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Harvard Closes Campus Police Station Because Students Say it Makes Them Feel Intimidated

Harvard Closes Campus Police Station Because Students Say it Makes Them Feel Intimidated

“simply a violent, visual intimidation tactic that students are forced to see every time they enter the house”

Democrats are running away from the ‘defund the police’ movement but it’s still alive and well on college campuses.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard closes campus police station because students are ‘intimidated’

Harvard has decided to close a 17-year-old campus police station because students said it made them feel “intimidated.”

According to The Crimson, Harvard University Police made the move regarding the Mather House substation last week, which long has been the subject of student derision.

Mather resident Faith Woods said she is “well aware” police are “not there to keep [her] actively safe.” Having a cop car parked outside the residence means nothing, she added, saying it actually “implies” residents are being “watched and policed.”

Student Eleanor Taylor went further, alleging the substation is “violent”: “The real effect that the presence of the HUPD substation has […] is simply a violent, visual intimidation tactic that students are forced to see every time they enter the house.”

Gender studies and sociology major Kai DeJesus (who uses “she/they/siya” pronouns) agreed, saying “’It’s really important that we keep these violent institutions outside of residences” as the HUPD still “disproportionately targets Black and Brown people […] on campus.”

Worse still, Taylor noted HUPD officers actually ate lunch in the adjacent dining hall, making students feel “uncomfortable.”

From the story:

While the Mather facility is set to close, HUPD continues to operate substations at the University’s Longwood Campus, the Smith Campus Center, and the Harvard Kennedy School’s Wexner Building.

“The closure will not impact the Department’s ability to respond to calls from the community in an effective and timely manner,” [HUPD spokesperson Steven] Catalano wrote.

According to the department’s website, the substations are part of a broader focus on “community-oriented problem solving,” aimed at building trust between the department and Harvard affiliates through increased communication and interaction.


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Of course, looked up the students, and they are as what you think they’d be… Damaged goods.

The Gentle Grizzly | February 28, 2022 at 12:18 pm

At least one of these snivelers is identified as a gender studies major. Uhhh, yup!

    I always told my advisees they could get the world’s best education at Harvard, or the world’s worst, depending on what courses they took and other activities. This gender studies major just proved exactly half of my point.

I made my way through grad school running undergrad dorms. One of the first things we told the students was “Always call the Harvard police. NEVER call 911 (the Cambridge police.” The Harvard police were always more in tune with campus life.

A good example was when a young girl broke her leg in one of the stairwells. We called the Harvard PD, and they contacted the Rescue responders. The Harvard PD Sergeant led the paramedics past the floor’s “potted plant” (cannabis) and through a cloud of pot smoke coming under one of the doors. His only comment was, “Sho do smell ar-matic around here,” with a big grin on his face. We trusted the HPD.

I’ve never understood why universities have their own fake police forces. They should get rid of them and rely on the real police, just like everyone else. They’re not special.

Ditto for post offices and airports; I don’t understand why the normal police isn’t good enough for them.

Safe Bet: Any Ukrainian female could kick these sniveling snowflakes’ a**es to the curb in no time flat.

Let me understand this. A bunch of buildings open into Harvard Yard, and the Yard is gated at each point where the sidewalks access to the streets. If you didn’l know it was Harvard Yard you would think it was a prison yard. Yet, it is the substation that causes the discomfort? Please take another look at the photo on the top of this page.