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Palestinian Stabber Who Murdered UK Student in 2017 Jerusalem Attack, Dies in Prison Cell

Palestinian Stabber Who Murdered UK Student in 2017 Jerusalem Attack, Dies in Prison Cell

Victim was 21-year-old exchange student on her way to the church where she volunteered.

The Palestinian killer convicted of murdering British student Hannah Bladon in Jerusalem in 2017 was found dead in his prison cell on Wednesday.

An Israeli court sentenced the 63-year-old Palestinian murderer, Jamil Tamimi, for 18 years for stabbing the British exchange student to death in a crowded Jerusalem Tram.

Tamimi stabbed 21-year-old Hannah Bladon at least seven times. More bloodshed was averted as he was subdued by an off-duty Israeli policeman present at the scene. Later, Tamimi admitted that he chose Hannah as a target because she “looked like a weak and easy target,” according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency report.

Bladon was an exchange student from Birmingham, UK, studying theology and biblical archaeology at Hebrew University. She arrived in Israel a couple of months before her murder and was on her way to a local church where she volunteered when she was murdered.

The Times of Israel reported the death of the convicted murderer:

Jamil Tamimi, 63, was found by a prison guard lying on the floor of his cell at the Nitzan Prison, unconscious and without a pulse, the Israel Prisons Service said in a statement. “

The guard called a paramedic and a doctor who began resuscitation operations and called an ambulance.

The prisoner’s death was declared at the scene,” the statement read. Tamimi’s family from East Jerusalem was notified of his death.

The IPS said it would investigate the circumstances. It gave no immediate details on what caused Tamimi’s death.

Tamimi, who had a history of mental illness, was found fit to stand trial. He was handed a lighter sentence because of his purported mental condition.

The victim’s family was outraged at the lenient sentence, British newspaper The Sun reported at the time of the sentencing. “They are outraged by the leniency of the sentence. They expected that Hannah’s murderer would spent [sic] the rest of his life behind bars,” the family’s lawyer told media. The bereaved family’s wish now appears to have been realized.

The gruesome murder of Hannah qualified Tamimi and his family for the pay-for-slay scheme run by the Palestinian Authority (PA), which rewards suicide bombers, stabbers, and murderers with generous monthly ‘salaries’ for carrying out acts of terrorism against Israel.

Tamimi “accused of murdering a British student in Jerusalem will be paid a salary of more than £800 a month by the Palestinian government – which receives more than £25 million [roughly $33 million] a year from the UK in foreign aid,” UK’s Daily Mail reported in April 2017.

The perverse payment scheme run under the banner of “Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund” is unwittingly funded by the financial assistance provided by the U.S., European, and other Western governments. According to the Israel-based watchdog Palestinian Media Watch, the PA awarded over $150 million to terrorists and their families in 2020.


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Sorry, I don’t believe for a moment that the funding is being done “unwittingly” by the west.

I know the parents were outraged by the lenient sentence, but technically he DID spend the rest of his life in prison.

    Only by chance, not design.

    TargaGTS in reply to SeiteiSouther. | January 27, 2022 at 1:22 pm

    Yeah, 18-years is an outrageous insult. But, it’s surprising how many western countries don’t even have life-sentence options for convicted murderers. In France, I believe the maximum sentence for murder is only 30-years. The US and UK are somewhat of the exception.

      American Human in reply to TargaGTS. | January 27, 2022 at 3:25 pm

      Indeed. Anders Brevik the mass murder from Norway was given the absolute maximum sentence for a murder in Norway – 20 years. He’s eligible for parole now after serving 12 years or so.

        SeiteiSouther in reply to American Human. | January 27, 2022 at 3:56 pm

        Just last week they concluded a trial as to whether or not grant parole. No word as of yet, but it will likely be the same as in 2020, with continued preventative detention.

        Seeing that the nutbar went full Nazi in prison, then I don’t think he’ll ever leave.

Ah…The old “mental illness” excuse for obeying the tenants of the fairth. When triumphant it’s not mental illness…when caught it’s is.

He deserved worse

This was so senseless and stupid. She wasn’t even Jewish so the jihadist was both a dumbass and a moral reprobate.

No virgins for him…maybe some tranny hookers if allah is feeling generous.

Feed his body to some pigs

I walk heavy. I had to look it up. I heard about it when I was homeless. And people stayed out of my way. I found the one train stop that people had busted open the locked outlet. So I could charge my phone.

For those who know.

S*** just doesn’t happen to me.

Nothing about the funding is “unwitting.” Pay-for-slay is a well-known program. It’s just that no one cares because the “Palestinians” generally kill Jews.

Biden renewed financial aid to the pay for slayers when he became president. We, the American taxpayers finance those that would slit our throats. I can only assume that murders in the name of Palestine somehow is the goal of this administration.