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Viterbo University Instructs Staff to Use the Term ‘All Genders’ and Not ‘Both Genders’

Viterbo University Instructs Staff to Use the Term ‘All Genders’ and Not ‘Both Genders’

“The instruction is found in the Communications Style Guide”

This is a Catholic school. There is going to come a point where there will be no non-woke alternatives in higher ed.

The College Fix reports:

Catholic university instructs faculty to use ‘all’ genders instead of ‘both’ genders

The communications department at Viterbo University has told employees to use the phrase “all” genders in place of “both” genders.

The instruction is found in the Communications Style Guide at the private, Catholic university in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The 19-page guide was most recently updated in November.

In a section labeled “Inclusive Language,” it instructs employees to “avoid broad generalizations, labels, and gender-stereotyping,” and to “use all instead of both when referring to sexes/gender.”

The guide also recommends the use of gender-neutral language when referring to occupation.

Viterbo did not respond to requests from The College Fix seeking comment.

The style guide also recommends the capitalization of the word “Black” when used in reference to the ethnic group, but omits such a recommendation for the word “white” in the same context.

“Black: Use the capitalized term as an adjective in racial, ethnic, or cultural sense,” it states.

“Do not use either term as a singular noun,” the guide continues. “For plurals, phrasing such as ‘Black teachers,’ ‘white students,’ ‘Black officers’ is preferable when clearly relevant: White officers account for 65% of the police force, Black officers 21%, and Latino officers 15%. The message targeted Black business owners. The plural nouns ‘Blacks’ and ‘whites’ are generally acceptable when clearly relevant and needed for reasons of space or sentence construction: He helped integrate housing among Blacks, whites, Latinos, and Asian Americans.”


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It’s a shame that these people either didn’t take high-school biology, or else think that their politics outweigh reality.