends instructors “communicate that struggles are common, not a reflection of their self-worth.” Faculty are told to “be open to hearing inclusive feedback from students” and “acknowledge their lived experience and perspective, and your commitment to learning.”

The guide also urges scholars to demystify their syllabi in part by “deconstructing dominant norms and systemic inequities.”

“In this process, be careful not to lean on students of color and students from other minoritized groups to do the work for you,” it adds. “While the knowledge and experience that minoritized students bring to the classroom are assets and should be heard and valued, it is our responsibility as educators to create safe and equitable learning environments, to eliminate inequities, and to change practices.”

The guide also recommends reading materials include works by underrepresented groups.


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The Gentle Grizzly | February 21, 2022 at 12:15 pm

Dear Gide Authors:

I have tenure. So, NO.

Prof. T. G. Grizzly, PH. D. MT MT MT MT and MT

So strange to use the word “minoritized”, as if being in the minority was something done to them, rather than something that is.