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FEMA: If Faced With Nuclear Explosion, Wear a Mask and Maintain Social Distancing Recommendations

FEMA: If Faced With Nuclear Explosion, Wear a Mask and Maintain Social Distancing Recommendations

If you’re concerned about COVID as a nuclear bomb heads your way you need help.

Someone alert FEMA that COVID is over and no one cares. Also, if you’re more concerned about COVID while we face a nuclear explosion you’re an idiot.

FEMA updated its nuclear explosions guidelines on February 25, 2022, which is a day after Russia invaded Ukraine:

Go to the basement or middle of the building. Stay away from the outer walls and roof. Try to maintain a distance of at least six feet between yourself and people who are not part of your household. If possible, wear a mask if you’re sheltering with people who are not a part of your household. Children under two years old, people who have trouble breathing, and those who are unable to remove masks on their own should not wear them.

It’s insane:

If you are sick or injured, listen for instructions on how and where to get medical attention when authorities tell you it is safe to exit. If you are sick and need medical attention, contact your healthcare provider for instructions. If you are at a public shelter, immediately notify the staff at that facility so they can call a local hospital or clinic. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 and let the operator know if you have, or think you might have, COVID-19. If you can, put on a mask before help arrives.

Engage virtually with your community through video and phone calls. Know that it’s normal to feel anxious or stressed. Take care of your body and talk to someone if you are feeling upset. Many people may already feel fear and anxiety about the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). The threat of a nuclear explosion can add additional stress. Follow CDC guidance for managing stress during a traumatic event and managing stress during COVID-19.


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These people simply live in an alternate reality than we do.

Clearly you mean 2022.

Remember when sheets of plastic and duct tape by Bush 43 lead to unending ridicule by the left. That crow you ordered has arrived leftists.

Must be 2 masks

DC will be the prime target of a nuclear attack, so these geniuses can test their recommendations for the rest of us.

They forgot prevention is the best medicine: elect a president who won’t get you into a nuclear war.

Ok…. FEMA has jumped the shark. Should we also “duck and cover”?

Perhaps these guidelines make perfect sense to the woke. Perhaps to them there is no difference between a virus and a nuclear explosion — both are bad or something. And masks will help just as much in either case.

Won’t that just get in the way of kissing your ass goodbye?

When I first saw the recommendation to “Wear a Mask,” I thought it was good advice. Whenever there is potential dust from explosions (like near the Trade Center on 9-11), a good mask is essential. After a nuke strike, any dust is likely to be radioactive, so wearing a mask is even more important.

Then I saw that their recommendation was based on spread of the Wuhan Flu. What a bunch of dummies. Sure, we’re going to throw people out of a bomb shelter because there’s not 6 feet of space between them.

    Milhouse in reply to OldProf2. | March 1, 2022 at 1:32 am

    Me too. I first thought it was about radiation, and that people making fun of it didn’t understand that. Then I saw that they were right, it is about Wuhan Disease.

    pwaldoch in reply to OldProf2. | March 1, 2022 at 9:23 am

    Gets better, the advisory also says to call 911 and if you or anyone is sick, let them know right away.
    Nuclear bomb goes off, their isn’t going to be a working cell phone for miles beyond the immediate blast ranges. How are you going to call emergency services of any sort?

This line made me laugh more than any other in weeks: “The threat of a nuclear explosion can add additional stress.”

This is a masterclass in how to state the truth while looking like an idiot at the same time!

The Laird of Hilltucky | February 28, 2022 at 4:49 pm

Seriously, whoever wrote that is not in their right mind! They have lost touch with reality! Is this not literally insanity?

To recap, we’ve put the dumbest people imaginable in charge of: Our Defense, Public health, School systems and national energy policy.

Next the CDC and Fauci will claim masks protect against airborne radioactive particles.

In the closing days of the Cold War, the Marines spent quite a bit of money teaching me how to deal with nuclear fallout. I can categorically state that even a cloth mask would have some use in a radiated environment, The least energetic form of radiation, alpha rays, will indeed be stopped by something as simple as a cotton t-shirt.

Of course, if you are close enough to a radioactive source, to encounter alpha rays, you are going to have a host of other problems to worry about…

    alaskabob in reply to Aonghus. | February 28, 2022 at 7:11 pm

    Put a marshmallow on a stick… hold it up in the air…see if you can toast it before you are vaporized. Alphas and betas are nasty but can be stopped easily to avoid internalization,,,, hard gammas and neutrons.. not so much. Can you believe we have to think about this…. thank you FJoe Biden. Anyone talking about twisting the nose of the nuclear genie is some yo-yo with a government bunker.

So we’re resurrecting nuclear fears, huh? And shoehorning covid in with. Of course, nuclear blasts probably contribute to global warming.

Heck…I’ll just duck and cover.

Oh, and for the record, there have been several nuclear weapons detonated since Fat Man and Little Boy.

There is no impending nuke attack.

    Peabody in reply to BillBer. | February 28, 2022 at 6:52 pm

    There was no impending attack on Pearl Harbor. It was a surprise attack. But I’m sure Putin is a gentleman and would never do a thing like that. Before he attacks he’ll be sure to have one of his generals call Milley and give him a heads up.

DC will be the prime target of a nuclear attack

don’t know why anyone would bother–the world already knows fjb is toast

    All I know is Joe Biden is not in charge—he is not making decisions. I don’t know who is, but to pretend he’s in charge, when clearly he is not, is a great insult to the American people. We have no leader and if our country is attacked, we’re toast.

Tots on a boar, seriously.
But I bet them boys can run a first-class gulag/stalag when it comes time.

Are these the same geniuses that had us ducking under our desks during the cold war?

It looks like FEMA is influenced by Putin, who when he meets with his advisers, sits at one end of a football-field size table, while the advisers are crammed at the other end. He’s practicing social distancing.

OK. Really?

Would even Doctor Jill allow this to slip out of Dementia patient one’s mouth?

Well.. to be fair, a mask is a good idea for a few days after the explosion, due to fallout dust, at least when you’re outside or somewhere with lots of dust.
Anyone who limits space in a shelter for “social distancing” should be liable for for those extra deaths

Whoever wrote this nonsense obviously has no concept of how destructive a nuclear explosion is and what you’ll be able to accomplish after it happens in your neighborhood. But, if you feel stressed read the CDC guidelines for managing stress and if you’re injured or sick, call 911. Are you kidding.! Did anyone with a brain proofread this garbage? What a waste of taxpayer dollars.

More proof that there is no sCiEnCe involved here. Just the same old talking points.

A mask isn’t going to help at all if nuclear fallout heads your way.

What bunch of morons.

Is FEMA going to remain silent on the herd immunity aspect, or will they update us next month?