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Education Profs Win Award for ‘Literary Whiteness’ Book

Education Profs Win Award for ‘Literary Whiteness’ Book

“Letting Go of Literary Whiteness: Anti-racist Literature Instruction for White Students”

The book serves as a sort of guide for Critical Race Theory, which no one is teaching.

The College Fix reports:

Education professors win award for ‘Literary Whiteness’ book

Two education professors will be presented with an award for their book called “Letting Go of Literary Whiteness: Anti-racist Literature Instruction for White Students.”

The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education will present the award at its annual meeting March 4-6.

The book prepares teachers to help students learn about literature using critical race theory and other “anti-racist” practices.

“In their frank discussion, the authors draw upon experiences from their own and others’ classrooms to give discipline-specific practices for implementing anti-racist literature instruction in White-dominant schools, a news release from Westfield State University stated.

The book by Central Michigan University Professor Carlin Borsheim-Black (right) and Westfield Professor Sophia Sarigianides (left) covers several topics under the umbrella of understanding “whiteness” in a literature or English class.

The news release from WSU stated:

Some of the topics this book examines include designing literature-based units that emphasize racial literacy, selecting literature that highlights voices of color, analyzing Whiteness in canonical literature, examining texts through a critical race lens, managing challenges of race talk, and designing formative assessments for racial literacy and identity growth.

The College Fix reached out to Professors Borsheim-Black and Sarigianides for comment via email on February 22, but did not receive a response. The Fix asked if the professors knew how many schools used their book.  The Fix also asked if this book does teach critical race theory and if they agreed or disagreed that CRT is taught in K-12 schools.

K-12 teacher says this is how CRT is worked into the curriculum

Proponents of CRT, including Columbia Law Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw who popularized its use, have said that it is not taught in K-12 schools.

But Tony Kinnett, the executive director of Chalkboard Review and Choice Media, said that this book is an example of how CRT is incorporated into the schools.


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Dolce Far Niente | February 27, 2022 at 11:40 am

Although most rational adults are aware of the aspect of CRT that is intended to make whites ashamed of themselves, the most critical aspect of CRT, from the teachers’ perspective, is to teach blacks that “white” virtues, such as attention to detail, punctuality, work ethic, honesty and so on are evil and must not be emulated.

Demonizing attributes of success thereby ensures perpetual failure for blacks and their never-ending victimhood, which is permanent job security for white libs and black race hustlers.

There is no aspect of CRT which teaches how to be good at anything but blaming someone else for one’s personal failures.

Literary awards, Pulitzers and the like, are useful mostly in their advisory capacity, in the same way as invaluable signs that say “Bridges ice before highways” and “Do not look into laser.”

Does the book include a list of what I should read (which I will make sure to read)?

Two white broads getting in on the racket. Why not? The only annoyance is that a few of their students among the twenty at most people that read this tripe will try to implement their ideas when they become public school teachers.

Key fact: the book was published in Sept. 2019, so this is old news.