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Intersectionality on College Campuses is Making America’s Political Divide Worse

Intersectionality on College Campuses is Making America’s Political Divide Worse

“Intersectionality does not solve problems. It is the problem.”

Much of the radical progressivism that is now in our national politics came straight off of college campuses.

Zachary Marschall writes at Campus Reform:

ACADEMICALLY SPEAKING: Intersectionality is the big lie on campus, worsening America’s political divide

There is a theory that commonly informs woke first-year seminar courses, professors’ diversity statements, and the system of oppression found in Critical Race Theory (CRT), anti-racist, queer, and leftist political narratives. The theory is “intersectionality.”

But the concept is more than a fashionable term flaunted by academics on syllabi and at conferences. Rather, it is a framework that enables leftist scholars to gaslight ordinary Americans into accepting their false narratives.

But these scholars do not follow the intersectional lens that they preach. Their rhetoric around overlapping identities creates a patchwork of allusion and illusion that they couple with moral indignance to evade scrutiny.

For example, Campus Reform reported in August that the University of Southern California applied an intersectionality framework to create an equitable, “transformative justice” system for its campus safety efforts, aligned to “Defund the Police” talking points.

“Over the past 30 years, intersectionality has emerged as a key analytical framework for understanding how power dynamics affect people’s interactions with institutional systems like law enforcement,” the report stated.

As Campus Reform has reported in recent months, municipal and campus Defund the Police efforts are being followed by crime spikes that threaten college students’ safety, particularly females.

Yet where is the outrage from intersectionality proponents for what Defund the Police hysteria has done to Americans’ daily lives?

The outrage comes from people living in the real world, not the ivory tower.

Last month, uber-liberal San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a new crackdown on crime in the city.

Breed said that San Francisco would be “more aggressive with law enforcement and less tolerant of all the bulls–t that has destroyed our city” in her announcement.

“Our compassion cannot be mistaken for weakness or indifference,” she also stated, as reported by the New York Post. 

Academics using intersectionality to champion leftist agendas, such as Defund the Police, do not confront honestly the consequences of their nationwide indoctrination and gaslighting. Therefore, Breed remains an outlier among liberal municipal leaders in charge of crime-ridden cities who are too scared or too ideological to admit past errors.

Intersectionality does not solve problems. It is the problem.


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“Intersectionality does not solve problems. It is the problem.”
“Racist cheddar makes everything better.”