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Highest in 25 Years: Cook County Saw 1,087 Homicides in 2021, 836 of Which Happened in Chicago

Highest in 25 Years: Cook County Saw 1,087 Homicides in 2021, 836 of Which Happened in Chicago

On the bright side, Chicago had its lowest amount of burglaries since the 1960s!

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s (CCME) officer recorded 1,087 homicides in 2021, 836 of which happened in Chicago.

Gun-related homicides made up 1,002 of those homicides.

The CCME has not handled this many cases since 1994:

Blacks accounted for 80 percent of the county’s homicide victims, with Latinos accounting for more than 14 percent of county-wide homicide deaths in 2021. Men accounted for 88 percent of the county’s homicide victims.

In 2021, 86 homicides were recorded with victims under the age of 18. Of those, 12 were under the age of 10.

The Chicago Police Department said 797 were killed in the city. The number did not include those killed on the expressways since the Illinois State Police handles those crimes.

But when you include those homicides the number goes up to 836. Chicago saw 4,300 gunshot victims. The number includes those who died and were wounded.

Overall, CCME had 12,618 cases in 2021. 2020 set the all-time record with 16.047 cases.

The office attributed COVID to 4,497 deaths in the county.

The CCME is still waiting for toxicology reports, but the county might also set a record number of opioid deaths. Right now it confirmed 1,488 overdoses. The examiner predicts 600 to 700 of the pending cases will be because of opioids.

The record for opioid overdoses is 1,840 in 2020.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said the majority of gun-related homicides happen between rival gangs. He tried to find positives in the details:

He said, for example, that the department cleared 400 homicides – a total that was higher than in any year in nearly two decades. Saturday’s news release did not specify how many of those cleared homicides were committed in previous years but reported that the clearance rate for the killings was just under 50%.
The department, which says it takes more illegal weapons off the street than any other local police force in the United States, said that it took a record 12,088 guns off the street in 2021. That total coincided with the creation of a Gun Investigations Team that has focused on interrupting the flow of illegal guns into the city.

While homicides soar, the department did add that the city saw it’s lowest number of burglaries since the mid-60s.


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Really, crime and slavery are the only two industries Democrats ever mastered.

because Terry stops were racist. the New York miracle was racist too.

Deplorables. Expendables. Some, Select [Black] Lives Matter.


I don’t care. I don’t care about Chicago. I don’t care about San Francisco. I don’t care about NYC.

They’ve voted in these corrupt Democrat pieces of trash for DECADES.

You want it to change, fix your own fucking city, I simply don’t care at this point.

Zplanet is right. The Chicago (and New York) cops used to stop people who looked like gang-bangers and pat them down for guns. Most of the gang-bangers were members of Black gangs. Considering 80% of the murder victims were Black, the cops were on the right track.

Now that it’s “racist” to pat down a gang-banger, and you have to fill out pages of paperwork to justify why you stopped them, the cops don’t bother anymore. If a cop goes into gang territory, he or she might get shot or might have to shoot someone and get tried by an anti-cop DA. So it’s better just to go to the donut shop. If the politicians don’t want you to do your job, why bother?

So the gangs have good supplies of guns and ammo, and the cops don’t get in their way. Sounds like Mogadishu.

    The double-edged scalpel. They think that they can abort the baby, cannibalize her profitable parts, sequester her carbon pollutants, and have her, too. Their choice is becoming less viable with social progress.

With numbers like this I can see why math is racist

Indianapolis set an all time record in 2021

A lot of the criminals in Kokomo and Indy have priors from Chicago and Detroit

At least in Kokomo, the judges think nothing about handling down 20-30 year time outs

A lot of the killings in Indy go unsolved. A few years back there was an Indystar article about how many of the killings were likely carried out by the same people

    henrybowman in reply to murkyv. | January 3, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    We’ve known that for years. Nobody in the justice system seems to care.


    JIM STEWART reporting: Last year, 467 people were murdered in Washington, DC, so police here figured they had about that many killers to round up. But that was before two new computerized ballistics tests revealed that in dozens of cases, the same guns were being used over and over again.

    Mr. WILLIAM RITCHIE (Washington, DC, Police Inspector): Those systems are confirming that these cases are related.

    STEWART: Telling you that maybe the same gun was used by even the same person in some cases?

    Mr. RITCHIE: Exactly.

    STEWART: Altogether, 58 recent violent crimes in Washington have been linked by the pilot programs to just a handful of gunmen.

    Mr. RITCHIE: We have identified 13 homicides, a couple of assaults, even a rape case where the same weapon was used in these cases.

    STEWART: It works this way: cartridges found at the crime scene are collected and compared using a new FBI devised system, while bullets taken from the victims themselves are examined by an ATF computer. The computers alert police every time there’s a match. The new technology confirms what police have long suspected: that somewhere out there there’s a hard-core group of killers responsible for what most people think of as just random violence.

      murkyv in reply to henrybowman. | January 4, 2022 at 1:54 am

      The present mayor Indy was a US Attorney under Clinton

      He never met a violation of a federal gun law that he couldn’t ignore

        murkyv in reply to murkyv. | January 4, 2022 at 2:49 am

        My bad

        Hogsett was US Attorney under Obama

        He was IN Secretary of State until ’94 and Chair of IN Dem party in 03 and o4

Pasadena Peabody | January 3, 2022 at 8:25 pm

Well, on the bright side, homicides by police are way down. In a couple more years they will be zero.

Pasadena Peabody | January 3, 2022 at 8:35 pm

The Chicago Police Department claims it takes more illegal weapons off the street than any other local police force in the United States.

Maybe they need to concentrate on taking the criminals off the street instead.

    The Chicago Police do take criminals off the street every day. The liberal progressive judges and prosecutors release the criminals back to the streets and the cycle continues.

      mbecker908 in reply to Reader45. | January 3, 2022 at 10:21 pm

      True, but it’s also true that CPD treat most murders as misdemeanors.

        The Gentle Grizzly in reply to mbecker908. | January 4, 2022 at 5:21 am

        The POLICE are not in a position to do that. It is the prosecutors bringing misdemeanor charges. Cops arrest; they do not arraign.

          Prosecutors are also why the burglary rate’s down.

          Prosecutors wonb’t charge or let out on bail –> cops don’t arrest because why bother –> citizens don’t report crimes because all reporting gets you is a visit from the perps to remind you “snitches get stitches”.

          Lather, rinse, repeat,

      Pasadena Peabody in reply to Reader45. | January 4, 2022 at 12:34 am

      Prosecutors are a big problem.

“Highest in 25 Years: Cook County Saw 1,087 Homicides in 2021, 836 of Which Happened in Chicago”

“Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said the majority of gun-related homicides happen between rival gangs. He tried to find positives in the details …”

Well, I guess one positive detail is that the majority of those killed are violent predatory gang-bangers. I would be more concerned about those homicide statistics if we subtracted out the deaths of criminal street-scum that brought about their own demise, and worried about the innocent victims caught in the crossfire.

Defund the police is inherently racist because it results in more dead black people. But try getting that through their head. Actually, they don’t care that more black people die because that isn’t why they want to defund the police. They want to become the police. All those dead folk are just acceptable collateral damage.

Wow, the idea that drug gangs could have designated enforcers. Someone should write a TV show about that and maybe call it “The Wire.”

Of the 1,087 homicides, how many of the murderers have been convicted and given the death penalty? Science says that there is no instance in which a murderer who has been executed by the state has gone on to commit additional murders.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to JLT. | January 4, 2022 at 5:23 am

    The death penalty often means a lifetime of three hots and a cot. The sentences are seldom carried out, even in open and shut cases.

    Example: Wesley Cook.

If the gang bangers start shooting democrat politicians these murders would be stopped in three days or less.

The fun part of statistics in Chicago is that if you’re white it’s a very safe city. Not so much if you’re black.

The right thing to happen is that the joggers need to attack the Gold Coast. Home invasions, car-jacking, more high-end smash & grab. Go where the money is.

Think of it as reparations.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to mbecker908. | January 4, 2022 at 5:25 am

    For murder, maybe. For being robbed at gunpoint for your money and possessions. it’s open season. If you are a merchant, smash and grab and mob shelf clearing will happen to you just as much as it does for the shops owned by the exalted minority.

Another Voice | January 4, 2022 at 12:26 am

We are now out of Afghanistan. 20 years vested with our Troops and the cost of human life and life changing injuries totaling 27,775 exclusive of the life time mental injuries. This number is one-third lower than the war that is within own borders over the same period of time. The total 20 year count of homicides and bodily damages does not include, suicide and opioid deaths and are nota part of the 2/3 rds. equations. When you see every state in our country recording high all time numbers of these deaths as a result of crime you look to your National, State and Local governments for enforcement, or as it exists, the lack thereof. Our court judges are apathetic in applying justice to those who commit crime. All those in any capacity to keep America a land of laws have turned away from equal justice and equal law enforcement. In doing so they have informally declared war on the law abiding tax paying American Citizens. There is a solution, but doing the right thing by the American public isn’t advantageous to their goal of a Socialist government. Using Jan. 6th is another continued example of the direction those who set policy/funding are in the process of creating a country which operates and looking more like a 3rd world government. The “new remade” Democrats are promoting divisive tactics as a distraction while they work to promote more “oversite” laws putting in place top down policy and rules that come with funding as the carrot to surrender states rights and hence your local government.

I wonder what they consider as a “cleared” case? How many people have been CONVICTED and SENT TO PRISON? If it’s less than the number of cases cleared then you’d have to assume that some people were just “busy”! Also, how many of the deceased were found to have “COVID” and their deaths written off as another victim of the “FLU”?? And then there’s the ever present commie da’s that might just drop charges – is that a “cleared” case? Nothing seems “CLEAR” when dealing with the democrat dreamland of Chicago!

To put that in perspective, during the entirety of the Iraq war, the US never lost more than 1K service men and women in a single year. 2007 was our worse year for losses with just over 900 dead.

The Sun-Times has been watching this phenomenon for years. Every week they print a story with that week’s death count. I quit reading it last year, too depressing.

CWBchicago website has followed the felons released on low or no bail who commit murder while out.
They have 33 cases
My favorite is the one who shot his passenger while they were both shooting at another car..
The affordable bail policy and lenient sentences have encouraged criminals as there is no fear of punishment

On the bright side, Chicago had its lowest amount of burglaries since the 1960s!

I find this quite unlikely to be true. I bet this statistical nonsense is an artifact of something else: either burglaries aren’t being reported, aren’t being recorded if they are reported, or aren’t being prosecuted and this number is convictions not reports.

If you want a look into the what Chicago police have to deal with and why homicide numbers are so high, check out CharlieBo313 youtube video’s. You will NEVER see this in the media. I don’t know how anyone would want to be a CPD officer.