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Team USA World Masters Track Athlete Calls for the Protection of Women’s Sports

Team USA World Masters Track Athlete Calls for the Protection of Women’s Sports

“If male-bodied athletes continue competing on female teams, it will be the end of women’s sports.”

More women in sports need to speak out loudly on this issue. That is what it is going to take to make a difference.

FOX News reports:

I’m a Team USA World Masters track athlete, mom and coach calling for the protection of women’s sports

I’m a mom, a coach and a Team USA World Masters track athlete who is fighting for something greater than another gold medal: I’m standing for the protection of women’s sports.

If male-bodied athletes continue competing on female teams, it will be the end of women’s sports. This is no exaggeration; this is reality, and it’s happening right now.

At the 2018 World Masters Athletics Championships in Málaga, Spain, I competed in the 200-meter race against a male-bodied athlete, whom I beat by only a few tenths of a second. The next year, the same athlete beat my teammate in the hurdles for a place on the podium at the 2019 World Championship indoor meet in Poland. My teammate had trained harder than anyone I know.

It wasn’t just on the world stage that I experienced the demoralizing trend of male-bodied athletes displacing females from their own competitions; it was also on my home island of Maui, Hawaii.

A year and a half after my experience in Spain, my daughter lost to a biological male identifying as female in her first-ever high school track race. I had watched proudly as my strong and determined girl did all the right things – made personal, difficult sacrifices to train her body to be as fast and fit as possible for her first race.

Yet all her hard work seemed to drift away along with the male-bodied athlete, who had just transferred from the boys’ volleyball team to the girl’s team the season before. The athlete breezed right by her to win first place, leaving her to finish second.

It’s not only the fact that my daughter placed second behind this individual in her first race, but we also began to witness all the other ways this injustice impacts families like ours: the mental health impact on girls who have to race male-bodied athletes, the personal lessons in effort rewarded and goals achieved, and future scholarships, awards and accolades.


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Some people are saying that if the women athletes themselves won’t act, e.g., by refusing to participate in these performances and turning their backs on the intruding the interlopers, to stop the travesty of allowing men to compete against women, then nobody else should care or act to do so. But I think this is a work-in-progress that requires careful, loving nurture. Your voice, together with other voices of people who have a stake in the ultimate outcome here, is important. Keep speaking up! Meanwhile, as the project to destroy all of Western civilization proceeds apace, these unhappy occurrences will continue to attract more and more women to the movement to preserve women’s sports. This entire process will take time to develop. Let’s be patient a while longer.

    henrybowman in reply to eb6430. | February 19, 2022 at 2:45 pm

    “then nobody else should care or act to do so.”
    Not it at all.
    You can’t “make someone free.” They have to make themselves free.
    Otherwise, they just drift back to being the b*h of the next bully to come along.
    Compare the “never again” NY Jews with actual Israelis. Major case in point.

    Sally MJ in reply to eb6430. | February 20, 2022 at 9:45 pm

    Completely agree. It’s disturbing to me to hear what I called the “isolationist“ conservatives. These individuals have no concern for other people in the US who deal with issues they don’t. One such a issue is women and girls on sports teams competing against male bodied athletes. Another is conservatives who live in blue states. That “isolationist“ conservatives just laugh at conservatives in difficult situations that they don’t deal with. They say it’s our fault for the liberals in our state voting for liberals. And that these women and girls need to refuse to compete until the male body individuals are kicked off the team. I share your view that these individuals need support, not smug ridicule. More voices are speaking up, even though many are still anonymous. I think speaking up that when male bodied athletes compete against women, they destroy women sports — that were designed to give women their own fair playing field.

Let them feel the heat of these woke ideals and maybe they would fight harder against them.