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Report Finds That Hamas’ Secret Global “Investment Portfolio” is Worth $500 Million

Report Finds That Hamas’ Secret Global “Investment Portfolio” is Worth $500 Million

Honest Reporting: Gaza-based terrorist group “holds interests in at least 40 international companies.”

The Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas runs an extensive network of front companies operating in Arab and Muslim-majority countries, the media watchdog Honest Reporting discovered.

“According to documents obtained from Western intelligence sources, Gaza’s ruling faction — deemed a terror group in its entirety by the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Canada, Israel and Japan — holds interests in at least 40 international companies,” the media watchdog disclosed.

Hamas controlled companies in “the Middle East and North Africa, with an estimated value exceeding $500 million.”

The Honest Reporting exposé is based on a report published on August 10, 2021, in Germany’s leading newspaper Die Welt

The aid money regularly flows to Hamas — also from Germany. The terrorist organization has a broad network of companies abroad that are worth millions of dollars. This is shown by Hamas’ documents exclusively obtained by Die Welt.  

When Hamas, which controls Gaza, against wage war with Israel — like it did in May [2021], it leads to massive destruction of Gaza on regular basis. And when the armed conflict end, the terrorist organization goes around the world with a collection bag to finance the reconstruction and re-armament. [Excerpts from German translated by the author] 

The terrorist group’s coffers contain money from Islamic regimes, the U.S., and Western donors. “Qatar, Iran and Turkey were generous donors of Hamas in the past,” German newspaper Die Welt reported in its August 2021 report. Last year, “the UN, the EU, the USA, China, Germany and Britain promised support for reconstruction,” the newspaper added. 

Hamas has a history of diverting financial aid from abroad to bolster its terrorist capabilities as it wages ‘jihad’ against Israel. Foreign donors finance rocket stockpiles, terrorist tunnels, and jihadi infrastructure spread across Gaza. 

Honest Reporting uncovered that Hamas suffered a significant financial setback after UK-based investors were warned against doing business with companies linked to the Gaza-based Islamist group. 

The watchdog provided details of the devastating impact on Hamas’ finances as international banks and investors shy away from dealing with its terror-linked entities:

The semi-official Saudi newspaper Okaz reported that Hamas’ financial portfolio suffered a “severe blow” after London-based financial institution Lloyd’s three months ago warned some of its members against doing any business with the terror group.

This seems to have been a response to London’s designation of the entirety of Hamas as a terrorist organization, whereas the British government had previously bifurcated between the Palestinian group’s “political” and “military” wings.

Lloyd’s, which traces its history back to 1688, brings together insurance companies to help them spread risk. According to its website, the “world’s largest insurance marketplace” currently counts among its members “more than 50 leading insurance companies, over 200 registered Lloyd’s brokers and a global network of over 4,000 local coverholders.”

Lloyd’s also provides its network with analysis and intelligence reports. In October, Lloyd’s reportedly informed companies of the risks associated with maintaining financial dealings with Hamas. Unconfirmed research previously found that “some of the cover companies that have worked for Hamas are traded on national stock exchanges.”

According to anonymous sources cited by Okaz, and following Lloyd’s missive, Hamas is now facing difficulties in “receiving and transferring funds amidst an unpredictable decline in the profits of these companies.”

Last May, after Hamas started a military conflict with Israel by firing thousands of rockets on Israeli towns and cities, the Arab Gulf state of Qatar rewarded the Islamist terror group with a sum of $500 million for Gaza’s “reconstruction.” The only “reconstruction” the Gaza-based jihadi group cares about is its terrorist infrastructure. 

Iran has been helping Hamas to build an arsenal that includes large quantities of rockets, explosive drones, and precision-guided missiles. 

Following last year’s armed hostilities with Israel, Hamas declared that despite the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) efforts to destroy its vast terrorist infrastructure, it still has 500 km (about 311 miles) of an intact tunnel network in Gaza. The tunnels, which run below schools, mosques, and civilian neighborhoods, are used by the terrorist group to move weapons and fighters. These terror networks have been used to carry out attacks on Israeli border guards and in attempts to kidnap IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians. 


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A Terror Endowment. Great works progs, great work.

Why does Lloyd’s even need to warn its members not to do business with Hamas?

I wonder if they invest in the very companies that provide the weapons to kill their own people with.

“Shit. Our defense stocks are down. Send out some goons to get droned so more contracts for missiles are signed. That’ll fix our portfolio.”

And yet they close down accounts of a few million dollars to support truckers parked in the road and honking.