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Trump Was Right: Europe’s Reliance On Russian Oil and Gas Emboldened Putin

Trump Was Right: Europe’s Reliance On Russian Oil and Gas Emboldened Putin

Trump was right. About all of it.

The Democrat propagandist media has cranked its spin cycle up to eleventy as Bumbles Biden shambles off to his Delaware basement while Ukraine’s president stands shoulder to shoulder with his fellow Ukrainians as they fight the Russian invasion of their  country.

If these weren’t such dark times, it would be rather amusing how completely wrong Democrats and their media stenographers continue to be about President Trump.  They are busily swooning onto their fainting couches over Trump reportedly stating that he thought the war-mongering Putin was “smart” to take “over a country for $2 worth of sanctions.”

Anyone who has listened to President Trump blast Russia, China, and / or try to reason with the Europeans/NATO knows that this is a comment not about how “smart” Putin is but about how incredibly, unbelievably, shamefully weak and feckless Biden is.

As Trump later explained (via the Wall Street Journal):

In a telephone interview with Fox News late Wednesday night, as Russia launched its invasion, Mr. Trump called the unfolding events a “very sad thing for the world and the country.” He said Mr. Biden hadn’t done enough to dissuade Mr. Putin from invading.

“He was going to be satisfied with a piece and now he sees the weakness and the incompetence and the stupidity of this administration,” Mr. Trump said on Fox News on Wednesday night.

Trump supporters got that immediately, of course, before he spelled it out for them.

The woke partisan media, though, can’t help themselves.  Everything that is wrong in the entire world is all down to Orange Man Bad.

There was nothing (well, except slavery) in the U.S.  prior to 2016, and they just keep going after him despite his rather clear, quite extensive record of presciently spelling out exactly what is happening now, why, and why it wouldn’t be happening if he were in the White House.

The latter sentiment is shared by the majority (62%) of American voters who have watched the Biden train wreck presidency with near disbelief and increasing horror.

Funny how the left conveniently forgets that while Trump was in the White House, Putin kept his grubby KGB thug paws off of Ukraine.  He didn’t even test the waters as China did with Taiwan (only to be stopped in its tracks, too, by Trump).

President Trump reportedly told Putin that if he invaded Ukraine while Trump was in the White House, Trump would “hit Moscow.”  Putin, a man not unaccustomed to looking powerful men in the eye and taking their measure, believed him.

Further, Trump repeatedly warned the Europeans not to become reliant on Russia for their oil and gas.

The absolutely clueless, geopolitically naive Germans thought Trump’s warning was a laugh riot.

They’re not laughing now, nor will they be as Ukraine (and maybe Swedish and Finnish) refugees flood into their Russia-reliant, utterly clueless leftist lunatic asylum of a country.

Trump did try to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as a private citizen and former president.

The Washington Examiner reported last month:

Former President Donald Trump conveyed a warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin through a Senate intermediary Friday against an invasion of Ukraine.

Sen. Lindsey Graham shared a “pretty stunning and, I think, appropriate” comment from Trump following what Fox News host Sean Hannity said was a “lengthy” meeting.

“He said Putin is realizing that Biden’s weak, but he doesn’t realize that Biden won’t be around in 2024. So President Trump said today if they invade Ukraine, the Russians, it will make it impossible for any future president to have a normal relationship with Russia,” the South Carolina Republican said.

Graham added that he thought this “was a pretty damn wise observation.”

And so it was. But it was not enough. Putin saw the reports of a “well-funded cabal of powerful people” who conspired to take Trump down, and he bet that they would succeed again.

And all along the way, leftist, Democrat, and #NeverTrump infotainment hyenas cackle their ignorance, bias, and hypocrisy for all the world to see.

Not only did Trump deter Putin from his feverish dreams of reconstructing the Soviet empire under Trump’s watch, but he also tried to warn Europe against positioning themselves (in no small part through their own idiotic “green” pipe dreams) as almost entirely reliant on Russia for their nations’ energy.

They got the same call Obama did from the ’80s. And were too incredibly short-sighted and self-satisfied with their ‘enlightened’ regressivism to realize that history really does repeat and that it’s wise to learn those lessons the first time . . . so you don’t have to relearn them forty years later.

But some people never learn. I’m not sure if the left is stupid or if they think we are (or both), but they honestly appear to think that as long as WE aren’t drilling for oil or natural gas, we “win” the climate virtue signaler of the decade award. Of course we still need oil and gas, so we’ll just “redistribute” our wealth . . . to one of the richest countries on earth. Because enviro-equity. Or something.

Trump was right. About all of it.

While Biden huddles in his Delaware basement sipping from his slurpy cup and murmuring about how much he likes to smell little girls’ hair, Ukraine’s president takes up arms beside his countrymen to protect their freedom from Russia’s steamrolling totalitarianism.

An American president is the one person who could have prevented this nightmare for Ukraine and the world, and it looks like we have the wrong one.


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It’s amazing how PDJT was so sharp in the ways of the world. Just wish he’d have fired every democrat put into position by the scumbag oblunder.
Maybe he’d have had a chance, but he was also being stabbed in the back by the repubs. Like they did to the tea party.

Trump was right. But he can not be allowed to be right. No way, just not the right sort of people you know.

Before Biden, the US was energy independent and an exporter. On Biden’s first day in office, he canceled pipelines and drilling leases and crippled our oil and gas industry. Higher prices for gas, oil, and electricity were the obvious results.

Less obvious was the fact that we lost our energy independence. So now, we have to import oil from the Arabs and the Russians. Instead of being able to help our European allies when Russia turns off the tap, we’re at the mercy of the Russians as well.

Germany is the most vulnerable because they made the insane decision to shut down their nuclear plants and depend on their unreliable renewables and high-carbon fuels and gas from Russia. Now, if the Russians turn off the tap, Germans will freeze in the dark.

    DSHornet in reply to OldProf2. | February 26, 2022 at 11:35 pm

    Let them.

    MattMusson in reply to OldProf2. | February 27, 2022 at 10:13 am

    The shortage of natural gas has created a shortage of Nitrogen fertilizer. Now, the Ukraine war has interrupted global supplies of potash. Chinese supply chain issues have disrupted phosphates.

    No fertilizer means poor countries cannot feed themselves. Global famine is now inevitable.

When has Donald Trump been WRONG?

    I loved his policies and his way of cutting through the streams of crap to what is really going on, but when was Trump ever wrong? Let me count the ways: not firing a whole slew of people (or not hiring them in the first place, even better) from the genocidal Fauci gnome to Bill Barr to everyone running any gov’t agency he had it in his power to fire (IRS, Dept. of Ed. DOJ, you name it, if they can be fired, fire them right away; if they can’t be fired, ship them off to Middle of Nowhere America, right at the crossroads of No gas station for 100 miles Road and Warning: Severe fog/dust storms/snow drifts Boulevard; there they can take charge of that box of paper clips that needs counting. And recounting. . . . until Congress passes a law to make firing taxpayer-funded employees just as easy as it is to fire the taxpayers).

    This next one isn’t technically a “wrong,” since it was actually right (but he caved to who knows what pressure from who knows where): he should have stuck to his guns about ending the WuFlu farce by Easter, 2020. How do we know FEWER people, by whatever numbers, wouldn’t have died if we actually focused on treatment and early care (while protecting the most vulnerable: the elderly, the obese, the infirm) rather than on acting like we could tie an old bra to our face and call that “science.” All while destroying lives, livelihoods, and the nation’s economy.

    Plus, if he had done that, there would have been no pretext for the illegal shenanigans with voting that took place in states. The economy would have bounced back with minimal damage if the country had opened up by Easter 2020 (Heck, Florida was open, our beaches, our bars, most things that weren’t in Dem-run cities and counties, anyway).

    I think it was a huge mistake to send out giant WuFLu checks and to subsidize unemployment to the point that millions of low-wage workers actually “made” more money from taxpayers than from working at their job. This disrupted a LOT, even here in Florida until DeSantis ended that nonsense.

    Look, no one is perfect, and Trump’s positiives, as far as I’m concerned, far outweigh his negatives. But let’s not feed into the idea that Trump supporters are mindless zombies who love every single thing he did/didn’t do in cultlike fashion.

    That’s just not realistic or remotely normal. No human being, much less a NY real estate developer turned reality show host turned politician, is perfect, faultless, without a single flaw or failing. (No offense if you really love all of this, and the many more things I’m mot including here due to length, but if you really, truly think that he’s some kind of perfect godlet . . . that’s not a good thing. You get that on some level, right?)

    When he put his hopes in Mike Pence

And the fact he didn’t know Pense was a traitor all along…firing Flynn on Pense’s demand no doubt

What a sh!t show and so unnecessary

    TargaGTS in reply to gonzotx. | February 27, 2022 at 8:45 am

    Dan Coats helped the Deep State every chance he got. For two-years, it was Coats that buried information that would have brought to light to horrible intelligence abuses committed against Trump. Why did Trump pick Dan Coats? It was based solely on the advice of Mike Pence.

    BTW, after leaving the Senate, Coats was a lobbyist at mega lawfirm King & Spalding…the same firm that was home to Sally Yates (and is again) and our current FBI Director, Bob Wray…who was also selected on Mike Pence’s recommendation.

    Fatkins in reply to gonzotx. | February 27, 2022 at 9:16 am

    Pense was following the constitution, and that’s according to the best conservative legal minds aka Luttig

This week on Dan Bongino’s radio show, Sebastian Gorka related a story about Xi’s visit to the US when he was entertained at Mar-A-Lago by President Trump who had just warned Putin to get his mercenaries out of Syria or he would kill them. While eating dessert, Trump let Xi know about the threat and then told them those mercenaries were summarily killed when Putin ignored his warning. Gorka says Xi paled and didn’t finish his dessert.

The point is that China and Russia stopped doubting Trump’s threats. In their eyes, Trump was an unpredictable maniac but they couldn’t risk ignoring his threats. So when he told them that any invasion into Ukraine or Taiwan would result in the destruction of Moscow or Beijing, they took it seriously.

I don’t care about Trump’s imperfections and I really resent those of you who insist that we Trump supporters are all gaga about our “godlet” Trump, that we are a personality cult. We are grown ups who see the obvious and have become impervious to the endless partisan bullshit being spewed by both wings of the Uniparty. Trump is going to win this year and again in 2024 unless you die-hard Republican, “it’s never the right time to do the right thing”, “anybody but Democrats” allow the Uniparty to steal these elections too. Find you spine and get in the big fight! Your champion does not exist!!! Get it?

It’s time to wake up kids! This is the real world and Trump is the ONLY ONE who is committing everything RIGHT NOW to save America! If you are waiting for someone who is taller, or has nicer hair, or is too much of a gentleman to stoop to issuing “mean tweets” for fear they will offend, grow up. We are running out of time and many of us are simply fed up with the “yeah, but…” virtue signalling every time Trump is mentioned. Okay, you are more virtuous and smarter than us Trump supporters. You win okay? So tell us who your superior candidate is and how he/she can possibly do the things that Trump is doing RIGHT NOW. Stop wasting everyone’s time. Pick a side. Uniparty or Trump. Truckers or BLM/Antifa. Your choice.

    CommoChief in reply to Pasadena Phil. | February 27, 2022 at 10:21 am


    I get it. You want DJT to be your candidate in 2024. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe before castigating everyone else with a false binary choice we could at least wait until DJT formally announces his candidacy. DJT was the right person in the moment of the 2016 election. He delivered as many policy and legislative victories as possible. More effective, IMO, than any r President since Reagan.

    That said once he announces his campaign to become the r nominee in 2024, he needs to work and compete for it. A primary campaign is akin to the off season for athletes. It gets them into ‘fighting trim’ for a hostile general election. They have to hone their message and ideas into easily digestible bites, frame their policies in simple terms; stump speech and develop responses to the inevitable hostile, gotcha questions and bad faith reporting.

    Assuming DJT does eventually announce his candidacy for the r party nomination I have little doubt that he will not be the frontrunner. I fully expect him to perform much better than 2016 primary due to an existing base of support and much more experience dealing with an overtly hostile media. I will have zero hesitation in voting for him when/if he becomes the r nominee. However, I absolutely refuse to anoint him or anyone else before the primary even begins.

    Oh good grief, Phil. There is not one word of equivocation about Trump in my post, not one word. Someone asked in comments when Trump was ever wrong, and I answered with my opinion. That’s the exact opposite of what you claim.

    A lot of folks forget “Rocket Man” Kim got a lot more cooperative after he saw what Trump did to those Russian mercs in Syria.

    He knew Trump didn’t screw around, and Trump knew there was almost zero risks killing mercenaries from Russia, but sent a strong message.

    Trump was never my favorite person, and when elected I thought “Oh God, four years of Jesse Ventura as President” but he surprised me by being loud mouthed and bombastic but effective as a leader as that office allows. Especially with everyone arrayed against him.

    Him over Dementia Joe any day.

    Correction there: “unpredictable maniac”???? Quite the opposite: when Trump says, “Get your mercenaries out or I’m going to kill them” and then kills them when you don’t: how is that “unpredictable”? How is that being a “maniac”?

    Trump was like a judge warning a rogue teenager: one more time and I’m gonna lock you up, and then locks the kid up after the kid commits another crime. WHAT is unpredicable or maniacal about that?

    Ironclaw in reply to Pasadena Phil. | March 1, 2022 at 12:09 am

    No democrat is ever more virtuous or smarter than a Trump supporter. It really doesn’t take much mental ability to look at their choice and see how much worse they wanted. Plus, Clinton had the whole Epstein thing and Biden is a well-known pedophile. No virtuous person knowingly supports a pedophile.

The German Ambassador to the UN was/is a Merkel-Soros gimp.
Total 🤡 clown show.
Peak regressive left.

    When this is all over, I hope one of the casualties of the entire episode is Merkel’s undeserved reputation as a competent leader. What Western blame for this isn’t owned by Biden, is owned by Merkel.

      Merkel was good as sweeping dirt under the rug, and letting it build up for the next person – kind of like Bill Clinton. And even like Bernard Madoff.

      As we’ve seen: Merkel swept a lot of dirt under the rug. And she’s helped set the stage for war.

The globalist want an interdependent world and believe their theory that interdependence precludes messy real world events; war. They have a post National outlook in which adherence to the interdependent global order has primacy over old fashioned notions of loyalty and patriotism for one’s Nation. They are confused when and surprised when others act on these outmoded concepts.

    Fatkins in reply to CommoChief. | February 28, 2022 at 4:47 am

    An interesting comment. I would point out that the Russian economy has taken a massive turn for the worse in mere days after sanctions because of that interdependency. You could argue this has given an avenue for non violent intervention into the conflict without the level of risk associated with military intervention. That’s a hell of a lot better than automatically risking a rapid escalation with a nuclear power.

      CommoChief in reply to Fatkins. | February 28, 2022 at 9:15 am

      IMO, the better use of sanctions would have been an escalating implementation with some prior to the actual invasion as an attempt to deter. Of course the Biden admin publicly stated that a ‘minor invasion’ would be tolerated which seemed to invite an invasion.

      As for sanctions currently imposed particularly swift; they make it leads easy to operate but certainly not impossible. The application of swift bar was only on the previously listed entities not every Russian bank. Another issue will be loss of liquidity from not allowing the Russian central bank to operate. Double entry bookkeeping means that one person’s asset is another’s liability and the existing trades have to be settled.

      Likely this forces the US Fed reserve to increase liquidity to account for absence of Russian central bank; someone must and the fed is the obvious choice. At a time when the fed is trying to decrease liquidity to tamp down US domestic inflation this is not ideal.

As long as the globalist view is dominant, both the Democrats in the US and the left wing parties in Europe will be dominated by radical environmentalists that eschew economic growth and energy independence

This is about 6 years old
Remember pushing for Ukraine in nato?
Emboldened Putin in Putin’s backyard

It is illogical to ignore the large part that climate change alarmists had in this deadly conflict.