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Course at U. New Hampshire Tasks Students With Calling Out Another Person for Racism or Homophobia

Course at U. New Hampshire Tasks Students With Calling Out Another Person for Racism or Homophobia

“Do your calling out in a safe way”

This is a college course on communications. Why would anyone pay for this?

The College Fix reports:

College assignment tasks students with ‘calling out’ someone for racism or homophobia

An assignment in a course offered at the University of New Hampshire tasks students with “calling out” another person for their alleged racism or offensive language.

The assignment is part of an “introductory communications course on social interaction” taught by Edward Reynolds, the Post Millennial reports.

Neither Reynolds nor a UNH spokesperson responded to requests from The College Fix seeking comment.

Details of the assignment were first shared by the Twitter account “Libs of Tik Tok.”

“In this challenging activity, you will be asked to call in someone on their ableist racist or homophobic use of language, for micro aggressions (or an act of racism) towards a person of color, homophobia against LGBTQI+ or ableism against a disabled person,” states Reynolds’ description of the assignment, titled “Calling-in.”

Gender is acknowledged to be “important,” but Reynolds stated he omitted it from the assignment for “some complex theoretical reasons.”

“Do your calling out in a safe way,” the assignment states.

“Remember to say you know they mean well and are a good person,” the assignment description continued. “That you care about them and that is why you care that they are expressing their real values, not accidentally being hurtful. Suggest for them an alternate way of expressing themselves that doesn’t marginalize or oppress.”


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“Remember to say you know they mean well and are a good person,”

Because then they will be so baffled by your incredible hypocrisy and stupidity that they will forget to give you the punch in the nose you deserve.

    Idonttweet in reply to irv. | February 13, 2022 at 10:29 am

    Remember to say “I know you think you’re a good person and you think you’re doing the right thing, you little sanctimonious piece of scrotum lint” as you’re filing the verbal assault complaint with the campus police.

Keep pushing, Ed. Your own denouncement will not be far behind.

“It was Chairman Mao who set us free by allowing us to rebel against authorities.

As a student, the first authority I wanted to rebel against was Teacher Lin, our homeroom teacher. A big part of her duty was to make sure that we behaved and thought correctly. Now the time had come for the underdogs to speak up, to seek justice! Immediately I took up a brush pen, dipped it in black ink and wrote a long dazibao [big character poster]. Using some of the rhetorical devices Teacher Lin had taught us, I accused her of lacking proletarian feeling toward her students, of treating them as her enemies, of being high handed and of suppressing different opinions. My classmates supported me by signing their names to it.

Next, we took the dazibao to Teacher Lin’s home nearby and pasted it on the wall of her bedroom for her to read carefully day and night. This, of course, was not personal revenge. It was answering Chairman Mao’s call to combat the revisionist educational line.

Within a few days, dazibao written by students, teachers, administrators, workers, and librarians were popping up everywhere like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Secrets dark and dirty were exposed. Every day we made shocking discoveries. The sacred halo around the teachers’ heads that dated back 2,500 years to the time of Confucius disappeared. Now teachers must learn a few things from their students.

–“Spider Eaters,” Rae Yang

So it looks like you can get college credit for using cancel culture against enemies of the proletariat.

“Remember to say you know they mean well and are a good person,”
I agree with Irv. They’re asking for a punch in the nose for their hypocrisy and stupidity and sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong.

From now on I promise to beat people only with a full understanding of their experience. I will utter “I bet that hurt,” A LOT. Will this satify their requirements.