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Report: Israel Prepares For Biden’s ‘Spectacularly Bad’ Iran Deal Next Week

Report: Israel Prepares For Biden’s ‘Spectacularly Bad’ Iran Deal Next Week

“Iran will not be required to destroy its advanced centrifuges under the revived agreement.”

As President Joe Biden wraps up nuclear negotiations with Teran, Israel is gearing up for a “spectacularly bad” Iran deal, the Israeli media reported. The proposed Biden deal, which is expected to be similar to the 2015 Obama-Kerry nuclear agreement, may allow Iran to keep its nuclear infrastructure, and prevent Israel from striking Iranian nuclear facilities, the draft of the agreement suggests.

According to Israeli media reports, under the new deal Iran may be allowed to retain its nuclear infrastructure — including advance centrifuges to enrich uranium and other facilities tied to its nuclear weapons program.

The proposed deal backed by the Biden administration could also tie Israel’s hands when it comes to striking Iran’s nuclear weapons program. “Israel would plainly not be able to target Iranian enrichment facilities if and when a revived deal was signed,” The Times of Israel reported citing country’s Channel 13 TV broadcaster.

The Times of Israel summed up the Israeli reaction to the revived Iran nuclear deal:

Quoting an unnamed Israeli security official, Channel 13 news reported that while Israel considered the original deal to have been bad, the revived accord taking shape is “spectacularly bad,” as it does not factor in the progress Iran has made since.

Referring to a leaked draft of the imminent accord, the source said Iran will not be required to destroy its advanced centrifuges under the revived agreement. Tehran will have to reduce its uranium enrichment levels, but it has already developed the capability to enrich at high levels. It will also be required to cease producing uranium metal, a crucial component of the bomb-making process. However, the source noted that Iran now has the knowledge to be able to manufacture such materials in the future.

“In essence, it is an agreement that leaves Iran as a nuclear threshold state,” the network said, citing the security source.

Channel 13’s report asserted that Israel would plainly not be able to target Iranian enrichment facilities if and when a revived deal was signed. A key question, though, said its military analyst Alon Ben-David, was whether Israel would have a free hand, as far as the Americans are concerned, to take actions to thwart Iranian progress on weaponization and missile delivery systems for a bomb — areas not covered by the deal.

According to Channel 13, furthermore, the Biden administration has told Israel that Trump enabled Iran to become a “nuclear threshold state” in terms of uranium production and that a failure to revive the old agreement — as Jerusalem is hoping — would leave Tehran weeks away from accumulating enough nuclear material needed for a bomb, rather than months away from the bomb under the terms of the deal. (Emphasis mine)

The assertion that President Biden’s deal could permit Iran to retain its weapons program-linked nuclear facilities was also reported by Politico. Middle East scholar, Ray Takeyh, noted in his opinion piece on Friday:

If the rumors coming out of Vienna are correct, the Biden administration is close to an agreement on a new nuclear deal with Iran that will have many of the same flaws as the old nuclear deal. The original Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action allowed Iran to maintain its nuclear infrastructure, from advanced centrifuges to a robust research and development plan. Now, though the fate of a follow-on deal remains uncertain, it seems diplomats in Vienna are looking to ink an agreement with the same basic problem. (Emphasis mine)

It is deceptive of the Biden White House, which eased a series of sanctions on Iran and watched the Mullah regime advance its nuclear weapons program, to place the blame on former President Donald Trump for its failure to rollback the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Earlier this month, the Biden White House lifted significant sanctions of Iran’s ‘civilian’ nuclear program, reversing a Trump administration’s decision. Biden’s waiver paved the way for Russian, Chinese and European companies to build up Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, news reports disclosed.

Under Biden’s watch, Iran has come closer to acquiring a nuclear bomb. Iran has “started enriching uranium up to 60% purity — a short technical step from the 90% needed to make an atomic bomb, and spinning far more advanced centrifuges than those permitted under the deal,” The Associated Press reported Friday.

A nuclear Iran poses an existential threat to Israel. The Mullah regime has repeatedly threatened Israel with destruction. In recent month, Iran has tested several of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, simulating targets in Israel. The Iranian military spokesman renewed regime’s threat to ‘annihilate’ the Jewish State, and a state-affiliated newspaper published a list of possible missile targets in the country .

Israel’s i24News : Iran says nuclear agreement ‘closer than ever’


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And the secular woke Jewish establishment remains silent and a acquiescent having thrown Israel under the bus and the Orthodox world is cowed into silence

    Eddie Coyle in reply to Steven Brizel. | February 21, 2022 at 9:44 am

    They just had a Jewish politician targeted for assassination in Kentucky, and the woke liberal Jews say nothing of it. Liberal Jews are the enemy of Israel, just as liberal Whites are the enemy of the White race, Western culture, and the family unit.

      White race? Who TF cares about that? Everything else sounds right. White race? Looks like a “gotcha” post to me.

      Liberal Jews are the enemy of Jewry, but especially the enemy of freedom.

      Jews and Communism

      I am a Jew. What to do?

        Maybe stop bashing Jews? Jewish people are not the cause of what is happening right now either in Israel or in the U.S.

        How about you go back to bashing Boehner, Sessions, Barr, that one guy in that one state, and all the others who you think are to blame for everything? At least go for an equal number of random and laughable accusations that have little to nothing to do with anything.

        Or here’s an idea, how about . . . oh, I don’t know, Biden, his team, Pelosi, Schumer, the Squad? Naw, to you, they are blameless. It’s all the Jews . . . and Boehner. And Sessions. And Barr. Oh, and that one guy in that one state, Republican of course, he’s so to blame!

And Bennett’s coalition which is also a secular left coalition says nothing as its strategic and tactical capabilities are thrown under the bus by Biden who treated Bennett as badly as Obama treated Netanyahu

just posting this for a friend who made the following suggestion:
should the mullahs actually drop a nuclear anywhere within Israel’s borders, the only proper response that most can see is the total erasure of all those related to President Biden, as well as any of those who had a hand in this Iran deal

    Subotai Bahadur in reply to paracelsus. | February 20, 2022 at 3:00 pm

    It would be a not unexpected response. By shifting from a purported ally to a declared enemy of Israel [and admittedly also a wide panorama of other countries that used to be allies since Biden took office] Clausewitz comes into play in the real world, instead of diplomacy.

    Subotai Bahadur

    Which reinforces my supposition: liberal Jews are more dangerous to the rest of world Jewry than any outside force. It’s becoming apparent that they’re just as dangerous to everyone else, as is every other liberal/prog.

      Liberal anything is dangerous, not the least of which are liberal alzheimer patients.

      What is wrong with you? Your continuing attacks of leftist Jews, but not on leftists more generally, is starting to irritate me, rub me the wrong way, piss me all the way off.

      So, Jews, to your mind are the world’s real problem, well ,not all Jews, just the progressive ones who agree with Pelosi, Schumer.

      But here’s the thing, you never ever attack Dem leadership, (i.e. Pelosi and Schumer) you never target Dems for your most vicious vomitous bile. Why is that?

      When I am wearing my delightful tinfoil tiara, I hear your consistent stream of anti-Jew, anti-GOP propaganda as pretty much destructive and divisive. Now why would you be sowing this discord?

      Whose team are you on, Fine? Because the more I read your comments bashing only Republicans (never Democrats), the more I am sure you are not on America’s team. When was the last time you posted ANYTHING positive about #AmericaFirst? Oh, right, pretty much never. All you do is bash the GOP relentlessly while . . . let’s just say it out loud . . . giving Dems a pass.

      I can’t be the only one who thinks this always bash Republicans but never bash Democrats focus of yours is problematic.

    brightlights in reply to paracelsus. | February 20, 2022 at 8:33 pm

    Israel has been accused of having a ‘Masada Complex’. That is, a fight to the death against its enemies with no quarter given or taken. That’s also been applied to the suspected nuclear policy as well. The problem with it is in Masada the besieged Jews killed themselves in the end. How would this benefit Israel?

    What is more likely is that they have the ‘Samson Option’ which is to do what Samson did: killing himself but at the same time killing everyone else. Example: Israel is hit by a nuclear strike that could obliterate the country. In response they target not only Tehran but also Baghdad, Riyad, Ankara, Cairo/Aswan Dam, Berlin, Paris, London, Rome, DC, NYC, etc

    If Israel goes down, they take everyone down with it.

Perhaps this updated version of Munich can be delayed by insisting on Congressional approval and the Israelis doing what they have to with whatever capacity they can when they are ready regardless of what Biden and his Arabist terror supporting advisors

    Subotai Bahadur in reply to Steven Brizel. | February 20, 2022 at 3:07 pm

    1) This is, I believe, an Executive Agreement and not a treaty. As such, in theory it only is valid for President* Biden’s term unless successor Presidents choose to maintain it. In fact, it never really binds Iran to anything, and will be maintained literally up to our death by any Leftist administration here.

    2) As an Executive Agreement, Congress has absolutely no role in whether it takes effect. And to be honest, the current GOPe would not oppose it anyway and offend the Democrats.

    3) Israel will do what Israel decides IT needs to do to ensure their survival, regardless of the acts of hostile outside powers. It will get exceedingly untidy.

    Subotai Bahadur

Predicted day 1 Israel and Taiwan were going to get the screwed. Leftism hates Israel and can’t wait for Iran to have nuclear weapons. That will force WWIII faster than anything.

Subotai Bahadur | February 20, 2022 at 4:28 pm

As my final comment on this thread, I will repeat something I think I have said here before. I began writing as a sideline, under my own name, decades ago, long before the Internet. I wrote for professional military and naval journals; and was in contact with like writers and with some professional think-tanks.

Back in those days, while it was not classified under American law, there was a lot of knowledge about Israel’s nuclear efforts and capabilities at the time that you could only find if you were far more willing to dig than ideologically biased news sources. Remember, this was decades ago.

In response to a challenge about how Israel could deal with a nuclear armed Iran [this was the decade after the fall of the Shah] I justified to my fellow writers that my reputation of not being a nice person was true. Using what was then known about the Israeli deterrent composition and delivery means, I showed how it was possible for Israel to totally and absolutely destroy Iran with 3 devices delivered by their means in hand. And no, I will not detail it here. And yes, I am serious about the level of destruction.

In addition, back then Israel had [and still has] an active space program launching satellites. Most people do not think of it, but if you can launch a satellite of a certain mass, to an orbit with a certain apogee; you functionally have an ICBM with counter-value accuracy. Back then, Israel thusly had a functional limited deterrent from interference by either the US or the USSR to the extent that they could possibly make it more expensive than either wanted, to attack Israel. Certainly, Israel could/would be destroyed if they had to use it. But they would be destroyed by Iranian nukes anyway if they did not strike Iran.

Israel’s nuclear and delivery capabilities are orders of magnitude greater today. No matter if the American Left wants it or not, Israel is not going down without taking a lot of company with them.

Subotai Bahadur

    brightlights in reply to Subotai Bahadur. | February 20, 2022 at 8:40 pm

    The Samson Option. They wouldn’t target just Iran but other cities/countries in the mideast and possibly Europe and even the US. Why not use the dreaded EMP effect?

“Israel would plainly not be able to target Iranian enrichment facilities if and when a revived deal was signed,”

In that case they better hurry up and get it done now..

Israel should strike the centrifuges BEFORE the deal.

    Stuytown in reply to Eddie Coyle. | February 21, 2022 at 9:58 am

    Israel should strike Tehran. Regime change should be the goal. The nuclear program is probably impossible to stop without sanctions and help from the US.

Throwing the Jews under the bus is par for the course (except for Trump). But here Biden is also destroying America. When sanctions are eased and Iran has nuclear weapons and money, does Biden think this rogue nation will suddenly become a friend of the US? Iran will be an ally of China and Russia. An American president cannot appease Iran while stating that he is fighting against the aggression of China and Russia. To use so much political capital on Russia in Ukraine and none in Iran is absurd. The secular Jews are silent because they are idiots. Yet the rest of America is also largely silent. Why? This is an America Last policy. That’s why it originated with Obama.

fjb has no genuine control/influence over the mullahs now–is he(or are the rest of us) too stupid to apprehend that once the mullahs have nukes the price of blackmail will be our acquiescence to any and all iranian adventures?


How can this deal stop Israel from attacking Iran’s facilities? Israel clearly isn’t going to be a signatory to it.