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Student Takes Out $250,000 in Loans to Become a ‘Community Organizer’

Student Takes Out $250,000 in Loans to Become a ‘Community Organizer’

“The job he has now does not even require a college degree.”

Our system of college loans is not sustainable. How could this person be allowed to take on a quarter of a million dollars in loans?

The College Fix reports:

Student takes out $250K in loans to become a community organizer

The push for student loan forgiveness can add another sob story to its ranks – an immigrant who took out a quarter million in student loans on his journey first to move up as a probation officer and then to become a community organizer.

Insider has profiled Juan Sorto (pictured) twice now in two weeks, first to praise him for quitting his job as a probation officer and then to highlight his struggles to pay off his student loans.

Sorto told Insider that Latino culture encourages ending education at high school. Though the story notes his mother encouraged him to pursue a “trade degree, a mechanical degree, an electrician degree or something that was a six-month or yearlong course,” he ignored her because she “did not have an understanding of how much of a difference having a college degree would be to our livelihood.”

Yet she had a great idea, since trade degrees are much cheaper than regular programs, and union education often does not cost the student money. Enrollees can even get paid while they learn. His mom likely does not have a quarter million in student loan debt.

Sorto wanted to become a probation officer, which often requires a college degree. So he went to undergraduate, using student loans, Pell grants and scholarships to get through his first degree.

“Then, to progress in his chosen career as a probation officer, he sought a Master’s degree, and later a Ph.D,” Insider reported. “He now has $250,513 in student debt.”

The publication never explains why Sorto needed a doctorate to advance as a probation officer, nor why it has to be in “Urban Planning and Environmental Policy.” He is still in the Ph.D. program even though he left the probation officer job.

Sorto now works in “community engagement” developing low-income neighborhoods. The job he has now does not even require a college degree.


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The Gentle Grizzly | January 26, 2022 at 6:05 pm

There is good money in organizing. Ask Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton. They will earn plenty. Whether or not the loan will be paid back, is the question to which I believe we all know the answer.

To be clear, this is TEN PERCENT of the average cost of 4 yrs today, even with things being more expensive than ever and that figure does not account for grants, scholarships, or in-state discounts. It even said he qualified for PELL GRANTS, which is “free” money!

I don’t care how much your living expenses are…this guy just wanted to keep taking out loans to avoid having to pay them back. This is a scam that many enter into, and that is his dirty little secret here. Some will even go into very crappy grad programs that will take anyone just to stay out of their fiscal responsibilities.

He didn’t want to enter repayment, so he just kept delaying reality.

Unless he can organize a community hedge fund or three, he screwed.

He has no plans to ever pay the money back.

SOUNDS just like 0b0z0 DE zer0, A useless TURD. I would like to know WHO paid for this COMMUNISTS college as he was to SORRY to work. I saw his record in illi-noise senate and was no more than YESMAN LIAR! HE LIED through his TEETH at every question ask, OR pass the blame to some one else. AND the tax payers are STUCK with POS! I stood in front of the POMPOS JACK UFF for 15 minutes he did nothing but LIE the whole time. A PURE USLESS POS along with his minions
like joie bidet…IMO

He will end up paying a minimum payment, which will be all interest and none to the principal. And unpaid interest will be added to the loan every month. He’ll probably end up paying close to the $250,000 principal in interest alone over his working life. The universities and government are making out like bandits on student loans.

    healthguyfsu in reply to sringland. | January 28, 2022 at 1:25 pm

    It’s his own fault….he’s actively avoiding it. That’s why he went back to school, so his repayment could go back into deferrment.

Got more bad news for him…all those cancel debt initiatives that liberals want to fund, as insane as they are, still don’t usually count grad school debt into their big pushes.

They still see that as elective debt….for the moment.