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Lady Trampled by Canadian Police Horses Moving to Florida

Lady Trampled by Canadian Police Horses Moving to Florida

The incident broke Candy Sero’s shoulder.

Candice “Candy” Sero became well-known after video caught Canadian police on horses trampled her during the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa.

The Ottawa police claimed someone threw a bike at the horses, which made them scared.

Sero announced on Twitter she is moving to Florida with her family.

Here is a picture of the horses stomping on Sero.

Weekend reports said Sero passed away, but her niece posted on Facebook that her aunt is alive. The incident broke her clavicle.

Sero then posted a picture of herself on Twitter.


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Florida is better off with her and she is better off in Florida.

I am snapped.. Totally.. Bless and keep her… I saw the video. she was saying that this is a peaceful protest before she was trampled… I hope she loves Florida… TY Mary.

Get well soon, Grandmother Sero! It looks like you and your family will have a warm welcome in Florida.
Florida seems to be the place to go, since all of the democrat governors are heading that way. I “wonder” if the guvs will all be wearing their masks? Parents in their home states probably want to know. The guvs and their aides will certainly be on the lookout for any cameras exposing their phony nonsense. I’ll watch for the footage of their lightning-fast quick draws.
I’m reminded of my army tear-gas training, where my friends and I had our gas mask cases open and our hands on our masks to be ready for the DI’s “surprise” gas attack! Good times.

Florida is getting too crowded. There are tens of thousands of Canadians in florida, so many so, mostly snow birds , but so many that streets are in French because they are from Quebec mostly. Businesses have everything in French.
Something not right about that

Canadian finds refuge in Florida.

There, I’ve fixed your headline.

    oldcheffy in reply to mailman. | February 26, 2022 at 3:22 am

    A Indigenous person can freely move back and forth, FYI. there is a special treaty in place for Indians that allows they free passage and residence in whatever country is their choice. when she moves she can become just as american as the next American Native.

I still think that Trudeau might learn a thing or two from some time under some horses.

Wishing Mrs Sero and her family well in the free state of Florida. There is an interesting legal irony here. Mrs Sero is a member of the Mohawk Nation , whose ancestors fled New York State in the 1790s and sought refuge in Canada.

While there may well be a good political asylum claim case here , she is also likely entitled to the benefit of the. ‘free movement’ provisions of the Jay Treaty.

    oldcheffy in reply to Lexman. | February 26, 2022 at 3:20 am

    As a Native you can live anywhere, the border does not apply to you , there is some special carve out for them.

    Eagle1 in reply to Lexman. | February 26, 2022 at 12:17 pm

    The Jay Treaty provided free travel, it was later court cases (Diabo V. US) that enshrined the right to live and work in the US.