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Branco Cartoon – Deplorable

Branco Cartoon – Deplorable

Iron Grip

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He is showing his true (doh) colors.

Another great one, Mr. B.

Nelson Eddie would be appalled by the RCMP.

Branco always has a tight grip on the truth.

This is really our fault for continuing to vote for “leadership” that has proven how little value we have to any of them until the election cycle*We continue to give$$$ to the party instead of to the candidate*We continue to embrace RINOs soundbites*Take your power*Bypass the party*Find a candidate and go all in*Spend your energy time and treasure to spread that message*Bring like-minded voters to the polls so they “can’t forget”**Lots of ways to help elect your candidate other than money in campaign coffers*Biggest reason they become establishment $$$for their next campaign*

We might have seen the handwriting on the wall, when the med schools stopped looking for top grads in relevant science majors, and began favoring piano players and poets.