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Student Columnist at U. Chicago Fired After Challenging Fellow Columnist to Debate Over Mask Mandates

Student Columnist at U. Chicago Fired After Challenging Fellow Columnist to Debate Over Mask Mandates

“terminated for launching a social media campaign pointing out how another Maroon columnist publicly promoted masks yet privately partied maskless”

The left does not want to debate issues. They want you to shut up and obey.

The College Fix reports:

UChicago columnist fired after challenging fellow columnist to debate mask mandates

The mainstream student publication at the University of Chicago fired a conservative columnist after he publicly challenged another columnist to debate mask mandates and other COVID-related topics.

The Chicago Maroon, an independent student newspaper since 1892, recently notified columnist Daniel Schmidt that he was terminated for launching a social media campaign pointing out how another Maroon columnist publicly promoted masks yet privately partied maskless and challenging her to a debate.

“In a series of Instagram stories you posted starting Thursday, February 3rd, you repeatedly and publicly antagonized a fellow columnist by spamming and encouraging others to spam their social media account and by posting images from their private story without their permission,” stated a Feb. 8 email from Maroon editors to Schmidt.

Irene Qi, the fellow student confronted by Schmidt, previously wrote a Maroon column condemning the “rhetoric of anti-masks, anti-lockdowns, anti-vaccinations, anti-expertise, and so forth” promoted by University of Chicago medieval studies Professor Rachel Fulton Brown and the Chicago Thinker, a one-year-old conservative student publication.

Schmidt addressed Qi’s column on his Instagram story, indicating Qi had several Instagram posts of her maskless at parties. In one story post, Schmidt stated, “Let’s debate this in front of an audience.”

Qi then posted screenshots of Schmidt’s stories with surprised emojis on her own Instagram page, according to the Chicago Thinker. This prompted Schmidt to post a screenshot of Qi’s post, questioning why Qi did not respond to his offer to debate.

Other students also became involved in the incident. One messaged Schmidt saying that they would love to see a debate, while others asked Qi why she ignored Schmidt’s request.

Schmidt called the accusation of encouraging others to spam Qi’s Instagram account “flagrantly false and defamatory” in an email to The College Fix.


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Cancellation only works one way. It is for use against evil people such as conservatives, Christians, supporters of the tyrant Trump, and the worst of all, believers in “freedom.”

No one else may use the tools of good, lest they be canceled for unacceptable canceling!

Got it?

The left CAN”T debate issues. That is why they must use coercion, because they can’t persuade with their “ideas.”

Like any tyrannical group, e.g. Islam and other coercive religions, secular or otherwise, “Climate change,” Islam and the Inquisition come to mind.

Looks like the Chicago Moron is a good breeding ground for what we laughingly call “journalists” nowadays.

And no, I did not misspell that.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Dimsdale. | February 24, 2022 at 6:27 pm

    Many newspapers have pejorative names. My favorite is for a large southern city: The Atlanta Urinal Constipation. .

As a great American (rabbit) said many times, “What a Maroon!”

The leftist is always the victim and the rightist is always the aggressor. Always. No exceptions.

Once upon a time, The Maroon was at least entertaining.

Anyway, see Prof. Rachel Fulton Brown’s letter below. Methinks you will like it.