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We Are All Canadian Truckers Now

We Are All Canadian Truckers Now

Except the elites, who are blaming the Freedom Convoy on the Russians. Because of course.

It’s hard to overstate the import of the Freedom Convoy that on Saturday arrived at Canada’s capital city, Ottawa.

After six days spent crossing Canada, a convoy that began as a protest against mandatory vaccination for truckers who travel to the United States was expected to arrive in Ottawa late Saturday afternoon, with its members and supporters airing a wide array of grievances.

The loosely organized “Freedom Rally” or “Freedom Convoy” of trucks and private vehicles had set off from British Columbia, and ebbed and flowed in size on the way to the capital, where the police braced for an unpredictable weekend of protests. In recent days, the convoy was joined by other, smaller groups from south and east of Ottawa as well as the national capital region itself.

The movement has attracted people opposed to all pandemic restrictions, others who want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to step down and some who simply dislike government.

On Friday, Chief Peter Sloly of the Ottawa Police Service declined to say how many protesters the force expected to converge on Parliament Hill. His department said that they were coming to the capital in eight different streams.

“The demonstrations this weekend will be unique, fluid, risky and significant,” he said at a news conference.

I have been following the convoy’s progress since early last week. Perhaps the best analysis comes from Neil Oliver, a Scottish television presenter, author, and presenter of several documentary series on archaeology and history.

After reviewing the content of fan letters, which discuss people opting to move from their homes to get away from vaccine dictates, Oliver poetically notes just how “one world” the globalized society has become. He brilliantly segues into the discussion of the Freedom Convoy and opines that he wishes he now was a Canadian trucker.

After watching that video, I wanted to paint my face blue, don a kilt, yell “Freedom!”, load up my CRV, and head North.

Everyone who no longer wants to sacrifice individual liberties and personal choice on the altar of misguided pandemic response is a Canadian trucker now.

Except the “elites.” They are not handling the influx of regular citizens demanding their God-given rights terribly well. CBC host Nil Koksal blamed the Russians for the historic convoy while speaking with the Canadian Minister of Public Safety, Marco Mendicino.

“I do ask that because given Canada’s support of Ukraine, in this current crisis with Russia, I don’t know if it’s far fetched to ask but there is concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things, as this as this protest grows, but perhaps even instigating it from from the outset.”

Where is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the midst of this celebration of personal freedoms? Citing security concerns, Trudeau and his family are reported to have left Ottawa for a secret location. Of course, the rally has turned out to be peaceful.

Canada’s Prime Minister and his family have left their Ottawa home amid security concerns as demonstrators marched up and down the streets in front Justin Trudeau’s office waving flags- including the Canadian flag, the Quebec flag and American flag- to rally against the vaccine mandates for truck drivers crossing the Canada-U.S. border.

Trudeau’s office has not commented on the Prime Minister’s location for security reasons and the Canadian Parliament’s Sergeant-at-Arms has warned that demonstrators could show up at the homes of officials, CBC News reported.

The prime minister’s office told the Ottawa Citizen that Trudeau was continuing to ‘isolate in the National Capital Region and work remotely.’

Despite security concerns, there have been no incidents at the rally, Ottawa Police said in a tweet.

Looking at the footage, it appears Trudeau missed quite the celebration. It also appears the Canadians didn’t allow infiltrators to taint this important demonstration.


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The Russians? On this side of the border, the government blames conservatives.

“Citing security concerns, Trudeau and his family are reported to have left Ottawa for a secret location.”

South Park, Colorado.

The elephant staring us in the face here is that Canada is already lost, Trudeau and his totalitarian leftism is what Canadians believe in.

Don’t believe me just look at their last and very recent set of elections.

Sorry to be the buzz kill but the last electoral success something other than hard left has had in Canada was literally a decade ago.

    Good grief! Another Homer Simpson! “Nothing difficult is worth doing so don’t even try!” “Trying is the first step to failure!”

    Our Founding Father patriots didn’t win American freedom at the ballot box and were far from the majority at any time. Freedom is won by controlling the narrative so as to win the hearts and minds of the people. That is what these truckers are doing and if we could just get losers like you to STFU with your defeatism, we could do it to. We SHOULD be doing it! We even allowed DC to shut down the annual Rolling Thunder event last year.

    So whose side are you on? If it’s all over and we can’t win, just go away. We don’t need to here this kind of crap.

    Not a valid conclusion. Ignores the unfortunate population distribution in Canada, wherein the most populous, Ontario, essentially determines all the national election outcomes. The next most populous, Quebec, hates everyone and just does their own thing,
    Conservatives (small C) in Canada are restricted in influence to the West. And the population there is too low.

      Danny in reply to GL. | January 30, 2022 at 1:36 pm

      I agree it is more nuanced if you go by region, but ultimately we we I think you will agree need to keep our eyes on where things actually stand to win in the future.

    scooterjay in reply to Danny. | January 30, 2022 at 12:07 pm

    I prefer to fight. After four years of non-stop whining we are supposed to quit trying as all is lost? Nah, I believe they need to taste their bad medicine.

      Sending the entire U.S. Pacific fleet to relieve the Philippines certainly would have been fighting in WW2, but the Japanese Imperial Navy would have sunk the U.S. Pacific fleet leaving them free to inflict a lot more damage a lot more quickly than they actually did and leaving Australia in a situation of prolonged siege.

      If you ignore reality your fight won’t go well.

        That is a completely ridiculous reply to scooterjay. How on earth does any analogy to the WWII Philippines and the U.S. Naval Fleet relate to what is going on DOMESTICALLY? This is a citizen revolt. The same thing that we should be doing but don’t even have the courage to take off the masks.

        By shining the light on the dark character of the authoritarian Canadian elite who have sold out to China (sound familiar?), the Freedom truckers are putting Trudeau in a very uncomfortable spot. Will take on the citizens with violence? Will he respond with an iron fisted crackdown on a “fringe” radical minority? Or will he backtrackalready has had to backtrack from his ugly autocratic threats? And to what position will he backtrack to?

        He is in trouble in the eyes of the world because of these truckers. If the iron fist is the answer, they will have done the world a very big favor by exposing him and everyone coming out to support him. These are the same globalists doing the same thing to us free people everywhere in the world. What do you propose WE do? Get on our knees?

        So I ask you, who is ignoring reality? Me or YOU?

          Free State Paul in reply to Pasadena Phil. | January 30, 2022 at 2:40 pm

          You’re whistling past the graveyard, Phill.

          “Hey, you Leftists! Get off my lawn!”

          @FreeState Paul and everyone else here. You people are dense and clueless. Please don’t say anything else until you have watched the Neil Oliver video Leslie refers to. It is one of the most inspirational commentaries I have ever heard. Here it is;

          If that doesn’t explain what is going on, you are a very, very big part of the problem. Do you really find comfort in giving up and mocking those of us who actually have values in our lives that we would risk our lives to defend? There times where confronting evil even when it looks hopeless is the only choice you have. THIS IS ONE OF THEM!

          Let me tell you how big this Truck Convoy protest is. It has been estimated that the convoy consists of about 1.2 million or more people. That is about 3.5 to 4% of the Canadian population. And doesn’t count the multitudes cheering them on as they go by. Do you understand why the press won’t report it? Do you understand why Trudeau runs away and hides? It’s not the fear of violence from the convoy that is terrifying the Marxists. It is that they do have failed to terrorize everyone into submission. They have completely failed to win the hearts and minds of those they are stripping of their freedoms. The end game is near and the convoy is forcing the issue.

          This is a momentous event that is finding much support across the world (except in that echo chamber you cowards hide in). Watch that video and try explaining to me how your comments reflect intelligence or wisdom. It’s lose talk.

          Acknowledging where the majority of Canadians are now, and that we aren’t in a position where Canadians agree with us is getting on our knees?

          How about Vermont or other states that are about as leftwing as Canada is acknowledging the elephant in the room there also getting on our knees?

          Nothing shows where the people stand like elections, I wish these strikes had happened prior to Canada’s recent elections so they could have swayed minds.

          In a Republic what matters is what the voters think. On that some regulations of big tech against censorship is how we could help Canadians who support freedom win future debates.

          Pretending most Canadians support freedom right now because some Canadian truckers do…..

Not to decry their efforts, but (at least in this country) after four years of conniving, lies and bad actions by Democrats and their supporters in the administrative state, culminating in 2 bogus impeachments, a special counsel, and who knows what else, we have zero real accountability and the Brandon administration. So what exactly will any fleeting protest actually accomplish?

    CommoChief in reply to Concise. | January 30, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    Well, for the time being the trucks and drivers involved are not making deliveries so that’s one thing, transitory for now, but perhaps lasting longer than the Canadian elite can tolerate. Especially if the govt escalates the situation.

“It also appears the Canadians didn’t allow infiltrators to taint this important demonstration.”

I don’t know about Mounties, but Fibbies can’t drive sticks.

Subotai Bahadur | January 30, 2022 at 4:15 pm

Two important notes. First, Nova Scotia has made any support of the Freedom Convoy a criminal offense.

Just standing on the roadside cheering can be penalized by a $10,000 summary [I assume that means no trial] fine.

Second, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom is not something considered inherent in mankind. It is literally and legally a gift of the Government to the people, and “guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society”. Which means rule by decree, if the government declares it justified, can be the norm.

Free Country my body part of choice.

Subotai Bahadur

Perhaps if there was a public good argument. Unfortunately, the vaccine(s) are non-sterilizing. They don’t prevent infection and transmission. They don’t contribute or contribute less (relative to natural immunity) to community immunity. They are associated with an excessive number of adverse events, perhaps (time measured in trimesters and years will tell) on a forward-looking basis. The published reports from Britain, Denmark, and Israel, are that the vaccinated, fully, boostered, and otherwise, are at higher risk of infection, disease progression, hospitalization, and death, than the general population. So, evaluate the risk of disease progression and “vaccine”-induced events, and proceed accordingly, on a voluntary, not mandated basis.

Leftists: Workers of the world, unite!
Truckers: Okay.
Leftists: No, no, no…. not you.